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celebrity apprenticeThe Celebrity Apprentice 7 season premiere continued Monday night, and it’s clear that there is at least one person who may end up dominating this season, and I am not too happy about it! Yes, I am talking about Geraldo. He’s quickly become the “villain” of this season, both to the other celebrities and to those of us who sit on our couches yelling at the TV and furiously tweeting our anger that he is getting away with his pushy behavior and overinflated ego.

The first hour, Trump greets the teams and tells them they are going to be working with Neat, which makes scanners and helps customers get organized. Their task is to create a commercial that highlights the Neat Cloud service and the Neat Connect wireless scanner. Kevin is chosen to be the Vortex project manager for this task and for Infinity, Kate is reluctantly thrust into the role of PM.

Kevin gets together with Ian and Lorenzo and immediately set to work on deciding a creative direction to take. Meanwhile, Geraldo is soooooo butthurt because he wasn’t included. This guy! He can’t stand not having control over EVERYTHING! Have I mentioned how much I can’t stand him? He has zero respect for his teammates and for the project at hand, as evidenced when he is loudly engaged in a conversation on the phone while the rest of Vortex is seated and ready to get to work. Everything is on his schedule, as this IS the Geraldo show, after all!

celebrity apprenticeMeanwhile on Team Infinity, Kate is a deer in headlights. Everyone else is brainstorming ideas for a commercial, and she’s just sitting there “Uhhh… ummm… uhh… ummm.” Wow. So Leeza sort of tries to take charge as she doesn’t want the team to fail and it’s not in her nature to sit back and watch a project fail. Brandi and Kate begin arguing over what to do, because Kate can’t seem to visualize what to do.

Back on Vortex, the guys have managed to get Mike Rowe to offer his services as voiceover for the commercial, and Geraldo thinks HE will be a better, more effective VO talent. He immediately starts acting like a ginormous baby because he can’t get his way. Did anyone imagine pre-season that the guys would have more drama than the women would? I know I sure didn’t!
celebrity apprentice
The teams complete work on their commercials as Geraldo tries to have more influence over the creative direction of Vortex’s graphics and Kenya decides to show up right as the task is almost done. How convenient! As far as the actual commercials go, I feel that Infinity’s commercial was rather awkward. Vortex’s was pretty good, especially with the use of Gilbert and his screeching voice on camera. However, it’s not up to me, it’s up to Neat to decide which they liked better.

Now, to the boardroom to see which team wins and which celeb will be the next to get fired. We start off with Vortex and the guys, and Geraldo immediately starts throwing Kevin under the bus to Donald, saying he wasn’t allowed to be involved in the creative decision-making process. Basically he was telling his daddy that the other boys wouldn’t let him play with them. Over to the women’s side, Kate says she thinks Brandi should be fired due to her panicking during the project. While I sort of agree with her, I don’t think Kate has any room to be criticizing anyone’s performance when she basically sucked as PM.

The team that wins this task is… TEAM INFINITY! As the winning team, they are safe from losing one of their own. Kate as the official PM, wins $40,000 for her charity for handicapped children.

2014_1104_NBCUXD_Bios_Celebrity_apprentice_1455x1455_SB_Kevin-JonasAs the men have lost the challenge, it is now time to face Trump and one of them will be fired. Once again, this turns in to the Geraldo show, with Kevin Jonas as the antagonist. Kevin tries to go head to head with Geraldo in an attempt to get him fired. However, it is not wise to try and go against the Mustache because he is best friends with the Toupee, apparently. Kevin is the one who gets fired, and riots break out around the country as Geraldo is, once again, spared from the fate that he so deserves.

Now, on to the second hour. Donald Trump meets the teams and informs them that for this task they will be working with Luvo. They will be creating a Luvo bistro, which will involve staging an entertaining and informative product tasting to highlight the brand and products. They have to come up with an original slogan and a menu based on existing Luvo products. The project manager that steps up for Infinity is Queen Vivica A. Fox, and for the men, they go with Terrell Owens.

We start off with the women getting to work on their project, and they quickly come up with a theme: “Love yourself. One bite at a time.” Vivica really comes across as a no-nonsense type of woman and she keeps them on track and they get the slogan and the direction of their project decided VERY quickly.

Now, over to Vortex. Terrell is being steamrolled by Geraldo as the PM. Shocker! Geraldo wants to use some big, clunky slogan for their project and no one else really seems to be on board with it. Meanwhile, Terrell is kind of cowering in his role as the project manager.

Now that the women have their idea, they are off to the test kitchen to decide their menu. WAIT A MINUTE! We have a medical emergency of sorts! Shawn has gotten a visit from her Aunt Flo and says she may not be much help as she is in pain. Vivica ain’t about to have any of this! She better pop a pain pill and get to work!

The men are still working on their ideas, and Gilbert, being the clown he is, is making his usual off-color jokes and getting a little racist at times. It’s not shocking that he is making these jokes, but he really needs to be in touch with his audience and stop trying to be funny for the sake of being funny.

It’s now time for the final phase of the project: the product tasting. The men’s tasting comes across as very awkward and it seems to me as though they overthought their speeches they were gonna give. Geraldo royally f***ed this one up, yet somehow I think he will escape blame for this once again. And Gilbert makes a joke, WHILE PEOPLE ARE EATING, that a woman actually had sex with him. The last thing people need to hear while trying to eat is hearing the Aflac duck screech about his sex life.

While the women were scrambling trying to get everything prepared, their tasting seems a little smoother than the guys’. There was a hiccup as the kitchen was delayed in getting the food served to the diners. Kenya throws a little shade at Jamie because of what she is wearing and I think she makes it way bigger of an issue than it needs to be. She did look a little ratchet! Just saying.

It’s back to the boardroom once again, as we are about to find out which team had the best product tasting. We go gilbert gottfriedthrough the usual debates as to who should be there and who shouldn’t, and Vivica takes it upon herself to bring up Shawn’s period to a boardroom full of men! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Vivica and she totally slayed as PM, but I found it bitchy and inappropriate for her to bring that up. Kenya makes a joke about periods, as well. This whole bit went on way too long. We find out the winning team is, once again, Team Infinity! Gilbert’s off-color sexual jokes really sealed Vortex’s fate. At the end of the episode, unsurprisingly, Gilbert is fired and sent on his merry way.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you feel the right people got fired? Are you equally as enraged with Geraldo as I am? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! And be sure to follow me on Twitter @vince1187 as I live tweet #CelebApprentice every Monday night at 8/7c!


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