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Shannon comes unhinged after her nomination. Brandi lets her know that she played too hard from the beginning and she’s done too well. When Omarosa comes into the room, Shannon tries to dismiss her, but Omarosa won’t leave. Shannon points out that she’s not the only superfan and points out that Ross, Marissa and Omarosa know the game, too. She says she won’t even be able to watch BB after this. In DR, Omarosa says that there are 3 stages of Shannon being put on the block. First is shock, second is anger and third is going into actress overdrive.

Brandi asks Omarosa if she ever slept with Trump. She says that the only reason she asked that is that she’s heard rumors about him sleeping with Apprentice contestants and seems to really like her. Omarosa seems disgusted and says, “Absolutely not.” I don’t doubt the rumors that Brandi heard are probably true, given the Stormy Daniels payoff and the affair with the former Playmate.

We get a James striptease as he’s getting in the shower. Marissa is watching every moment of him showering and describes the striptease to Ross, who has his back turned and eyes covered as Marissa gives him a play by play. It’s hilarious. I’m sure Marissa’s son is completely humiliated. I’m also sure teens and 20-somethings thoroughly enjoyed this clip. I don’t like James, but this I enjoyed.

For the veto, players are picked: it’s Ari, Shannon, James, Ross, Omarosa and Brandi. Shannon says she has to win. So much for giving up her fight.

Metta found Orwell the Owl and now he takes him everywhere with him. He says that it’s his favorite owl and Orwell hoots, with BB translating his response for us: “You’re my favorite X-Laker…in this house.” He says he had to find something to attach to, and he even takes Orwell into the toilet with him. LOL. Metta’s brand of cuckoo is fun to watch on BB. Brandi says that Metta is in a showmance with an owl. When the houseguests tell him that the owl is named Orwell, Metta asks, “He’s a guy?” He laughs and covers his face in embarrassment, but he keeps hugging him.

Shannon learns from Omarosa that there was a plan to backdoor her last week. She tells Shannon that she’s glad that Marissa didn’t go through with the plan because we always said that a woman wouldn’t be backdoored. Shannon is taken aback to learn of Marissa’s involvement. Omarosa tells Shannon to fight like hell for that veto. In DR, Omorosa says she is hedging her bets in case Shannon wins Veto.

Then, Omarosa goes to James and tells him that he is the target. She’s causing so much trouble and is showing her teeth. James lets Ross and Marissa know that this is what Omarosa said to him. Marissa, Brandi and Ari question Omarosa, and she says that she doesn’t talk to James. Marissa goes to get James to clear up the issue. Omarosa tries to lie her way out of the situation with James countering her with the exact words that she said to him. Brandi says that James isn’t a good liar and is clearly telling the truth. Brandi says pointedly at Omarosa that now we know what we know.

As Ari starts to waver on sending home Shannon verses James, Ross says he needs to keep the group together, focused on Shannon as the target and that they need to win the veto. Brandi calls James to the HOH room to realign him with the alliance. She’s shocked that she is making this move given her disdain for James. James tells them what they want to hear. Meanwhile, after Shannon overehears Brandi call James up to the HOH room, she tries to form an alliance with Metta. He’s not having it; he wants herr out.

Julie surprises the houseguests with messages from loved ones. Metta sees his wife on screen and he dives across the coffee table to be closer to the TV. She says that she’s glad he’s made some new friends and isn’t pushing the panic button. Mark’s wife and twins have a message for him; they tell him not to fart too much. Andy Cohen appears for Brandi, saying how proud they all are of her gameplay. Shannon sees her boyfriend and dog. He tells her to fight. Ross sees his partner Salvador and his dog. Ari sees her sister’s family and then her sick father appears on screen, and Ari bursts into tears. He’s very ill, and all the houseguests go to comfort her. Julie asks Mark what it meant to see his family and he gets choked up because he misses them. With a little more than a week left of gameplay, they’ll all see them soon.

Russia gets brought up by Mark while he’s talking to Omorosa. She says that she worked in the Clinton White House and knows from Ken Starr investigating Clinton, it costs millions for investigations. Now she clams up. This is where we could use some breaking news, Omarosa. Give us the dirt on that.

For the Veto Competition, Dining in the Dark, the houseguests go one at a time in a darkened restaurant with 4 rooms. They must make their way through 4 rooms. First, they must wade through a room filled with large balls to sit down at a table and pea soup is sprayed in their faces. Next, they enter a cheese and honey room. The next room is pasta and they have to wade through a pool of sauce. The final room is dessert, where they must find the light switch, turn it on and lock in their times. The times are:

  1. Ross: 9:46
  2. Ari: 12:02
  3. Omarosa: 19:29
  4. Brandi: 21:29
  5. Shannon: 8:44
  6. James: 6:24, so he wins the POV

Shannon congratulates James and hopes that Omarosa is named the replacement nominee, but at the Veto Ceremony, Mark is named the replacement nominee. Shannon knows for sure that she is going home. Mark is obviously a pawn.

Shannon says she needs the group to implode. Ross hears her say as he leaves the room that he won’t get her vote in the end. Ross tells the alliance that the 4 of them need to remain strong because she is going scorched earth. Shannon tells James that he needs to break up the pairs of Marissa and Ross and Brandi and Ari.

Time for eviction: Everyone votes for Shannon except Brandi. I thought it was to throw suspicion onto Omarosa or James. On the feeds, it turns out that Brandi felt sorry for Shannon because she has such fragile self-esteem. When she admitted it to her alliance, they’re all super pissed and feel like Brandi was disloyal.

The Live HOH competition, Courtside Seats at BB Arena, begins. It’s an endurance competition in the which houseguests are seated against a leaning wall. The rest of it aired on live feeds.

Sunday night, we’ll see the conclusion of the competition and learn who the new HOH nominates.

Then, Monday night there’s another Live Veto competition. Viewers get to vote on 3 types of Veto’s to twist up the game. For information, go to CBS.com/bigbrobot. The Veto types are:

  • VIP Veto which allows a veto to be used twice, once or not at all.
  • Spotlight Veto which MUST be used on one of the nominees and the HOH names the replacements.
  • Diamond Veto which allows the Veto holder to remove a nominee and name the replacement nominee.

Before you go, please comment below. What do you think of the celebrity’s game play this season?

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