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What an insane week we’ve had. Besties Loveita and Sharry were left on the block thanks to Christine. Big Brother Canada, BBCAN4, Neither want to campaign against each other and seem to have given up. Tim takes some time to get to know the two girls. In the Have Not room he tells them it’s not over til your name is called. This guy for all the shit he can create is actually one of the smartest BB players we’ve seen. He gives the girls a pep talk. Talk up your strengths. Let us know what you can bring to the game. Get out there and fight for what you want. Loveita who was deflated is now recharged and ready to fight. Maddy confirming yes there are people who want you to stay motivates her even more. Can Sharry muster the same strength?

Big Brother Canada, BBCAN4, Kelsey Faith, Phil PaqetteWhile the girls are trying to stay in the game Kelsey is trying to juggle multiple showmances. The struggle is real y’all. The struggle is real. Kelsey, who hates being tied down, well I’m sure she likes being tied down but I digress is stuck between Jared and Phil. Cassandra is the lucky girl who gets to listen to her strife and pretty much as the best advice. If your making out you might as well stick it in! Is she right girls or is she right? The crazy thing is she goes right from Phil to Jared. Now Phil is a player who can handle it, but Jared, sweet Jared is ready to Big Brother Canada, BBCAN4, Nick Paqiette. Maddy Favlemake it official already is getting his heart-broken by the man-eater. We haven’t seen this kind of man juggling since Liza in season 1! On a sweeter note a relationship is blossoming between Maddy and Nick that doesnt want to make me vomit. Phil on the other hand is not happy. Maddy is not in with the Kelsey, Jared, Raul side of the house that Phil wants to align with. He makes his displeasure known to both of them but tells Nick alone that being seen with Maddy is a bad idea. Wrong Phil it’s great. It keeps you safe when either side of the house is in power. You won’t be the target your girls will be as they fight to keep them safe.

Big Brother Canada, BBCAN4, Joel LeFevre, Cassanda ShahinfarBig Brother assigns his first task this week! These house guest are so bad for leaving their laundry around the bedrooms so BB makes them gather up all their clothes and bring them to the living room. Joel and Cassandra are tasked to do EVERYONE’S laundry. Funny enough in itself as Joel meanders his way thru baskets of bras and thongs but BB isn’t done yet. They are told to take 2 pieces of clothing from everyone’s laundry to donate to charity. Being the good eggs they are they think cool it’s charity no one will care right? Wrong. BB is an evil guy this year tasking the rest of the house to be so angry about this they make the two of them give up all their clothes to get everyone’s 2 items back. They all deserve OSCARS for their performances. Dallas even tells them he’s going to put them on the block because of it. The two chamber maids retire to the have not room to discuss the what to do. Joel so upset that everyone is mad at him is ready to go naked for the rest of the season, Cassandra on the other hand thinks these guys are jerks. Really you can’t give 2 things up! Joel is so distraught though Cassandra gives in. They tell the everyone they will do it and Big Brother lets them off the hook. They all can keep their clothes (we could do without Dallas’ wife beater though) and in turn $5000 will be given to the charity Dress for Success. The also won the house a POOL PARTY! Joel is relieved and then he tells them and us all that he has Turrettes Syndrome. Feeling secure enough with his new-found friends he felt he could finally reveal this important part of his personality. So now the reasons behind everything that makes us love Joel become clear. Good on BBCAN for taking a chance on Joel and massive props to the house guests for their love and understanding of him.

Everyone is excited for the pool party and the booze. A night off for the Have Nots everyone indulges in Big Brother Canada, BBCAN4, Nikki Grahamefood and booze and that flips the crazy switch on Nikki. All the vodka is gone! She’s made at Raul or Rail as we al know him now and Kelsey for taking her vodka. She can’t drink wine, she has an ulcer and you guys drank all the vodka! She tantrums in the pool area forever, Kelsey even offers her vodka and she won’t take it. She runs upstairs and Tim (the Nikki whisperer) follows. He tries to talk her down but she runs into the DR to give us up epic TV. The crying and screaming and carrying on from that girl is off the chain. She wants to go home, she hates everyone. Thank you Big Brother Gods for Nikki! Watching his play out on the feeds was AMAZING! Fun time is over and Raul and Ramsey share a sweet moment when Raul asks Ramsey to lead him in his prayer. A request Ramsey is more than happy to oblige. Memories of Season 2 come flooding back as Adel and Kyle bond over prayer.

Big Brother Canada, BBCAN4, Loveita Adams. Sharry AshSharry and Loveita are still fighting for their lives. Loveita has taken Tim’s advice to heart and has started focusing on her strengths and assets. Focusing on Maddy first she tells her that she will always be the target. Sharry is friendly with the other side of the house. She didn’t say anything untrue or mean but Maddy ran with it and spun it in her favor. These girls, I don’t know what to do with them. Now Sharry is on the offensive but still want to play a clean game. The awkwardness between the two girls is noticeable. The house on the other hand is flip-flopping by the hour.

Big Brother Canada, BBCAN4, Sharry AshBefore we get to the live vote Arisa has one more surprise. What is a hotel without a complaint box right? There have been so many complaints that BB has installed the complaint cupboard where the HG’s can go and voice their displeasure. Located in the pantry I’m sure it will get tons of use! Time for the live vote. I’m so torn. I like both girls but Loveita is in my draft. I can’t lose to Eric I just can’t! But it’s like watching Brittnee and Sarah on the block. Vote after vote is for Sharry until Nikki. She apparently didn’t get the memo. With a vote of 10-1 Sharry is the second evicted from the Big Brother House.

Big Brother Canada, BBCAN4, Loveita AdamsWith no time to waste it’s time to crown a new HOH. The competition called Big Brother Breakaway and it’s a crap shoot. Roll a ball down a course with hockey players (because we’re Canadian) into nets wiht point values. The one with the highest points wins. Cassandra is up first so she leads until Tim beats here. OMG could we get a Tim HOH please Jesus. Nope.Joel knocks him out a few shots later. Joel could be good too! Nick playing for the brothers this week knocks Joel down. It comes down to Loveita with the last shot. Needing to beat 16 Loveita manages to score 18 points! LOVEITA IS THE NEW HOH!

I am excited and scared at this amazing power flip. Will she make the same mistakes she made last time. She needs to not be so power-hungry. Mingle with the house guests and don’t make any rash decisions out of revenge or she’ll land herself back on the block and out the door. This needs to be a HOH of redemption not revenge. Do you think she can do it. Comment below and let me know!

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