Big Brother 16: Episode 18


Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel win HOH in Episode 18 of Big Brother 16When I left you off last week everyone one in an epic quiz battle for HOH and we had a 5 way tie. It left us wondering will they continue with questions or go to a tie breaker? We found out tonight when we went right into our tie breaker question of   How long in seconds was the Giddy Up Challenge?  Everyone went over but Donny and Nicole were the closest and become out co HOH’s for the 24 hours. I was really hoping to see the end of this 2 HOH business this week so we could go back to playing regular Big Brother. This twist has screwed up the game so badly I hope they never do it again! I know they are trying to mix it up so it doesn’t become boring, but this twist has produced the most boring season we’ve had in a long time.  The good news is this is he first week that neither the Bomb Squad or The Detonators are not in power. They have little control over the nominations and that gives me a speck of hope. Jocasta who was out question two is freaking out in the fire room. She is missing her kids so bad and breaks down in Derrick’s arms. Derrick comforts her and tells her that she has nothing to worry about her best friend is HOH and now she can play next week and see her kids. Who do you think Nicole and Donny will nominate tonight?

Donny and Nicole have their first talk pretty quickly. They think they can work together nicely and nominate people who the other person couldn’t. They don’t discuss names tonight which is the smartest thing they did. Everyone is in such a hurry to start throwing out names and both Nicole and Donny the first day are very careful not to do that. Donny thinks Hayden is really Donny Thompson tells Team America he won't nominate them on Big Brother 16 Episode 18smart and wants his input on the decision and because he is closely aligned with Nicole she is on board. Zach tells Nicole that she can put him up on the block as pay back for what he did to her hoping that reverse psychology will work on her and he ends up being spared.  Although the Detonators are not in charge we still have a member of Team America in charge. After Donny’s refusal to carry out a TA mission because it would hurt his game Frankie and Derrick are weary of him. They never nominated Donny when they were HOH’s and they expect him to do the same thing.  Derrick wants Donny to stay HOH so that Team America is safe and Frankie won’t be a replacement nominee. What they don’t know is that while Donny won’t nominate Frankie he is on board with a plan to evict him. Nicole revealed her get rid of Frankie plan to Derrick who pretends to be on board but decided to keep the information to himself so he isn’t outed for betraying Nicole’s trust.  Zach feeling uncomfortable with the impact of his first Zach Attack on Nicole goes back for a second shot explaining that if she nominates two weak players she would remain HOH and can implement whatever plan she wants. I see Team America fracturing fast. I agreed with Donny’s decision to decline a mission that would blow up his game, but Derrick and Frankie don’t. How long do you think Team American can stay together if none of them are voted out this week?

 It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Will we have a shake up!? I would love for them to put up four big guns like Caleb, Derrick, Cody and Frankie to stir things up. Yes I said put Cody and Frankie up, you didn’t  read wrong. Two of my favorites in the game. I don’t want them to go home and I want them to be on the same team win BOTB and be safe! But I am tired of knowing that one person will nominate Victoria and the other will nominate Jocasta. We are told to expect the unexpected but week after week Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel reveal their nominations on Big Brother 16 Episode 18this season we are given just what we expect.  Nicole nominates JOCASTA AND ZACH. Shocker. Jocasta is up every week and she has an axe to grind with Zach. She tells Jocasta its just game and she loves her and her speech to Zach made no sense. She said she looked up villain in the dictionary and all that came up was picture of Evil Dick. I think she was trying to say he’s not the villain he thinks he is but her zing just didn’t sting. Donny nominates VICTORIA AND CALEB.Victoria isn’t a shock at all, she is the other permanent resident of the block with Jocasta but Caleb. That made me so happy. Donny tells Caleb that it was payback for Caleb nominating him week 1 and to Victoria he says that her blood has been on so many hand that it’s diluted on his.  Victoria tells Caleb they need to set aside their differences and win this challenge. She wants him to communicate with her at all times. The Beast Mode Cowboy and the Princess can take this challenge.  Jocasta is in the BeeHive room having the same conversation with Zach. She tells him they need to communicate and she doesn’t see  them having any issues winning this challenge. I want Caleb and Victoria to sit on that block and for Caleb to be sent home or to the jury house. Just as long as he’s not on my TV screen anymore!

Christine announces the Battle of the Block competition. It’s time to see what  the DOMINO EFFECT  will do to the Zach Rance and Jocasta Odom compete in the Battle of the Block competition on Big Brother 16 Episode 18house!  Each team has to line up their dominos from their starting line to their buzzer. Along the course are punishment dominos already set in place. Each team must include three of these punishments in their set up. The first team to get all their domino’s down in one go are off the block BUT must do the punishments they choose. Both the teams are working together really well. I think Victoria has either finally found a good partner or she finally got shook out of the delusional “I’m a princess” mentality she had. One of the punishment blocks was Shave Head and Zach refused so they steer clear of that opting for a manure bath.  Jocasta and Zach think they are good to go and set off their dominos but they get caught on a turn. They have to restack and start over. This gave Victoria and Caleb the time they need to win the Battle of the Block. While they are safe for the week, they are now both on slop for two weeks, Caleb has to have his head and they both are going to be dressed in fig leaf bathing suits and chained together with a vine for 48 hours. Now the major question is Can Zach win the Veto? and if not can he talk everyone into keeping him another week?

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