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We are nearing the end of Ika’s HoH, and so far she hasn’t lived up to the expectations I had. She came into this HoH wanting to make big moves, and she has ended up making the safest decisions she possible could. She will look back at this and realize that she allowed the First Five to run her HoH.  When we left on Sunday Ika had nominated Heather and Paul, stating that Heather was just a pawn and Paul was the real target.  We learn that Ika is actually targeting Heather this week, but she doesn’t want Heather to know this.  Sabrina has done some major work in portraying Heather as a lying rat, and has turned the girls against her.   This week the house has turned into what Heather and Ika seems to be a mixture of  Mean Girls and  sixth grade  dance. Boys on one side and  girls on the other. Those girls  being catty and ruthless.  Heather is naturally nervous  being on the block. She may  come off ditzy but she is  smart enough to realize that  pawns do go home.  Ika reassured her (all lies of course) that she is safe and has Heather feeling pretty secure.  The girls have a conference in the bedroom and before Ika can even reveal to them her plan to evict Heather, they bring it up to Ika.  Ika is happy because now when it goes down she can say it wasn’t her idea! Ika decided to test Paul, hinting at him that Heather will be the target without coming right out and saying it. Paul promises his 100% loyalty.

Adel is in the have not room having a little brother/big brother tough love chat with Paul.  He is telling him no one trusts him and people would rather spit in his food then give him any.  It’s harsh but Adel is really trying to hammer home to Paul he needs to lay low and not ruffle feathers.  Adel has been working to build a bond with Ika, and knows that if Paul can just cool his jets and not make people mad that he can be safe this week.  Paul swears on his marriage that he will not reveal the Ika/Adel alliance to anyone. Meanwhile Allison is trying to find where she belongs. The girls are being catty bitches and Andrew reaches out to her, so she grabs on tight.  She needs to have someone until she can break into the Mean Girls Club.  Allison is taking every opportunity she can to be alone with Andrew and develop  a connection.  A connection does develop, a love connection that is.  They share their first kiss in the bedroom.  They are Andrew And Allisonboth smart enough to realize that an open showmance would not be beneficial for their games. Allison more so then Andrew, she is still trying to prove herself with the girls so picking off one of their men in a week will not endear her to them. Andrew suggests that during the day she make nice with the girls and make connections. At night they can meet up and have their time.   Allison agrees, and pre-bedtime make out session have no become the norm for them.  We also learn that Sarah has taken on the mole role of the group. She is the go between the girls and boys of the First Five alliance.  This is the week were I have started to see the cracks in what was a strong alliance.  Allison has driven a wedge between Sabrina and Andrew. The boys want Paul gone and the girls want Heather gone. Sarah is the vote that will expose the alliance to the house.

PowerPossePlayers for the Veto are chosen and we have Paul, Ika, Heather, Neda, Arlie and Andrew playing for Veto.  Allison was chosen to host our “Nuts to That” Veto challenge.  Our six come out of the house dressed as squirrels and Allison is a park ranger. Their challenge is to race along a picket fence, grab and acorn, run back and smash it. In the acorns are either blank papers, letters or  a time out card. They need to collect the letters to make the phrase “Crack Open The Veto.”  Once they get their phrase they then go to the golden acorn pile and crack them open looking for the veto symbol.  Paul is whining all he is getting blanks, irritating everyone in the process.  He even irritated Heather who is pretty hard to annoy. Neda and Arlie reveal they want no part of winning this veto competition, so they are trying to throw it without it being obvious. It’s all Heatherhurt.jpggoing fine then Heather slips off her fence.  You can see immediately she is hurt bad. The game is stopped and Adel and Jon come to see if she is OK. She is not, and they call for the medic to come out and look at her. Ika is rolling her eyes in annoyance at her.  She can’t even have compassion for a minute while this girl is in obvious pain.  Kenny and Adel human crutch her out with the medic and its game on again.  Ika and Andrew are neck and neck this whole challenge. It comes down to the last three golden acorns and Ika takes the win.  Fun fact, Ika is the first female to win a veto in Big Brother Canada  History!

This weekend we were treated to some amazing feed footage. Ika comes out of the Diary Room and announces the #Buzzworthy Challenge to the house guests. They have 12 hours to drum up buzz for themselves via twitter. They can do whatever they want and we get to tweet who we like the most using Buzzworthy Challenge#BBCAN and the name of who ever we like. Arlie was streaking like a maniac, chasing the girls around the house then decided to shave his head and wax his chest. Jon dressed in drag, not a pretty sight but I still love you Jon.  Kenny and Andrew were in their underwear, Andrew dressed as a cat, and Kenny covering himself in oil. Sabrina dressed as Kim Kardashian, and Ika turned into her alter ego ratchet girl from the hood Boomquisha.  Paul became Paulina, and Adel changed his outfit every few hours. He was a gangster, he wrapped himself in a Canadian flag, and turned himself into a vampire.  While in their costumes they did a short little Adel and Paulina show. It wasn’t the same without Kyle but still funny. Those two  make me smile together. Neda was a crazy doll and Rachelle was an emo goth chick popping out of laundry baskets and washing machines.  Sarah and Allison didn’t really do much to win this challenge. Poor Heather was on crutches from injuring herself in the PoV challenge, so she dressed herself up all cute and Adelbecame a mischief-maker.  The winner of the Buzzworthy Challenge was ADEL!  His prize was news from the outside world and a special power.  All the other house guests were brought outside so that Adel could receive his prizes.  Before anything he bows his head in prayer and then he is ready.  He gets some news clips like hockey trades and that Canada won Gold in both men’s and woman’s hockey. They were in sequester for the Olympics remember! He then gets some of the tweets from the last day supporting him. He gets a special tweet from his girlfriend and he breaks down in tears.  He pulls himself together and opens the envelope with his special power. He is now able to compete in whatever veto competition he chooses to.  Adel is smart enough to decide to keep this to himself and decides to tell them it’s something even better than it is. He really has them thinking he has the diamond power of veto! Good work Adel.

boys allianceEveryone is now on edge as to what Ika is going to do with her veto win. She is ambushed in her room by Kenny and his gang. The boys are pressuring her to make sure Paul goes home which enrages Ika. How dare they try to push their agenda on her HoH. This makes her think more about back dooring Kenny. During this meeting Andrew is in the hammock with Allison. Sabrina is sent to get Andrew to reinforce the Paul vote and Sabrina catches her first Andrew/Allison kiss.  Ika will not budge from wanting Allison out, so the boys decided that they will take this matter into their own hands and secure the votes to get Paul out.

Ika is sent outside to deliberate her veto decision. She contemplates pulling down Paul or Heather and putting up Kenny.  Heather is feeling secure, thanks to the lies that the girls have been churning out. Paul is scared if the veto isn’t used.  Both tell Ika in their speeches that  she earned the veto and that its hers to do what she wants with, and they are sure she will use it in the way that best suits her game.  Ika wisely realizes that the girls would not support her back door Kenny plan and decides to not use the power of veto.

This week has been interesting to say the least.  Adel is finally becoming the player I had expected him to be from his bio. He is playing smarter not harder (Did they show him last week’s Amazing Race episode?) making alliance and trying like hell to keep big Paul under control.  I was never a huge Heather fan, she was always just there for me, but watching these women be so hateful has got me on her side. They have done nothing but talk behind her back and isolate her from the group.  The poor girl is struggling on crutches and these crazy girls just sit back and watch her.  The boys are stepping up for me I must say. Most of them are gentlemen.  Sabrina has lost her mind and has stooped so low as to count condoms before bed and in the morning to see if any were used by Andrew and Allison. Hello!  Can we say bunny boiler!?

The vote count is changing every hour, so I am really anxious to see what happens tonight. I can’t wait to tweet with you all as we watch together. If you want to hear what Big Brother players are thinking of what is going on you can watch McCrae and Spencer from Big Brother 15 recap last week here.  Don’t have time to watch the feeds, I am right there with you! I try to watch when I can but when I can’t Brian Lynch keeps me filled in with his play by play tweets. Follow him on twitter, you won’t be disappointed.  Don’t forget to comment below and let me in on what you are thinking of all the strategy, scheming and showmancing that is happening in the Big Brother House. I love to hear everything you all have to say!

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