Big Brother Season 16: Episode 12


Cody and Frankie When we last left off everybody was battling it out in the DEVILED EGGS competition. Everyone is trying their best to make their eggs way through the chicken wire. Victoria is proving to be utterly useless in the competition. Poor Christine has no chance with her as a partner but I guess that is the luck of the draw no?  Everyone else seems to be getting the hang of it. Zach and Amber and Cody and Frankie have really gotten into a rhythm and are doing really well. Derrick is coaching Frankie and Cody which isn’t lost on Donny. He knows Frankie is part of  Team America and Derrick wants him to win, but so is Donny! Why isn’t he rooting for Donny too?  People like Derrick don’t give Donny the credit he deserves. They see blue collar worker with a southern accent and assume his elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. Donny’s not stupid, on the contrary he’s very smart and keeps it to himself. Only letting out nuggets of brilliance when he thinks they need to be revealed. So Zamber and Crankie are neck and neck at the end of this competition. It’s a nail biter! Who’s gonna pull it off?  FRANKIE AND CODY ARE OUR NEW HOH’S! What does this mean to everyone in the house? Well it puts Brittany into a tizzy. She does not feel safe with these boys. Donny tries to make her feel better but he’s nervous too. Brittany decided to tell Frankie that she doesn’t know where she stands with Cody and she thinks he’ll nominate her because she doesn’t follow him around like all the other girls do. Of course Frankie goes right to Cody and Cody is pissed right off that she thinks he’s be so highschool about his nominations. Brittany, you just put a nail in your coffin. Did she really think that Frankie would keep that to himself? We are really seeing some polarizing smart and stupid game play this year.  What do you think of Cody and Frankie as HOH? Will Derrick be controlling the boys this week or will they make up their own minds?

bombsquad regroupSo the Bomb Squad has been officially blown to smithereens. What does that mean for the remaining 7.  Everyone is starting to realize what a liability Caleb and his Amber infatuation is to the group. While they pretend to be cool with him they never waste any time complaining about him once his back is turned. Amber because of her twisted relationship with Caleb is too high maintenance for an alliance as well. Amber says she doesn’t like Caleb in that way but she flirts and hugs and kisses him on the cheek. You can see how the boy is totally confused. Up in the HOH room Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Zach are up there chatting. Derrick realizes that of the Bomb Squad these 5 are the most solid mentally and physically and they should reform, rename and be the new super alliance. A much more  manageable sized alliance. shake on itWhy anyone thought and alliance of  half the house was gonna work and stay on the down low baffles me daily. They shoot around some pretty terrible names and come up with a Bomb Squad spin off called The Detonators. Let me just say thank you for choosing a name that won’t send my spell check into a tizzy every time I write! Christine is just revelling in the fact that she has had two strong alliances dropped in her lap for basically being in the right room at the right time. Of all the girls in the house she is still my pick to win or at least make it pretty far in this game. If they can stop the boys from picking off the girls one by one she has a solid shot but these girls really need to get their shit together and come up with a plan that doesn’t require flirting.  Do you think The Detonators do what the Bomb Squad couldn’t? Christine is a superfan so she should see that she is going to be totally expendable to these 4 guys if she doesn’t come up with a plan do get some of them out without it being her doing. What do you think of this 4 guy 1 girl alliance?

Team AmericduhIts Team America time! Can I just say I hate this weeks mission. Frankie is called in to the Diary Room and there sits his card. America you have charged Derrick, Donny and Frankie to nominate a physical threat. In theory smart move America. In reality what constitutes a physical threat. This is so subjective to the person nominating that you can’t fail. The boys get together and decided that Amber is the biggest physical threat on the girls side of the house. I stupidmohawkam not quite sure why. She won one HOH challenge that proved she could walk on a balance beam and was given a BOTB win by Caleb.  She has done little else to prove anything to anybody BUT nominating a boy would go against their alliance because all the strong guys are in it. There is the fatal flaw in The Detonators. They have no versatility. The Brigade had roles. They had guys that could do different things so they were covered in any competition they were in. Will Team America succeed in this weeks challenge?  We will know at the end but chances are yes. You can voice that Victoria is your biggest physical threat and because you believe it to be true you pass.

BEDGATE Season 2What is an episode of BB16 without a bit of Crazy Caleb put in for good measure?  Caleb and Frankie are talking in the bird HOH room and Amber and Cody are talking in the other room. Amber starts talking to Cody about Caleb and decided that she doesn’t want to whisper anymore and gets up and shuts the door between the two rooms.  Well this displeases Caleb to no end. Frankie then decided to broach the subject of putting Amber on the block and Caleb declares that he is down. We also had a BEDGATE this season. Thankfully it’s no where near as dramatic and racist as last year. With the lack of  have-nots this week pretty much everyone has to share a bed. Apparently Victoria is a very high maintenance sleeper and no one wants to share a bed. Nicole as usual pairs off with Christine, Brittany and Amber pair off together and Victoria is left on her own. I would be overjoyed to not have to sleep with anyone BUT not Victoria. She wants to cuddle with Nicole. Nicole says sure I’ll cuddle with you I don’t have a problem with sleeping with you. Brittany believes Nicole just outed everyone as having a problem so now she is mad and tells Victoria that yes Nicole doesn’t want to sleep with you. SIGH. Are we in seventh grade ladies?

nomination cermonyTime for the nomination ceremony! Caleb is up first an nominates Brittany and Victoria. He says that he doesn’t know where either of them are in in the game because they don’t discuss game. Brittany is furious. It’s her third time on the block and she things that those words somehow compare her to Victoria.  Brittany has  been on the feeds for days venting her anger at this decision. I thought Cody had said something terrible offensive like  you don’t clean up after yourself but no, just said he doesn’t know where her head is. Frankie nominates Amber and Jocasta. He states that Jocasta is fierce (and just you wait to see how fierce) and Amber is  the strongest girl in the house but he hopes they can still cuddle! No Frankie! You put me on the block and throw a huge as target on the back of me for good measure we are NOT cuddling. Go find Zac Efron! I hate these nominations, I think they are useless but let me know what you think! To me Brittany as a target is not going to change the house in any way except that she cleans it so it’s going to be even dirtier!

Knight MovesLets move on to the Battle of the Block competition. This one is called KNIGHT MOVES.  The nominees become human chess pieces on a board and must move in the shape of the Knight, so in an L shape in any direction. Once they land on a square it gets flipped over and you can’t land on it again. As they run out of moves they are elminated. Last one standing on the Celebrate!board and who she was nominated with are off the block and safe for the week. I think Brittany may have killed Victoria is she were close enough to her to reach. The girl could NOT figure out how to move in an L Shape. Jocasta boxed herself in first and was out of  the competition. She was followed by Brittany so it was a battle between Amber and Victoria. Then something strange happened. You hear this noise and on the sidelines you see Jocasta having some kind of fit as she notices that Amber is about to win this thing. She quiets down and Victoria boxes herself in and Amber wins the Battle of the Block. There is that noise again. I can not adequately describe this  sound to you. It has been explained it was some sort of religious experience where she was talking in tongue and I am not one to  joke about ones faith but this can only be seen to be believed. Luckily Eric put together a little Instagram video that I hope you all enjoy!

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Oh and Frankie gets tarred and feathered as he’s dethroned. Do you agree with Brittany being the target this week? Who do you want to see get sent home? Personally I’d love Caleb out of the house.

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