Big Brother Canada Season 2: Episode 13


scared1st5.jpgWe found out on Sunday that Canada has the guts to do what the Big Brother house guests can’t. We put up 2 of the powerful First 5 Alliance and they are scrambling.  Andrew has gone into a depression and Sabrina is fighting mad. Have we gone into Bizarro Big Brother. Andrew has been a hot head all season and Sabrina has been an emotion mess. Andrew is really wrestling with the fact that he is being perceived badly by an entire country. I do feel bad that he is upset. It is hard mentally being nominated by  people you are living with but to be told a country isn’t feeling you is a big mental blow. New alliances are forming and growing stronger. Arlie is deciding now is the newalliance.jpgtime to jump off the First 5 ship, and Allison realized she will be alone without Andrew.  Sarah and Kenny realize that we as a country hate their alliance. For their alliance’s sake the NEED to win the Veto, but don’t want to make the decision of WHO comes down. No one really WANTS the Veto. Sarah pretends to be devastated at the news. The First 5 is fracturing into pieces. Arlie going off solo, Kenny and Sarah sticking together, and whoever stays will have to find a place, yet they all pretend with each other all is OK. Arlie is pumping up Andrew but at the same time building trusts and bonds on the other side of the house. It is ALWAYS good to have a plan B alliance. You never know when one is going to crumble.

Manners PoliceBig Brother Canada never fails to disappoint when it comes to humor and fun in this game. Tonight was no exception. Sarah comes out of the DR dressed as a cop and holding tickets. Is she the fashion police? Yes that is needed at times but No! She is the manners police, instructed to give out tickets at any sign of burping, farting, nose picking, junk tugging, or swearing. Sarah happily obliges the BB Gods and finds many infractions. Might I add she looked smoking hot while doing it!  Arlie ran around naked – ticket. Andrew picks his nose yet again – ticket. Sabrina swears – ticket. Jon tugging at his junk for the 1 millionth time – ticket. Big Brother decided who was the winners of most rude house guests with a perfect video montage and wonderful punishment.  Arlie won the “I expose myself inappropriately” T-shirt. Andrew won the “I pick my nose” T-shirt and Jon won the “I touch myself in my bathing suit area”  T-shirt. Each winner got a nice little video of all their nasty moments and they have to wear that shirt and go up to Canada’s HOH room and apologize to all of us for having to watch them be so nasty! You couldn’t have picked a better three guys to win this. They are hilarious and their apologies do not disappoint. It is so great to see them come out of the game and just have a ton of fun. BUT we all know that never lasts.

All week the house guests have been looking forward to the Power of Veto. It’s really the only things besides the vote they have control of this week. Players are picked. Jon is picked to represent Canada as HOH and control the veto pick. Sabrina goes first and picks Jon. Andrew picks Heather. Andrew's MadJon then gets to pick and he picked Neda. Heather drew house guest choice out of the bag. Andrew is beside her begging her to pick Kenny. Thankfully Heather found  the innner strength to use her own mind and she picks Adel. The First 5 are freaking out because there is nobody up there playing to save Andrew and Sabrina, except Andrew and Sabrina. This veto pick could not have gone any better! Andrew then decided to  go off on Heather. He called her a dumb bitch and yelled at her about not choosing Kenny. He wouldn’t let her defend herself and she played it cool as a cucumber. I was so  proud of her! Why would she help him out. His alliance spent the last two weeks being totally horrible to her and trying to get her out of the house. Get a grip Andrew. You showed us why you are on the block this week, and all my sympathy for you went out the window the minute you decided it was OK to call a woman a bitch for not doing what you wanted her to do.

It’s time for the veto challenge called BB Airlines.  The backyard is set up like an airpline and in 3 chairs are hidden three lost items. Using the riddle clues that Big Brother has provided them they need to figure out which seat the items are hidden in. Wrong seats have an X card in them. You get three Jon's VetoX’s and you are out of the competition. Jon is up first, and he completes the challenge in 9:03 minutes. That is the time to beat! Adel goes next, and totally throws it but picking three wrong cards in a row.  Heather was out the first clue. Neda after some show for the other house guests finally throws it as well. Sabrina got 3X’s on the last clue as well as Andrew. JON WON THE POWER OF VETO!  Sabrina and Andrew know their goose is cooked.  Jon as said he won’t use the veto. There is no guarantee that one of his alliance won’t go up as a replacement and Canada wanted these nominations, so he is going to give Canada what they want. Thank you Jon, Canada loves you junk tugging and all. During the veto ceremony Jon stays true to his word to Canada and doesn’t use the power of veto! One of the First 5  will go home tonight Canada.

I love watching the First 5 squirm this week. I think Arlie is in one of the best positions in this game right now.  What do you think of the defection of Arlie to the other side of the house.  Comment below and let me know what you think.


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