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Ika and PaulIt’s  Live Eviction night, and going into this episode I honestly had no clue who was going to go home.  The feeds were buzzing with strategy talk all week along, and it was anyone’s guess as to how the votes would swing.  Heather was feeling very secure in the lies that the girls were feeding her about being a pawn all week.  But we all know that pawns go home unless you are AJ or Spencer, and feeling safe is the kiss of death in this game. Ika feels she has secured all her girl votes to oust Heather and decided to tell Paul that he is safe. Mainly so he doesn’t open his mouth and make the girls angry. She is trying to minimize the damage control that her and her new-found alliance member Adel will have to do.  Paul sits and listens to Ika, but isn’t really sure she is levelling with her. He is smart enough to know that you should never feel safe.  He tells her that if she does swing the votes his way that he will know she has pull with the girls and she will have Adel and himself 100%.  He does reveal in the Diary Room that he thinks the house will turn on Ika when she isn’t HOH anymore.

Adel's meetingAdel has received his special prize from Canada and he calls a meeting in the HOH room to reveal what it is.  He tells them how we have won gold in the Olympics and that Roberto Luongo had been traded.  Hockey news is really the only news that Canadians need to hear and Jon and Neda are devastated by the trade news.  Poor Jon, I thought he was going to cry.  He also tells them all about the tweets from the fans and family.  Adel tells them he has a secret power but he won’t let them in on it. Smart game move, I am not sure. I would have gone with an “I can’t tell you” as opposed to a “won’t” just so you don’t sound like you are keeping it a secret. Adel trusts Ika so he did let her in on what his power actually does. They decide that they need to make his prize  seem bigger then it is, and they choose their victim to lay it on.   Adel tells Jon that  his power allows him to back door anyone in the game in the next two weeks.  This secures him the next two weeks of safety if he is believed.  Jon falls for it hook, line and sinker.  What Jon does with this information is going to be really interesting to watch. He isn’t in the First Five alliance, and he has voiced displeasure for Andrew.  Will he tell Andrew about the power or not? What do you think?

The boys know about the girls plan to get Heather out and leave Paul to do their dirty work thanks to mole Sarah. Andrew and Kenny realize that they need to sway a girl vote with in the First Five.  The boys decide to zero in on sarah's pleaSarah.  They trust her and she is much more logically driven than Sabrina is. Sarah can see where the guys are coming from but is hesitant because if this vote goes down in Heather’s favor the girls will know where the vote went. Sarah feels on the bottom of the girls alliance as it is, and doesn’t want to jeopardize their trust in her. Sarah and Sabrina decide to go to Ika and tell her that the boys feel that Paul knows he is safe and they think Ika is working with him. They tell her that Ika will be targeted next week if Heather goes home for sure. Sarah is hoping Ika will change her target based on this new information. Ika isn’t folding, she is holding on to her plan for dear life, and now thinks Paul betrayed her trust.  Sarah leaves the girls meeting feeling torn about what to do. She doesn’t want to betray either alliance, but a decision needs to be made.

We now head into voting mode. Like always they head in to the booth and cast their votes. Arlie is first, with that horrible hair cut, and starts the ball rolling with a vote against Paul. Our one liner of the night goes to my boy Jon as he casts his vote for “The Leaky Wall Paul”. This kid has me in stitches every time he speaks. We are tied at 5-5 with Allison’s vote to evict paulPaul. Sarah makes her way into the Diary Room. Sarah looked amazing last night by the way! You can see on her face that she really hasn’t made up her mind. So much so that Arisa gives her a few seconds to get it together before voting. She casts her vote to evict Paul, and the crowd goes nuts. Arisa reveals the vote to the houseguest and Heather looks shocked. I think she thought it was going to be a 9-1 vote. I don’t think she thought Adel would vote against Paul but she really believed the girls. Ika was totally caught off guard, I know Sarah is going to have some explaining to do! Paul takes it with class, gives everyone a hug, even Andrew who he can’t stand, and with an “I’m too old for this” he walks out the door.  Good Bye Paul, you were funny to watch and I’ll miss your interactions with Adel, but your game moves were not always the best. No judgement here though, you can’t judge til you’ve been in that house.

The best part of the week for me is watching the power shift on Thursday nights.  We enter into the backyard for our Hang In There For HOH hang in there comp competition. Its endurance so we know that  we won’t have an outcome by the end of this  episode. The house guests are attached to a  bungee cord and they have to stand with  both hands on a podium. As long as their  hands are down the light shines white and  they are OK, If they move and their hands are lifted the light goes red and they are done.  Big Brother will crank their bungee ropes tighter every so often pulling them from their podium. Last one standing is HOH.  Heather tells Arisa that this is the most important HOH for her, but as Arisa checks in one last time Heather is sitting on the bench with Ika. A little slip of the wrist and you can be out of this challenge.

Unfortunately we need to wait til next week to see who wins HOH. If you want spoilers you can follow me on twitter, or for an in-depth play by play of the feeds Brian Lynch is your man. If you want to hear how the evicted house guest feels about their Big Brother experience you can check out their first interviews out by following Big Brother Canada on  Google+ They are live chats every Friday at 1:00pm.  Interviews are totally fan driven and a fun short way to get to know your house guests better.

Check out Spencer Clawson and McCrae Olson’s video recaps of Big Brother Canada  here. They are sure to offer insight into this weeks game play as only players of the game can. If you love all the content that we here are Your Reality Recaps provide considering donating to our Kickstarter Campaign, if that is too much right now you can always share our content on social media, subscribe to our YouTube channel and thumbs up our videos.   Don’t forget to comment below and let me know how you felt about Ika’s reign of power, and if you felt the house made the right move evicting Paul.  I love interacting will all of you.


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