Big Brother Canada Season 2: Episode 17


arlie and sarahWhat a night! It’s our first double eviction of the season and we have been waiting forever for it. Sarah is on the block with Allison who didn’t use her secret veto. Sarah realizes that she needs to fix her relationship with Arlie if she has any chance of staying in the game. She corners him in the bathroom and asks if they can talk at some point. Arlie decides he needs to come clean with Mumsie and tells her that he is now working with the other side of the house. He tells her that he loves her but his chances are better with the other side. Sarah is hurt that he won’t even let her plead her case and cries in the why mebathroom.  Allison is doing the same thing with Sabrina. She tells Sabrina she is working with the other side of the house. Sabrina is bawling and repeating how can you do this to me over and over and over again. Change the record Sabrina. She is making it all about her, when Allison is the one trying to save her life in the Big Brother game. In the diary room Sabrina switches to angry and is furious with Allison and vows to become HOH next. We now know that “The Outsiders” have decided to come up with a proper alliance name. Sloppy Seconds  is thrown out  by Jon (of course) and is immediately loved.  They have been all second to somebody in the game. Neda decides to stir the pot. She thrives in chaos and she wants Kenny weak. He is on slop this week and hates it. He can only eat with tons of condiments and sugar. So Neda throws it all away so that Kenny eats less. Jon walks in on it and thinks its hilarious, but runs away because he doesn’t want to get caught!

eff it i'm gay.The biggest event of the week besides tonight’s crazy double eviction had to be Kenny’s coming out to  the house. I’d say it was more of a busting out of the closet, since it was so quick and so unexpected. We finally have gotten some amazing weather here in Toronto and the house guests, who need some serious Vitamin D, are all by the hot tub soaking up some sun. They are talking openly and honestly about all the alliances in the house and how it’s great there are no more secrets. Kenny and Sarah smile coyly at each other at the mention of secrets. Finally it all gets too much for Kenny and he just blurts out “Fuck it, I’m gay.” The house explodes! Everyone is in total shock but amazingly supportive. The guys are sabdumb.jpggobsmacked and the girls squeal with delight. Finally a guy they can cuddle with and their boyfriends at home won’t be mad! Then Sabrina says one of the most bonehead things I’ve ever heard someone say. She screams “You’re gay! That is why you do hot yoga!” WTF Sabrina. I was so happy Kenny called her on it being a stupid thing to say. Everyone does hot yoga Sabrina, stop making generalizations, it makes you sound ignorant. I’m glad he finally let it out. You can see it’s been eating him for a while to not fully be who he is. He can finally let his guard down and just be Kenny now, instead of Kenny with a massive secret.

Sarah decides she isn’t going down without a fight and chooses Neda to be the one to campaign to, knowing that she has pull with both Jon and the girls. She swore on her kids lives that if she kept her safe this week that she wouldn’t go after Jon or her. Neda tells her she’ll think about it, and meant it honestly. We need to watch Neda. She isn’t making any overt moves, but she is quiet and observant and that combination can be quite deadly in this game.

sarah (2)Now it the show moves at break neck speed. It’s the first eviction. By a vote of 3-4 Mumsie has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. She walks out the door to a chorus of “We love you Mumsie with the Bumsie”  She is quickly ushered to Arisa and off stage.  We move right into the new HOH competition called We’re Counting on  This. It’s a less/more quiz.  The questions are about how many items are in the house. Like are there less or more than 18 birch trees by the HOH room. The house guests play in pairs, the winner deciding the next duo. If you answer wrong you are out and the remaining person picks the next duo. Rachelle and Sabrina were randomly picked to go first and Sabrina is out. Rachelle pits Jon and Neda against each other and Jon loses the battle. Neda chooses Rachelle and Kenny to go up next and Kenny slays Rachelle. Kenny puts up Arlie and Adel. Adel gets the question wrong and Arlie chooses Kenny and Neda, and Kenny is sent packing to a chorus of cheers.   Arlie and Allison face off and Allison is sent to the bench. The final duo is Neda and Arlie. I found this hilarious since these are the two that throw every single challenge. It’s clear neither of them want it. Arlie buzzes in first and gets the question wrong. Neda is our new HOH.  She arliewins.jpghas to quickly decide who her nominations are and she chooses  Rachelle and Sabrina.  She really doesn’t want Kenny to be playing in the veto. Luckily for her Kenny is not picked.  The Veto is called Dumpster Diving for Day Old Donuts. They have to race their dumpster and find 5 donuts with the first 5 evicted house guests name on it. Bring them back one a time and arrange them from first to last person evicted. Arlie wins the veto. How bizarre is it that the two challenge throwers of this season have now won HOH and a Veto all within minutes of each other? Arlie has only minutes to discuss what to do and he kennyquickly decides to take down Rachelle and put up Kenny.  Kenny was  fully prepared for what, in the few minutes they did have, Kenny changed his clothes so he left the house looking stylish! In a vote of 5-1 Kenny was the second evicted of the night. I had memories of Season 1 where the no-mance showmance was split up in a double eviction. The most shocking part of this was Rachelle voting to evict Sabrina. I can’t wait to see the fall out of that this week. Has Sachelle come to an end?  Sabrina must have lost all her luster as she isn’t blinding anyone now!

jon trying.Now for our second HoH competition of the night we have one called How We Roll.  Each house guest has a  layout of the house in front of them there are holes in each room and larger holes around the edge. They need to roll a ball and set it in the smaller hole of each room. All balls must be in place at the same time to win this challenge. the platform they have can be moved up and down on all sides. It’s a challenge of patience and skill.  I have neither, I’d suck at this challenge! When the show ended Jon had place two balls into holes and was in the lead. I am totally keeping my eye on Allison this week. The Sideshow showed some footage between Sarah’s eviction and the HoH competition where Allison was warning Kenny and saying she had his back. What is this girl up to?

Who will win HOH?  I know but I won’t spoil! You will have to tune into the live feeds to find out! Did the right people leave the house?  I like both Kenny and Sarah so I’m pretty torn. I wish they had been in a different alliance! Comment below and let me know what you thought of the double eviction madness. 




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  1. You come off as bad as Sabrina with your total dislike for her. I do understand this is your blog, and you have the right to say what you will, and to not like whomever (I don’t care for her much either), but it’s rather unbecoming in your write-ups. I have been reading since the beginning and just finally had to say something, especially over your bash of the hot yoga comment. There were many comments made around the jacuzzi that were politcally incorrect and no harm was meant and you didn’t mention any of them, just Sabrina’s. It’s just rather unbecoming.

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