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Nicole Franzel calls out Frankie Grande and Christine Brecht on Big Brother Episode 21Wake up America! Season 16 of Big Brother has JUST begun. The double eviction was the kick-start of this snoozefest of a season and the fall out was fabulous. Nicole was crying, she is calling out everyone and anyone she can get her hand on, starting with her BFF Christine. The million alliances that have been formed this season all came pouring out like everyone had verbal diarrhea. Frankie is denying everything and just making Nicole look like a raving lunatic while Derrick who is really the cause of all shit stirred sit and watches the show quietly. This dude has the hugest umbrella because in this shit storm of craziness not a drop of shit lands on him, he just walks up behind everyone and mops up the mess. The whole house in upheaval. Christine wastes no time on doing damage control with Nicole. Now that Hayden is out of the picture like she wanted she NEEDS to reel Nicole back in. Victoria is just confused, and the Detonators are holding on by a thread. Caleb has decided that he is going to believe Hayden and Nicole and little bit but the Detonators at this point are still “Working” together in their highly dysfunctional way. What is your dream course of action now? Who do you want in power and who should be targeted?

Nicole Franzel and Christine Brecht win HOH on Big Brother 16 Episode 21Late Thursday night they played in Hindsight is 20/20. The classic round robin game with a new twist. This year the questions were on an eye chart so they had to first figure out what the question was then hit the answer of 1 or 2. Winner moves on to the next round. First up was Cody and Nicole. Nicole knocked out Cody. Victoria squared off against Derrick and won!  WHAT! Something is wrong with the universe, but good on Victoria. Donny and Chris face off and Christine takes it easily. Zankie are pitted against each other and Zach takes it but not even reading the clue and just guessing. That is one strategy I guess.  So Nicole and Victoria are up and Nicole is the first HOH! Christine and Zach face off. Zach sticks with his just hit the button and guess and is WRONG. Christine is the second HOH.  We have our first double female HOH of the season and it’s about time. Are these the two females we wanted? Probably not, but I’m not complaining. What does this mean for nominations this week? NO ONE IS SAFE!  These girls don’t trust each other, and no one really trusts them either so nominations are going to be real interesting this week. All I am saying is I can’t deal with two full weeks of Nicole diary rooms sessions if she wins the BOTB!

The Detonators decide how to handle Frankie Grande's betrayal on Big Brother 16 episode 21Frankie is nervous after the fall out of the double eviction and goes to Christine and Nicole. He tells Nicole that Christine will flip and if the both put up Detonators then they would have the numbers off the block to flip the house upside down. Christine is pissed because Frankie is talking for her. Zach lays out everything to Nicole. All the alliance, all the plans. He has nothing to lose since his game was blown up. Nicole is so confused and tells him about Frankie’s plan. Zach goes to Caleb with Nicoles information which gets passed on to Cody and Derrick. Now Frankie is public enemy #1 and the only question is What is the best way to get him out of the house? The puppet master Derrick gets to work now. They need a pawn. Who is the perfect person to go to with a “we need someone to take one for the team” plan. CALEB!  A-He’s loyal to a fault and B-He is still heartbroken over the Amber eviction that happened on Frankie’s HOH. Caleb actually volunteers for the second time this season to go up on the block and to lose a BOTB competition. Not only will he throw it, he is just going to sit down and watch. Frankie is competing alone. This is just insane talk. Derrick tells Nicole of the plan and convinces her to put of Frankie and Caleb. At the nomination ceremony all goes according to script Christine is up first and nominates Donny and Zach. She explains that Donny intimidates her because he is so good at the game and in Zach’s case its an eye for an eye. Nicole nominates Caleb and Frankie. She tells Caleb that he nominated her once with no intentions of her going home and she is doing the same. Simply put she tells Frankie point-blank I can’t trust you. Christine is shocked at Nicole’s nominations but is happy as well. Frankie thinks its amazing that Beast Mode Cowboy is on his side. He’s definitely going to win BOTB and Zach is no longer talking to Frankie and Christine. Is this the end of Zankie for good now? They are on and off more than a light switch so who knows.  What do you think of this whole sit-in style throw the competition that Caleb is planning?  I would never throw a competition BUT if you are going to do it make it look like you have it a try don’t be so obvious!

Frankie Grande begs Caleb Reynolds to not throw the BOTB comp on Big Brother 16 episode 21This weeks Battle of The Block is a shameless CBS plug of NFL Thursday night football. Do they not realized how pissed of us fans get when we are delayed watching Big Brother for any reason, never mind football. Hell I was live tweeting golf last night waiting for the show to start. Anyways I digress.  It’s a football theme, and the teams work together to pass a ball to their receivers. The ball is on a ledge you need to raise up and down with chains and you need to follow narrow pathways, drop the ball it goes to the bottom and you start all over again. Frankie knew instantly something was up because the one thing about Caleb is he’s so loyal he can’t lie so he wasn’t looking Caleb in the face. Frankie was pleading with him not to throw the competition  but Caleb sat on the ground and at the point Despite Caleb Reynolds throwing the Battle of the Block competition Frankie Grande still wins it on Big Brother 16 episode 21Frankie knew he was alone in this challenge. Zach and Donny are off to a quick start, it takes Frankie a while to figure out how to do this alone but once he got going he was unstoppable. Cool, calm and collected.  Beginners luck wore off  Zach and Donny and they were having a hard time, well Donny was having a hard time. Zach tried to go it alone but it was even worse so Donny came back to help. They were tied 9-9 and it came down to the last ball. FRANKIE WINS THE BATTLE OF THE BLOCK! Say what you want about Frankie, yes he’s a rat, a liar, a diva and a drama queen but he won that challenge. Even Caleb is giving him respect for that. Not only are Frankie and Caleb safe but they along with Christine get to go to an NFL game this week as a reward. I know rumors are swirling that production staged all this so Caleb wouldn’t throw the challenge. It is might coincidental that the week Caleb is talking about throwing a competition the challenge is football related with an amazing reward. Was it rigged? We will never know. I do know these challenges are set up pre season, could the order have been switched up? Most definitely. What do you think about this challenge controversy?

Frankie announces that he is going to reveal that his sister is Ariana Grande to everyone and the episode ends.  Do you want to know how all that played out? You have to check out all the action on the feeds or use our spoiler section to fill you in. Check out my recap of all the events with Miss Cleo. It’s a hilarious Frankie Roast! If you don’t have the feeds yet there is still time to buy them through us and we provide you with all the Flash back times. Check out all our spoiler pages that can keep you up to date on everything going on in the house! Just click on any of  the links below and you will instantly be put in the loop.  AND REMEMBER IF YOU LOVE BIG BROTHER & HAVEN’T HEARD EVERYTHING WE ARE DOING THIS SEASON YOU MUST CLICK HERE BECAUSE YOU WONT BELIEVE IT!  YOU CAN ALSO CHECK OUT ALL OUR PRESEASON BB16 CONTENT HERE & IF YOU HAVEN’T GOTTEN YOUR LIVE FEEDS YET PURCHASING THEM THROUGH OUR WEBSITE (CLICK ANY BANNER) WE’D BE GRATEFUL!  YOU CAN ALSO SUPPORT ALL OUR CONTENT FOR VIA PAY PAL, PATREON AND EVEN FOR FREE HERE!


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