Celebrity Big Brother: Week 3


I don’t know if it’s just me, but the house seems to have evolved so much once again over the last week that Angie Bowie and David Best are almost a distant memory.  It feels like a totally different house.  Although in terms of drama it’s same shit, different day.

Tiff, I have to say is emerging as my favourite.  Yes, I still love Scotty T and think he stands a good chance of winning the series, however, if you want drama, humour and sass then look no further than Tiffany Pollard.  The girl is amazing.  She is a fantastic judge of character and reads a situation very well.

The scene between John and Tiff in the bathroom following knickergate was an interesting one.  She’s on to him isn’t she, our Tiff.  John turning to Tiff and saying “shall we cut a deal?” Oh frig off John. He think’s he’s such a pantomime villain, coming out with lines like that while putting his best ‘villain’ face on.  Mark my words, he’ll be treading the boards on the pantomime scene come Christmas.

Sadly, this week saw Megan evicted from the house.  I have to say, I was really disappointed.  I was quite the Megan fan.  Yeah OK, she may have let herself down a bit with her delivery of trying to expose John for his ‘2 faced ways’ but she brought a lot to the house and say what you like about her, I think she was a pretty genuine girl who wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself.

I’m very much of the opinion that if it would have been vote to EVICT as opposed to vote to save, Megan would still be in the house now.

She talked about how she didn’t have the advantage of a large fan base, such as housemates like Steph with Hollyoaks and Gemma with TOWIE.  I have to agree with her on this.

Tiff didn’t waste much time in letting the dust settle from Megan’s departure mind you, delivering yet another hilarious quote when discussing how Scotty T might feel now his love interest was no longer around.  Speaking to BB in the diary room she said “I’ll be there for Scotty T, with open arms and open legs…..and open mouth!!!”.  Hilar.  I bloody love that girl.

If Gemma Collins is so insistent on leaving through the fire exit (not once she’s done it but bloody twice now), then I strongly suggest Big Brother bolt the door behind her and do us all a favour.  As avid Big Brother fans will know, breaking house rules is condoned.  It almost seems to me that Big Brother pander to Gemma and make the rules up as they go along for her.  One rule for one and another for “GC”.  I firmly believe that with Gemma, she can dish it out like a good un but in terms of taking it, it’s a totally different story.  She’s someone who just argues over you so it comes across like she’s won it.

Was the task of eviction immunity on Friday night a fix as some have purported it to have been?  Who knows?  The juries out for me on that, but it was mighty convenient the woman we all love to hate and talk about so often is remaining in that house for another week, immune from nomination.

Talking of Gemma, I can’t keep up with the housemates opinions on her.  One minute John is talking about how although he didn’t cry at his fathers funeral, the Essex loudmouth has reduced him to tears on occasion.  The next minute he’s sympathetically saying “oh babe” when Gemma opens an envelope to find that she’s been awarded with a blow dry (at the expense of the housemates and the hot water mind you).

WHAT’S THAT ALL ABOUT? Make your sodding mind up John.  Tit.

Anyone else feel just a little bit sorry for the hairdresser who was tasked with going into the Big Brother house to give Gemma a blow dry?  Poor bloke deserved a medal for services to the hairdressing industry for that.  “You’ll need the day off after drying my hair” she said to the bloke.  Day off?  More like a long term sabbatical, mainly spent with him taking a well earned lay down in a darkened room with a flannel over his head and scented candles and shit.  I bet Christopher was cussing Gemma blind in that freezing cold shower.

OK, so Steph has managed to piss off quite a lot of people both in the house and on the outside too with her toing and froing with Jeremy whilst declaring how she wants to marry her boyfriend; Sam.  Her playing the victim card has grown tiresome to say the least, however, I’ve been doing a little bit of thinking over the last few days and have an opinion on this (shock).

Yes, I know Steph is a grown woman, however, can you all take a second to remember what you were like at 22?  I was an effing nightmare to say the least.  I made more mistakes than I’d care to remember but hey, at 29 I can say I learnt from them and I’m sure Steph will too. Luckily I didn’t have to make said mistakes while under the public glare with a bunch of very opinionated housemates.  I’m not necessarily defending her as I do believe she should be held responsible for the choices she has made, however, maybe we could cut her a little slack? She’s not married, she hasn’t promised to stay faithful and signed a contract to that effect.  But hey, that’s just my humble opinion.

Danny Dyer, sorry, I mean Darren Day (“there’s quite a bit of claret there” – no he wasn’t talking about a bottle of the red stuff) still stands a good chance of being Top 3 and I think he’s probably won over the public.  Inoffensive, polite and gets on with pretty much everyone, I can’t see him going any time soon, I just can’t help but wish he’d do something a bit more interesting?

Danniella confronting Steph and explaining to her why she lost her temper and apologising to her was genuine.  I firmly believe it.  Gemma on the other hand?  Maybe slightly disingenuous, because Danniella did it, Gemma did it perhaps; she didn’t want to be left out.  I give it 2 days until they have another almighty row again and Gemma’s gunning for Steph.

I love it when the housemates have a bit of a party (remember fight night from Big Brother 5 anyone??!!).  Bet Steph was well pissed off she fell asleep which made way for Jeremy to have cheeky snog with Tiff.  You can’t beat a bit of truth and dare in the BB house, just a good excuse to have a good old snog fest ain’t it really? Darren was right in what he said about Tiff’s question being a bit disrespectful because of the content of their conversations (Tiff saying Darren’s sexy in a previous tete a tete between the 2 of them), but does Tiff give one?  Course she doesn’t, she just wanted to cause a bit of drama!

Tonight, we have an eviction and a surprise ‘special guest’ – despite declaration he’s not going in the house, my money’s on Steph’s bloke Sam Reece.   Oh please let it be.   I’ve heard, however, it could be the infamous Gillian McKeith. If it is her let’s just hope she doesn’t faint and declare she’s pregnant just like she did in I’m A Celebrity all those years ago.  There’s been one too many ‘pregnancy’ announcements in the house this year!


I think it will be a close call in terms of who will go this evening, especially as Steph and Gemma are both immune.

My Predictions

Next to be evicted


Top 3

3.Darren Day


1.Scotty T


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