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Will it be Beast Mode Cowboy or Devil Devin leaving the Big Brother house tonight? We all know that anything can change at a moment’s notice in that house. What doesn’t seem to change is Caleb’s delusions that Amber will go out with him.  We start of with our daily dose of creepy Caleb, because no episode of  Big Brother would be complete without watching how much of a stalker this guy is turning out to be. Amber is sleeping in the Have-Not room and Caleb puts all his blankets on her. Hayden is laying WTF!in the bed next to Caleb and he tells him that he thinks he’ll win a date from her yet. Not only has he put himself up on the block and possibly given up $500 000 dollars for her, but he gave her his only 2 blankets. Even Hayden is think WHAT! This guy is nuts. Caleb is still showing up wherever Amber is and it’s really starting to drive Cody bonkers. How does Caleb NOT see that his girl just isn’t that into him? She has flat-out said no to dates, told him she doesn’t think of him that way and started hanging out with Cody! I am sure he’s not used to being told No but this guy needs to take a hint and quick. What would you do if you were Amber?

meeting of hte mindsCody had decided to make it his mission to flip the house and get Caleb out. Cody is too dangerous for his game. He is too distracted by Amber to see rationally. First stop Donny. Donny doesn’t talk a whole lot of game with a whole lot of people but when he does he is so smart.  He totally understands Cody’s position and agrees that he needs to leave sooner than later. Caleb although he hasn’t come close to winning since the first HOH has it in him and it won’t belong before there is a challenge right up his alley. Amber and Caleb will always be two votes and that needs to be split. Cody’s next targets are Derrick and Zach. He tells them his head isn’t in the game and it will bCaleb's crazylow up all their games very quickly. Zach agrees that this love triangle is too dangerous to let sit and fester. Zach works on Frankie. In all of this Cody has a conversation with Devin.  Normal Devin has resurfaced. We haven’t really seen normal Devin since early week 1 and Cody is convince that he is a good guy that  just got caught up in the game. I tend to agree with Cody. While I have hated every move Devin has made I think deep down he is just a guy that loves his daughter and paranoia got the best of him. It happens every season, but with Devin being such a huge physical presence in the house his paranoia made him dangerous. It happened with Willie in season 14 and season 17 will bring on its own paranoid head case as well.  Frankie talks to Christine to see if she would be on board with a Caleb eviction and she agrees too. He then talks to Derrick to see where Derrick’s head is at. Derrick can see the positives. Devin will ALWAYS be the biggest target in the house as long as he remains there, so he can be Derrick’s meat shield. Everyone sees down with  a Caleb blind side. Caleb is so wrapped up in Amber that he can’t see all the side moves being made around him and it will cost him sooner than later. Do you think the house has flipped on Caleb? Could we be seeing  the first blind side of BB16? Part of me really wants to see that happen just to see Caleb’s reaction.

 Donny's parentsTime for some eviction episode filler! Donny has been a man of mystery this season. Rumors have been swirling that he’s an actor, a doctor, a navy seal and ex military. It’s amazing the rumors bald shins and a Harvard medical T-shirt can create isn’t it? Jeff travels to Donny’s hometown of Abermerle, North Carolina to meet Donny’s family. OMG! Donny’s parents were killing me. Jeff is trying to joke with them and they just don’t get it.  I love his family. Donny’s parents don’t watch Big Brother, it’s on too late and his mom prefers the news and his dad likes to watch Bonanza. You can’t make this stuff up folks I swear! They show them video of Caleb and Devin thinking he’s a secret super soldier (that is phrase I will never tire of)  and they crack up. They laugh at Donny’s one liners and cry when he gets emotional with Devin. We’ve known Donny is a stand up guy but his family just makes it even more real. He’s an amazing brother and his family and girl friend love the bones of him.

BMC and Devin solidarityTime for the live vote! Beastmode Cowboy tells everyone he should stay because he’s honest and Devin is not. Devin points out the fact that Caleb is in a final 2 with Amber and will do anything to protect her. I swear these guys have rehearsed their walk through the DR hallway. Everyone one of them had a little thing as they passed each other. Hayden and Nicole hopped like frogs, Frankie and Victoria did a little twirl, Cody and Zach did a bomb blowing up motion. Can’t we just walk people?!  So with a tug of Donny’s beard and a kiss of Christine’s wedding ring Devin is evicted in a unanimous vote. I guess Cody couldn’t get up enough momentum to get the house to flip after all. Too bad!  On the way out the door Brittany gives him a little heart-shaped gift, which on the feeds later we learn was a pickle. It was a joke earlier in the week that they were going to send Devin out with pickles. The house erupts when Devin’s picture turns to grey. I always feel bad that the evicted has to see that reaction. It’s bad enough they just unanimously evicted you, now you have to watch them celebrate. Devin talks to Julie outside for a big and explains how paranoia does get to you. In an alliance of 8 you can’t get together and discuss things so you see so many side conversations that it really messes with your head. Now that Devin is out of that house, he can spend time with his daughter and hopefully step back into his life as he left. Are you happy to see Devin go?

What's gonna work? Teamwork!Time for the HOH challenge. The house guests are in hell, literally! Derrick is the devil and they are competing in a challenge called DEVILED EGGS. They are paired up in teams of two. Together they must work eggs thru chicken wire up a coarse and deposit the egg into a slot. They need to pass the egg off to each other a few times just to make it a little harder. The teams were randomly drawn and it ended up being Amber and Zach, Frankie and Cody, Hayden and Donny, Christine and Victoria, Caleb and Nicole, and Brittany and Jocasta. Victoria seems to be having a ton of trouble with this and when we leave off Amber and Zach and Frankie and Cody each have one egg. We also learned that there are no have-nots this  week and next week the have-nots will be determined by the activity trackers they are wearing on their wrists!

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