Big Brother Canada Season 2: Episode 23


sabrinaThe Gremlins have remained on the block thanks to Neda not using the POV, so we know for sure that Rachelle and Sabrina will be split up. The Sloppy Seconds have decided that Rachelle is the bigger competition threat so she needs to leave. Neda, taking her strategy session to heart uses these last few days to cement relationships and secure jury votes. It was sad to watch Sabrina come to terms with the fact that her and Rachelle are being split. She wants Rachelle to campaign and try to stay. Her and Adel had a major fight this week, I will tell you more later, and has had enough. Rachelle tells her she doesn’t have any to sell them on so there isn’t any point. She isn’t going to throw Sabrina’s name in the mud in order to stay in the house so she just adel reflectswants to enjoy her time left. Adel does some reflecting in the backyard. He loves Heather, Neda and Jon, and is still on board to keep them to the final 4. He further explains his strategy of pissing off all the jury members on their way out. He thinks it makes him less likely for jury votes therefore more likely to get to the final 2. He thinks that on finale night he can explain his antics and talk his way in $100 000. If anyone could make this strategy work it would probably be Adel, but it is a dangerous game to play. If he makes it to final 2 there will be only two men on the jury and you don’t want a room full of angry, bitter ladies deciding your fate.  A majority male house may be able heathenedato look past the anger but it’s a slippery slope with us ladies Adel.  Heather and Neda talk final 4, and wonder if they want to stick with the plan. They both come to the agreement that they can’t win against the boys. Jon is too likeable, and Adel has just overcome so many odds to get where he is. He as been a major target from week 2, fooled everyone with a fake power that he didn’t even HAVE to use. Realizing she can’t take Jon to the end weighs heavy on Neda, and Jon senses something is wrong but can’t figure it out. Neda says she “fine” and he leaves it alone.

arlies bumWelcome to the Jury House – Clothing optional. Are we surprised that Arlie is naked? I have to say the jury house looks amazing. Want to see it? Slice put  nice album on the website, you can check that out here.  He isn’t a bitter jury member yet! Let’s get some more people in here and see if they can taint him. Allison joins him within 48 hours. She isn’t who he wants to see but he knew that it was most likely.  First things out of her mouth are she shouldn’t have voted him out. Allison had always thought that Jon was the king pin of the whole operation in the house but she now realizes that Neda was the brains of the group and Jon was the brawn. Big Brother gave them some arts and crafts supplies and pictures of the house guests and they made little dolls and had some fun. Allison called Neda the devil, which leads me to believe she might be a little bitter. I really hope as a super fan of the show she can let that go. Arlie is fun-loving, goofy Arlie leaving the game in the game. After Arlie chops of Jon’s head and Allison chops of Neda’s head they go and enjoy their urine-free (for now) hot tub where shocker…….Arlie is naked.

The Sloppy Seconds minus Adel do a little reflecting on how far they’ve come in the game together. Heather admits to how alone she felt week 3, and she would just come sit on the deck and look at the moon. It’s easy to forget how badly she was shunned those first few weeks now that she is sitting pretty solidly in a final 4 position. The three say they are happy to be with each other and will most likely be friends for life. Heather goes inside and Jon and Neda talk about where Heather’s head is at. Neda still doesn’t reveal to Jon just how close her and Heather are and is definitely not revealing her final 2 deal with her. Jon wants Neda to talk with her and get a read on what she wants to do, knowing that the girls have already had that conversation.

hot tub catfight.Jon gets his basket of goodies from winning the Easter egg challenge. He is given pizza, beer, whisky, fast food and cigars. They all have a fun time eating, except Neda who is on slop. As Heather says like any dysfunctional family after dinner they fight. They all end up in the hot tub talking about the events of the game so far. Jon asked Sabrina what she said about Heather that made everyone dislike her so much. Heather wants no part of this line of conversation and now Sabrina’s quills are up like a porcupine going into battle. Adel chimes in and we get shown the tail end of a battle that ended in Adel saying how he didn’t care about Sabrina, never did and never will. We  know that Adel and Sabrina are like oil and water. Big Brother gives us a nice montage of all their horrible moments together addressing their major issues. We learn nobody bashed anyone’s religion and the sugar wasn’t ripped out of Sabrina’s hand, it was sitting on the counter. After this fight Sabrina melted down completely. It was very difficult to watch her go through all that. Check out this video of the hot tub fight courtesy of Big Brother Online.

Sabrina is now back in game mode, and this is where she shines. She is asking Jon to let her win HOH. Absurd you think but no. Sabrina’s reasons are sound. Throw her the competition, she puts up Adel and whoever. The Sloppy Seconds control the vote, they vote out Adel. Sabrina gets the satisfaction of kicking him to the curb and all four of the Sloppy Seconds get to compete in the next HOH. The final 5 HOH is always the worst one to win because you have no control over your fate going into the final 4 so Jon is seriously thinking about the plan. Sabrina is happy, the girl does have mad negotiating skills.

rachelle arisaArisa finally brings us to the vote. So much filler in this episode. Don’t know about you guys but I’d rather watch more of the HOH competition. We were given what we’ve known is going to happen all week long. Endurance threat Rachelle is evicted by a vote of 3-0.  Remember when Adel said he was gonna piss everyone off on their way out the door? I think he forgot. He gave Rachelle a big hug and led a chorus of “Shine Bright Like Rachelle Diamond” as she walked out the door.  She meets with Arisa and explains why she never campaigned to stay and she is shown her good-bye messages, where again Adel is super nice. Did Emmett get to him?

Our HOH competition is called “On The Ropes”  The house guests are attached to a rope that is  knotted and woven  through a rope course that  is placed over a pool of freezing cold water. They have to climb, crawl and untie their way through this course and ring their buzzer. First one through is our next HOH. We leave off with Sabrina and Jon in the lead. Who do you think is going to take this competition?

We are down to the last few weeks of the show. I can’t believe how fast this season has gone. Who do you think should win. At this point I feel it’s anyones game. They have all worked so hard to get where they are. This jury is going to have a difficult task in choosing the winner. Adel has been a target since week two, having to form alliance after alliance  to stay in the game. He also had a special power he didn’t even HAVE to use. Jon has won quite a few competitions and hasn’t been nominated one time as of yet. That is unheard of for a strong physical and social player. Heather was shunned and injured all at the same time. She was packed and ready to go and won a critical HOH that saved her skin. Sabrina played the loud game. You knew what she was doing and why. She took the brunt of the anger and bitterness for an alliance that would have sold her out in a second. On the  block 4 times and survived 4 times with her powers of persuasion and manipulation. Not the nice way to play but its one of the ways to win. Neda played the game of looking like you aren’t playing a game. The most dangerous game of all. She threw most competitions until she had to start winning. She was never offensive to anyone, and has a smart strategic mind. My bets are on Neda taking this home for sure.

I want to know what you are thinking about the strategy and game play of our final 5. Who do you think is going to win. Don’t be shy! Comment below.





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