Big Brother Canada Season 2: Episode 15


RachelleWe last left off on Thursday with Jon eliminating Allison from the HOH competition. The First 5 are losing the confidence they went into this competition with. Jon then buzzes in first for the next question and picks off Rachelle. He is greeted withe sportsman like F-You Jon from Rachelle as she joins her alliance on the bench. From the First 5 it is just Sarah and Arlie left up there, and we know  that Arlie has defected but they don’t. Jon gets the next question and it’s bye-bye Sarah. Arlie buzzes in on the next question and answers it wrong on purpose. There is no way that he is going to put himself in the position of exposing where his allegiance lies. Sarah, from the bench, realizes he has thrown this competition.  Heather buzzes in for the next question and she has to eliminate someone from her own alliance.  She has to choose between Neda and Jon. With an I’m sorry I love you, she eliminates Jon.  Neda and Heather are left to battle it out. Neda is playing the Peter Brown way of throw every competition you don’t need to win. She knows she is safe if Heather is victorious so  she allows her to have it. That is right people! HEATHER is our new HOH. I am so happy for her.  She is not as dumb as the house thinks she is and I think she’ll do big things this week. This competition has definitely drawn the lines in the sand. The house was left shaken after Canada was HOH and new alliances have formed while those in old alliances are still trying to  pretend  everything is status quo. As they stand we have new alliance mapArlie’s Plan B Alliance of Adel, Arlie, Jon, Heather and Neda and the extremely shaky First 5 which is Kenny, Arlie, Sarah and Sabrina. Arlie is floating in the middle of these two and he really needs to watch his step. We off shoot with Sachelle which unless one of those two win a competition is really no threat. We have our Jeda alliance and they have a final two deal, and the Canadian Goof Troop of Arlie and Jon with a final two. The surprising one is the unseen Heather/Jon Bond that has formed. Allison is sort of being tugged between the Plan B and First 5. She is a superfan and I believe she’ll go to whatever side has the numbers and will help her farther down the road. BUT something happened on the feeds last night that I won’t spoil but I think Allison will be holding some power in her hands sooner than later.

Heather HOHThe competition is over and the First 5 are freaking out. They realize they have totally shunned this girl for two weeks  and the need to do damage control if they want to survive. Plan B is happy and loving life. Heather gets her room and everyone runs up to see. First 5 don’t want to be there and put on their “happy” faces but Heather’s not stupid. She sees the eye rolls in the mirror. She gets her letter from Will, stuffed animal and makeup and she is happy, happy, happy. Heather is told she has to choose 3 have-nots for the weeks. Right off the bat she chooses Rachelle. Rachelle did it to her, karma is a bitch ain’t it Rachelle?  Kenny has been the only one in the house not on slop, well not anymore. Good luck  house guests, Cranky Kenny is not one I want to see. Kenny says he gets why he was chosen but still wants to push her down the stairs. Nice Kenny, hopefully you try to and you get expelled from the game. She is stuck on the third choice. Sarah volunteers partly because she has a slop pass and partly because she thinks Heather will pick Sabrina. Sarah does not want to deal with the emotional Tsunami that is Sabrina when Sabrina is on slop. Regular emotional Sabrina is difficult enough. I don’t blame her, do you?

arlie as a puppetThe next day everyone is minding their own business and they are told they have 15 minutes to pack their bags. Everyone freaks out, screaming about instant eviction. Now, if anyone has ever seen an instant eviction, they don’t pack, ask poor AJ who left with only the purple sleeveless hoodie  on his back. While in the mad scramble people are whispering about who they would evict and Rachelle overhears Sabrina say that if it came down to Rachelle and Kenny she would evict Rachelle. It’s not an instant eviction its arts and crafts time. The house guests are split into pairs Adel/Allison, Rachelle/Heather, Sarah/Sabrina, Kenny/Arlie and Jon/Neda. They have to make a puppet of their partner and talk in character with their puppet all day. Big Brother is watching you.  They are loving this because it gives them the opportunity to make fun of each other right their faces, and true to form these guys get pretty funny with it. The novelty does wear off on their puppets though. Rachelle is upset with Sabrina and not Sabrina has to do major damage control to get Rachelle back on board. That girl can talk herself out of any situation because she does get Rachelle back in the fold. I just hope Rachelle keeps this in the back of her mind. The challenge is over and they go to the backyard. They are told that for every time they broke character one item will be removed from their bags. Sabrina, no shock there, was the biggest loser with 21 infractions. Sarah took away her make up. Sabrina is not happy. Jon took away Neda’s underwear so all you boys our there we will be seeing a commando Neda, keep your eyes peeled to the screen. Eric and Jon, avert your eyes!

BUSTEDKenny decides he needs to speak with Heather. He wants him to target Jon and he thinks she is listening. That is the beauty of Heather I think. They think she is dumb as rocks and she really does have a great poker face so they think she sway her. Then Kenny leaves the room and she just shakes her head.  Kenny believes that Jon controls Heather so he does back up work and talks to Jon. Jon is absolutely not interested in anything Kenny has to say. Weeks ago Jon  approached Kenny about working together and got shot down, so he listens but really hears nothing.  Everyone goes to eat and the storage room is locked, there is no food in the fridge and then he house guests are all called into the living room. They are reminded about how serious the have-not rules are and that a have-not was caught breaking the rules. Rachelle immediately starts freaking out. Big Brother plays us video of Rachelle eating candy in Heather’s room. Rachelle is crying and apologizing to everyone. They are all on slop and cold water for 48 hours.  Jon is furious, he just came off  of slop but Kenny is happy because he thinks it will put a target on Rachelle’s back.  Heather thinks, and I tend to agree, Rachelle did it on purpose. She keeps saying it was an accident but I don’t buy it. Even if you did forget once it’s in your mouth you would have that Oh Shit moment and spit it out. Just as Evel Dick he will tell you. Allison is struggling with out Andrew. Sabrina finds he crying in bed and convinces her to get outside in the fresh air and talk.  Heather meanwhile is making her own little devious plan.  Plan B’s  nomination plan is Allison and Kenny, but Heather is  telling Rachelle that she is thinking about nominating her. Not because she is, just to mess with her. So both Allison and Rachelle think they are going on the block. Arlie is loving Heather’s little plan and Adel is just prepared to sit back and watch  the girls cat fight it out, all with a huge smile on his face.

kennyHeather goes into nomination deliberations. She is going between Kenny because he is just a strong player and she knows he has a lot of control, Rachelle because they don’t get along and haven’t since the beginning and because she ruined her HOH by breaking the have-not rules and Allison who she sees a friend, but Allisonis also a strong player and major threat to her.  She starts the nomination ceremony and lets Rachelle off the hook pretty early but getting her key pulled second. True to her word she put up Kenny and Allison. She wanted to give Kenny the chance to fight, which in my opinion if you want him out is a HUGE mistake but we will see how it turns out for her, and Allison who she declares is just a pawn. Hopefully this pawn doesn’t go home. I am not ready to see Allison leave yet.

Now that numbers are dwindling in the house and alliances are changing quickly make sure you check out the live feeds. Don’t have time or just can’t get them because you are in the states, follow Brian Lynch on twitter, he has one of the most informative BBCAN feed play by plays. He is definitely my life saver. Did you hear Jon Richardson and I interviewed Kyle Shore  last week?  Check it out here. I think Jon has a bit of a crush. It was such a blast and he is so smart and so funny. Don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of  our amazing interviews and recaps. We are also live streaming the Reality Rally this weekend so grab all the details for that as well. You don’t want to miss out on any of the amazing exclusive interviews that Eric and Jeffrey Marx will be getting on race day plus Jon Richardson is going to be racing. You don’t want to miss that!

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