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It’s been yet another fun-filled week of the Austwins being in power! Austin won Head of Household and nominated Steve and Johnny Mac for eviction. Vanessa won the POV and left the nominations intact, meaning that either Johnny Mac or Steve will become the fourth member of the Big Brother jury of nine. Read on to find out who gets evicted!

Vanessa, Liz and Austin talk in the hammock room #BB17Even though Johnny Mac told Vanessa about the five-person alliance, she left him on the chopping block. Despite that, John feels that his outlook may not be so bleak after all since Vanessa is a little pissed off at Steve. Of course, Steve isn’t too thrilled that Vanessa just called him out in front of the whole house at the veto meeting, but he wants to just step back and clear his head before the eviction. On the other hand, James is just happy that the veto wasn’t used and he and his ally Meg are safe from another eviction. Vanessa is pissed at Steve for “orchestrating” the plan to get her out of the house, and she is in the cabana room whining and crying to Austin and Liz about it. SteveLiz grills Johnny Mac about his intentions in the game #BB17 attempts to come into the room and she tells him to leave. However, Austin says that Johnny Mac didn’t help his chances by outing the five-person alliance to Vanessa. Liz goes out to the backyard to talk to Johnny Mac and find out why he told Vanessa about the five-person deal. Even though he was originally targeting Vanessa too, John tells her the reason he told her was because he felt that they went back on the deal when they put him and Steve on the block together.

Vanessa talks to Johnny Mac to find out his plan to secure votes for the eviction. He says that he would like to secure James and Meg’s votes by telling them he is pissed off at Vanessa and the Austwins. However, Vanessa tells us in the diary room that if he hopes to secure the needed votes to stay this week, he needs to get the twins to vote to keep him because she will not go against the twins at this point in the game. Sorry to say, but it looks like Johnny Mac is toast this week. He later goes and talks to the twins in the cabana room. Liz and Julia will be voting with Vanessa this week and want to make sure that he won’t be coming after them if he wins Head of Household next week. He says that his plan would be to get the returning juror out of the game should he be in power next week. The twins still have reservations about whether or not they can trust John and they talk to Vanessa about their vote.

James' friends discuss his gameplay on #BB17This week’s hometown segment revolves around our resident Hillbilly Asian, James! His friends back home confirm that James is not quiet and reserved like people would expect. They say that you cannot fall asleep around James or you will fall victim to one of his pranks, as we have seen time and time again on the show! We also get to see his cat Gizmo, who even goes fishing with him. Apparently, James taught Gizmo to swim by throwing his ass out in the water. His friends also say that James is a stand-up guy with a big heart. As if we had any doubt about that, right? I must say I loved seeing that his friends back home see him the same as he is portrayed on the show. What’s not to love about this guy?

Like a boss, Johnny Mac exits the #BB17 house to loud cheers.

Like a boss, Johnny Mac exits the #BB17 house to loud cheers.

It is now time for the live vote and eviction! Johnny Mac goes first with his final speech. Once again, he fails to disappoint as he says that even though he and Steve are both geeks, they are also both rockstars. He goes on to tell everyone that when they vote, remember that Steve knows a lot about Big Brother and he doesn’t. He also says that he is really good at picking up his own dishes and “gas management.” That’s right, Johnny Mac went for the fart reference in his speech! Steve is up next and he’s got a tough act to follow! He gives the standard Julie interviews John after he is evicted from #BB17 house“I love you all, this has been a great experience” speech and it’s time for the vote to begin. One by one, everyone casts their vote in the diary room. Once again, it is a unanimous vote as Johnny Mac is evicted from the house and becomes the fourth member of the jury! This is truly the saddest moment this season… at least for me anyway! John walks out of the house to the loudest screams and cheers I can remember from recent seasons! This was amazing to see the incredible support from the fans and it is well deserved! Even the houseguests still in the house notice the insane level of excitement for Johnny Mac.

Jury members Shelli, Jackie, Becky and John are about to compete to get back in the game #BB17We get to see another segment of the jury house as Shelli and Jackie have been enjoying hanging out together for the past couple of weeks. They wonder who is going to be the next to join them in the jury house. Jackie thinks it will be Becky but she doesn’t want her or any of her alliance members (James, Meg) to be out of the game. Becky walks in and tells them that Liz won Head of Household and got her out of the house that week. They notice her infected toe The jurors are hugged and greeted by the remaining #BB17 houseguestsand she explains what happened. She just had a really terrible week last week! The four jury members (Shelli, Jackie, Becky and John) join Julie on the stage and are about to re-enter the house! All of them will enter tonight, but only one will get to stay and have a second chance at the $500,000 grand prize. The doorbell rings and they rush back into the house to be greeted by the rest of the house! It was nice to see Vanessa pretty much get snubbed as everyone was laughing and smiling and hugging. Personally, if I was one of the four jury members, I wouldn’t hug a single one of them since they voted to evict me from the house!

"Dizzyland" #HOH and #BBjury comp #BB17Everyone heads to the backyard for the Head of Household/Jury competition! This week’s competition is “Dizzyland.” All of the houseguests and jurors must hang on to their rope as they spin around suspended above the ground. As they rotate around, they will be hit by a giant hand that will send them spinning in an attempt to knock them off the rope. I must say that the irony of a giant finger being the focal point of this competition is not lost on me. The last person remaining will be crowned the new Head of Household. The last remaining jury member will win re-entry into the game! It is possible for a jury member to return AND become Head of Household so it will be interesting to see how this plays out! By the time the show returns from commercial, Grandma Meg has already fallen and been eliminated! As Julie leaves the houseguests hanging on for dear life, she announces that next week will be another live double eviction! Here we go again!

What were your thoughts on this episode? Who do you want to see win HOH and who do you want to re-enter the game? Are you excited for another double eviction? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @vince1187.

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