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devin powpow2We are now into our second episode of the week of  hell AKA Devin’s HOH reign. Brittany and Paola are on the block and the weirdo alliance of Christine, Nicole and Hayden are celebrating in the storage room. They decided they need some sort of plan in place in case the news of Paola throwing the BOB  competition gets out. Hayden and Nicole don’t want to have any part of that plot. Meanwhile we now start to see the crumbling of the Bomgsquad. Zach, Derrick, Cody and Christine all realize how unstable this guy is and want to vote against his wishes. They want to vote out Paola and backdoor Devin next week. Devin’s paranoia (which has become the 17th house guest) has reared its ugly head again. This time it sets its sights on devin's crazy pow powAmber. He believes that Amber is all kinds of bad for Caleb’s game and is watching her like a hawk. Even Caleb, Devin’s biggest supporter, doesn’t like how he’s treating women. Bros before Hoes isn’t in Caleb’s vocabulary here and wants to protect Amber his queen.  In a clash of the not so Titans, (sorry but Frankie is brilliant in the DR I had to steal it) Caleb confronts Devin.  Telling him the house wants Paola gone not Brittany. Devin tells Caleb that it’s stupid and blames his change of heart on Amber. The boys fight about it some more and after a bit of crazy talk to himself alone in the HOH room, Devin emerges and declares the Bombsquad over! Finally. That didn’t take long. Unfortunately that didn’t last long. The boys patch up their rift, Devin holds a Bombsquad meeting where Zack stupidly voices his opinion. Zach’s opinion differs from Devin’s. Zach is now in paranoia’s radar. Devin keeps saying how the alliance isn’t a dictatorship but he is always the one talking and if you disagree with King Devin he gets his knickers in a twist! Even though the Bombsquad is “back together” I don’t see it lasting. I think everyone is doing it just to keep the crazy train in the station and once Devin has no power they will turn on him. Do you guys agree or do you think the Bombsquad can go the distance?

We find out who our last two members of Team America last night. Not so shockingly its Frankie, I always knew he’d get in the mix and Derrick joins them for good measure. I am obsessed at how Big Brother got them to reveal each other. They had to meet up at the weights at 9pm and mention the code words  Apple Pie and Bald Eagle. Totally brilliant.  Watching Derrick and Frankie discover each other with inane conversation about desert and zoos was hilarious. Caleb was none the wiser then out from the kitchen emerges the beard. Derrick instantly realized that this is the third member of the alliance. They are quick to ask him what his favorite desert is. Donny not missing a beat is carrying a cup that has a piece of apple pie on it. Our Team America is formed and it consists of  The Brains, The Beard and The Beauty. It’s an unlikely combination and I can’t  wait to watch how they pull this off. What are your thoughts on Team America? Do you think these three will work together well? I think we got it right. It’s not a combo I ever envisioned but I am loving it!

Devin plays with ballsIt’s time for the Veto competition. Devin, Brittany, Paola  along with Zach, Derrick and Amber are all playing in the Veto competition. I am so rooting for Brittany to win.  Anyone but Devin really! I fear Devin winning POV would make his big head explode. Devin promises Paola before the competition that if he wins he’ll use it on her. Brittany is his target. Donny is the host of this spaced themed Veto. The goal of this challenge is to balance 10 planets on a mobile solar system without any touching the floor. This competition is identical to the BB Baby Shower from last season they just changed up the theme. Each planet was named after a former Big Brother alliance. We had Brigadia,  Brenchel, McCranda. For the love of Otev please don’t let there ever be a Devtopia!  All the girls seem to have issues with this challenge. Paola can’t get anything balance on her mobile. Zach was doing so well he was almost done and poof all his planets fell and we are left watching Derrick and Devin battle it out. They are neck and neck and dammit Devin pulls out the win.

Deal with the DevilNow that Devin has won the Veto, Zach needs to damage control with Devin. He tries to reason with him telling him that he was just being honest with him and that an alliance this size there is bound to be times when they don’t always agree. He tells him that he will fully support what ever it is Devin wants to do. Zach just doesn’t realize that here is no reasoning with crazy and he’d been better off talking to the coffee maker.  Devin is stubborn and once he’s got you in his sights that is it. So I fully expect Zach to be nominated by the end of this episode. Frankie tells Zach that this is Big Brother, telling the truth is not the way to go especially when dealing with the most unstable person in the house. Brittany is also in damage control mode and man is she ever smart. This episode has got me really loving Brittany. She goes to the HOH and plays the mom card. BRILLIANT! We all know that Devin has a daughter and he bought her angle hook line and sinker.  Props to Brittany, anyone that can make the crazy train switch tracks deserves some respect. She had to make a deal with the devil and agree to not put him up and save him if she had the chance, but she has gotten Devin to promise to use the Veto on her. It’s all good though, this is Big Brother your word means nothing here, especially in regard to Devin. In a measure of good faith he admits that Paola threw the HOH competition and Brittany is not exactly thrilled with the news but she promised Devin she wouldn’t get mad.

It’s time for the Veto Ceremony. Devin has promised to pull down Brittany and Paola. Neither of them trust him as far as they can throw him.  Zach is shaking in his shorts because he knows he’s going up if someone comes down.  The girls make their campaign speeches. Well Brittany does anyways. Paola just stands up and says this is my time to shine and strikes a pose. Brittany says that she is not a threat and has never backstabbed anyone in the house. Goes on to say that if they evict her some may wake up with a knife in their back and that next week her target is going to be Paola.  Devin decided to use the power of Veto on ……………..BRITTANY! The only logical thing this guy has done since he walked into the house. Who is Devin’s replacement nominee?  It’s Zach. Zach can’t go home for many reasons but one is because I can’t have Big Brother this season without Zankie! and Two Zach is one of my top two to win this game. I sure hope Zach can channel his inner Dan Gheesling and get himself out of this situation. Devin declares the ceremony over and Brittany stand up and say I just want to say one thing!  What does Brittany want to say?  We need to wait til Thursday night to find out!

Brittany looks like she is about to have a “Come to Jesus” moment in the house! What do you think she is going to reveal. Do you agree with Devin’s choice of replacement nominee? If you want to have some inside information as to what is gong on in the house click on any of the links below. We have so many ways you can stay in the loop in between episode. I can’t wait to see who gets evicted tonight.


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