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kennyrachelle.jpgThere has been no shortage of drama in the Big Brother Canada house. We are just beginning week two and our house guests are delivering all the drama, lying and back stabbing that we have been asking for.  Our episode on Sunday begins with strategy talk between the house guests. We are learning that no one trusts Heather. While Heather believes she has a strong alliance with Andrew, she really doesn’t.  Kenny reveals to Rachelle that he is planting information with Heather to see if it comes back to him, and it always does.   Kenny’s strategy is  to make the guys and girls suspicious of each other that way they don’t align with each other.

Quickly we move into the HoH competition.  Our house guests are dressed as farmers and then Paul emerges  from the house dressed as a giant chicken. Have we not seen this before?  Last season we had the apple challenge where they were dressed as farmers and we had the chicken coop HoH where they were all dressed like chickens. It really is time for some original ideas. Anyway, this challenge is called Fresh From the Farm.  They are in teams of two. One holds up a large metal baskets and the other has to search for potatoes of their team color. They then have to throw them in the basket of the opposite team so they will drop it. The last team standing then faces off  to decide to HoH is.  The teams were divided in Sarah/Neda, Andres/Arlie,  Jon/Kenny, Rachelle/Heather. Kyle/Ika, Sabrina/Adel.  Everyone seems to target Sarah first.  I found this to be strange strategy on the part of at least the girls.  The boys have way more strength, get them out first but no, they don’t.  Sarah gives it a valiant effort but she is the first to drop.   Rachelle goes next, followed by Kyle our personal trainer.  How does Sabrina out last a jacked up personal trainer.  I shake my head at Kyle.  This guy is something else.  Sabrina follows not long after and it is a battle of wills between Jon and Andrew.  The boys talk deals up there but Jon is fighting for this. My newfie team of Kenny and Jon Andreware holding strong.  No deal is made and Jon finally loses the battle.  Arlie and Andrew then need to search the mud for a golden potato. Anyone on the fence as to how well Arlie can play this game is now  off the fence.  Arlie wanted no part of this HoH. It was too early so he decided to throw it to Andrew.  Arlie found that potato three times and just went past it, willing Andrew to happen across it.  He was getting worried that he couldn’t avoid it any longer before everyone realized, then Andrew finally saw it sitting there on top of the mud.  Andrew thinks he slayed that challenge. I can’t wait for him to go home, watch that episode and realize Arlie handed him HoH on a silver platter.

Waiting for the HoH reveal, Heather decides to play some game. She is going to talk to Rachelle and try to build a bond. These two girls don’t like each other so as Heather is telling Rachelle she secured Rachelle a spot with Andrew, Rachelle is just thinking whatever girl, I secured my own spot. The look on her face is priceless. The girl deserves an Oscar for not laughing at her. Andrew’s HoH room is revealed and Heather is just over the top sucking up, telling  him amazing his room is and gushing over pictures.  Even Paul’s sucking up abilities are good. We all know those  two don’t get along but Paul is trying to erase from Andrew’s memory that he nominated him last week.  He reads his letter everyone awwws. Back to business.

During the HoH it was revealed that the first two teams eliminated would be the have-nots for the week. so our have-nots are Neda, Sarah, Rachelle and Heather.  They get to see their new “Half Not” room.  It’s a black and white havenotgeometric room, half the height of a regular room and all the furniture is half the size.  Can’t wait to see giant Paul in that room if he manages to stick around this week.  These four lucky ladies get to enjoy all the slop they can stomach, plus potatoes.  Now my American fans, our slop is not like your slop. Both are bad, but ours is greenish.  According to Dan Gheesling who got to spend an evening with the final 4 last year it tastes 1000x worse. Heck it looks worse, and if  we had smell-o-vision I bet it would smell worse.

By the end of this episode our first hard-core alliance is revealed. It was made night one and is called “The First Five” not terribly original, it is based on the first 5 to enter the house and consists of Andrew, Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina and Arlie.  This here is insight as to why Kenny and Arlie at the end of the HoH were pushing for deals. Only Jon is excluded from this alliance but is part of the boys alliance so there was no reason to be dealing in public. There are so many sub-alliances in this game it makes your head alliancemapspin. Meanwhile Paul is trying to get sympathy from the girls saying people are saying mean things about him. He is crying, saying Andrew is a racist and a sexist. He is talking with Ika and the girls. Paul brings up that Andrew commented about Ika getting more “urban” in her speech and that was racist. Ika really had no problem with it and is seeing through his BS quickly.  Andrew really wants Paul gone because of all the personal attacks, but the boys are trying to convince him to get a girl gone.  Kenny is really becoming the mastermind of this operation. He has the ability to take out the emotion and weed out the threats to their First Five Alliance, which Andrew right now is lacking Kenny brings up Kyle’s name saying this would be the perfect time to strike. Get him out now because he is way too much like Andrew when it comes to build and competition strength.

In the war room Allison, Scott and Nate are given some alcohol to dull the pain of being trapped in a box 24/7.  These three seem to be getting along in the house, and even though they don’t have audio, they have really gotten a good insight on the house. Allison and Scott are really smart at figuring out what is happening, who is in charge of what and it will be interesting to see who enters the game and how they use this information.

The key card wall is brought out and we are into our second nomination ceremony.  Andrew nominates Paul and Neda. No shocker there. He calls paulPaul a hypocrite and says he doesn’t appreciate all the slanderous things being said about his character .  He closes the nomination ceremony. There are no hugs this time. Instead Paul opens him mouth and says he wants to address the group.  Andrew just leaves and Paul goes on his nedatypical rant of how Andrew is a racist and a sexist.  The house is appalled, Ika looks furious and Andrew who was standing upstairs listening was ready to kill him.  The show is ended with Paul in the DR explaining all this character bashing is so that he is portrayed as the bad guy and everyone will want to take him to the final two.  He beleives himself to be a huge strategist.  Paul your days are numbered. I don’t think you will leave this week, there are bigger fish to fry, but you will be gone before Jury. No one wants to live with you. I give you another week!

Do you want to know what an actual Big Brother player thinks of the game play? Check out McCrae and Spencer from BB15 as they recap what happened here. Everyone comment below and let me know what you think of everything that happened in this episode. 



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