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Sabrina is once again running the HOH even if it is from the Have Not room. Rachelle put up Heather and Allison and she thinks that those are her nominations but we know better. Ika is claiming it’s a weak move, but really after last week who is she to talk? Sarah is happy, because she feels Allison is a threat to the First 5 Alliance. Really she is just glad Rachelle isn’t still angry at her. Heather realizes she has work to do to secure herself some safety so she heads to the one person she knows holds all the cards – Sabrina! Sabrina tells her that she had absolutely nothing to do with her nominations. That is a girl who can lie to someones face without batting an eyelash. Heather knows it’s a bunch of bull. I must say that I am loving feisty Heather. She comes out mostly in the Diary Room but every now and then feisty Heather  Allison/Andrewappears in the house and I wish she’d stay longer. Allison seeks comfort in Andrew in the bedroom. He tells her that if he wins Veto that he would use it on her, then tells the DR that if she gets in the way of the First 5 he’d cut her in a heartbeat. During is conversation with her Andrew flashes the First 5 gang sign to the camera behind Allison’s back.  I know we are all hoping for a Jemmit 2.0 but these two are using each other in exactly the same way,and buzz from the feeds is that she may have a boyfriend at home!  Do you think it’s a smart game mover or no? I am on the fence at the moment. My little buddy Adel, the Phoenix rising from the ashes is advising Ika. Ika knows something isn’t right and Adel gives her some very sound advice. Stick with the girls, cement that alliance again, it’s their only chance to stick around in this game. Meanwhile, Sabrina is in Rachelle’s head, hijacking her brain again.  She is telling her to back door Ika because she is a competition threat and she’ll go after their meat shields. Rachelle, of course, agrees with her.

Players for the Veto are picked and we got Rachelle, Kenny, Allison Sarah, Heather and Jon all playing with Sabrina as a host. Before the competition Ika gives it one last-ditch effort and calls a girls meeting. She is trying to make them see  they will be expendable to the boys and they need to stick together.  Sabrina’s mind is set, Ika will be the next to go, and Rachelle will wake up Thursday nite after the HOH competition and realize she wasted veto compher HOH just like Ika did. Our Veto comp starts and its called “Lacrosse Fire”  It’s our standard prize swap challenge. Each person gets a change to shoot a ball at blocks with a point value, lowest score is out and picks a bag. The next one out does the same but can swap with anyone prize, the one holding the veto at the end wins.  Jon is the first out, his bag holds the veto. Rachelle  is out and gets a lap around the pool every time an airhorn goes off punishment for 24 hours. She takes the veto from Jon. Allison is next out. She wins an undisclosed amount of cash, she steals the veto. Heather is next. Heather honey I love you but WTF! She wins a hot dog costume. Does she give to Allison and take the veto for herself. NOPE! Shocked SabrinaShe gives her hot dog costume to Rachelle. Even Sabrina is stunned maybe even more than Allison. Kenny is out and he wins a slop pass. He gives it to Heather and takes Allison winsher money. Sarah is the last to pick and she gets the punishment of wearing a 80’s style work out outfit and has to walk 10000 steps a day until eviction night. Without a thought she gives that to Heather and takes the slop pass.  A stunned Allison has won the veto. Of course she doesn’t realize that there is a back door Ika plan in place, and Sarah and Kenny didn’t want to get involved in it.

So now we have Rachelle walking around in a hot dog outfit, Heather looking like something out of the 20 minute workout circa 1981 and Jon, poor Jon, jumping in the pool whenever Big Brother wants to or if Arlie asks Big Brother to make him do it.  The poor guy is even dreaming about the air horn, so in order to not get punished further just jumps in the pool when ever he thinks he might have heard the air horn. The best thing to come out of Big Brother Canada is back. Marsha the Moose has returned to the Diary Room Hallway, and we couldn’t be happier. She has set her sights on Arlie.  Her first task for Arlie.  Fix your head. He has to shave his head so he looks like a Marshanormal human being again. THANK YOU MARSHA THE MOOSE!  His next task is even better. He has to take each houseguest aside and tell them one harsh truth about themself. Brilliant. I wish Peter had this task, but Arlie was amazing. He sees Allison alone and tells her she has packed on some pounds since being of slop. He asks if she has been crushing  the food since being off slop. Loved it, Allison not so much!  He totally makes Andrew feel like crap by telling him that  he feels Andrew treats him like crap.  He tells Rachelle that  he really likes her but feels she is a bitch to him all the time! Arlie finds Adel in the bedroom and tells him that he is so annoying when he’s trying to go to bed. Sitting beside Jon he just tells him that he flat-out stinks and he can’t sit next to him anymore.  Arlie got Sarah so insecure by telling her that her breath stank that she ran immediately to bush her teeth. Poor Heather gets told her voice really grinds his gears and she is stunned. He tells Neda she is sick and twisted but she just laughed it off. News flash Sabrina is extremely emotional. That is not harsh fact, that is just fact. Cue crying Sabrina montage. He made poor Kenny cry by telling him that he feels that Kenny thinks he is better than him. It was sad and funny to see Kenny react like that, but they hugged it out in the end.  Lastly he finds Ika and tells her Tallathat when she looks at him he feels that the devil is inside of her looking at him, but she has a great booty. How he did  this without cracking up I don’t know, but he deserves an Oscar for that  performance.  He is telling everybody that he had a mission and that he was successful. The doorbell rings. Who is it you ask?  TALLA! The tiniest Tasmanian devil runs in the house carrying Chinese food for Take Out With Talla! Fun Fact, she was wearing the same shoes she entered the Big Brother house in last year and walked down the stairs backwards like she did last year. They all get to have dinner and Adel gets her to sign his Canadian flag and as fast as she was in, she was out. Bye Talla!

Before the veto ceremony Ika tries one last time to save herself. She of course goes to Sabrina. She wants to hear that she is going on the block. Sabrina is stalling because she doesn’t want to be the one to tell her. Rachelle busts in on the conversation and ends up telling Ika that yes, she is going on the block. Ika knows its over, and starts to cry. She goes to Adel for comfort. He promises her his vote, and knowing Adel he will keep his word. He has never voted with the pack against a friend yet and I don’t see that changing ikanow.  Allison has to deliberate what she is going to do with her veto. Gee I wonder. You never know maybe she’ll take Heather off the block. Stranger things have happened. Allison veto’s herself of course, and Ika is named the replacement nominee.  Rachelle’s reason is because she is a strong player and she needs to do what is best for her game. We all know it’s because Sabrina said so, lets not play games here. Can Ika and Adel tag team and save her? We will find out tomorrow!

New alliance are forming by the minute! Can’t keep up?  Follow Brian Lynch on twitter, he always has the up to date goings on in the house. Comment below and let me know what you think of all the drama, lying and scheming.


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