Big Brother 16 Finale and Survivor Premier Pre-Game Show



Hi All!  Jon and I are back and we have so much to talk about. The Survivor premier and Big Brother 16 finale top that list. We also have some MAJOR YOUR REALITY RECAPS ANNOUNCEMENTS to make so you aren’t going to want to miss it.   As you may or may  not know this summer has been a bit crazy for us here at Your Reality Recaps.  I had a bit of health issue earlier in the summer (all is well now) and last week I finally closed on my first home (which now will be under construction till Christmas)!  It’s caused things to not run as smoothly as we’d like so we appreciate your understanding.  We had to shut down the Big Brother updates forum  (details on that here) but we are still tweeting the 24/7.   Lastly,  in order to keep providing you all with our usual content (and more) we aren’t going to be editing our shows for the rest of the year.  But you all seem to love the live versions anyway… so that’t really isn’t bad news.   We will still be doing blogs, live shows, live tweeting, podcasts, power rankings, cast interviews and streaming live events so do you worry!  Actually were covering 6 new shows and working with 2 new networks… we have so much coming up for you all (more details below).  Then by the end of the year I should be all settled into the new house and things will be back on track (edited shows and all).

Now, you all are so sweet and I just love our YRRCommunity.  I’ve gotten tons of tweets, DMs and messages on the site and social media about “house warming gifts”.  I can’t thank you all enough.  But, the best gift you can give me is to share our shows and subscribe on social media.  Leave us a nice review in iTunes or comment on the site and YouTube.   Or if any of the ads around this site interest you, then check them out too.  But, I mean it when I say we do this cause we love it and interacting with all of you.  We don’t do it to make money or get gifts.  For those of you who are insisting… hold that thought until we do a fundraiser for Reality Rally, or need to travel some where again to bring you a free live stream.  Anything you all graciously donate to us during the year doesn’t go into our pockets it goes right into providing new content for you.  From live streaming of the Reality Rally or Big Brother Premiere party or even the Amazing Race Finale party interviews.   We love getting to bring fans closer to the reality stars they love and we won’t ever charge you to watch or participate.   That said, we had to decline doing the backyard interviews for Big Brother this season because we just couldn’t afford the cost to travel and it’s too late to fundraise on top of everything else.  We used all our live feed sales money to bring on the live feed updaters who have been updating you 24/7 on the @BB16FeedUpdates twitter.  While I know lots of you are upset about this don’t worry… we will still have the jury on for hangouts after the season just like we did last year.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for loving what we do.  We hope you are enjoying our Big Brother,  Bravo,  Utopia The Quest,  Bachelor  and soon Survivor and Amazing Race blogs, podcasts, cast interview and shows.  We have so much more planned to end the year that you will be blown away.  From live shows with the #BB16 jury, to Survior and TAR exit interviews, Bravo Housewives audio blogs and more I can’t even tell you yet…  We will also be having a Halloween and Christmas/Holiday extravaganza show(s) too and even a huge award show/roast at the end of the year.  There is so much coming up and we are so excited to share it all with you.

On that note… question:  if I did vlogs about our house and the 3 months of construction we are doing to it with funny/how to videos, is that something ya’ll would be interested in watching?  Let me know in the comments section below or on social media.  If enough of you are interested I just may do it.  

But ok,  I need to get back to work… I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all and explain what is going on around here.




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