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Prior to the HOH comp, we learn that Andrew tried to rally votes to keep Rozina. Andrew lied to houseguests, tried strong arming the guys to vote Ali out. On feeds, it turns out that he said he had the votes to save Rozina and would include people’s names that hadn’t agreed to vote out Ali. When people cross-referenced Andrew’s info, they found out he was lying. So, he’s gotten on everyone’s bad side.

For the Right in the Kisser HOH competition, BBCAN sets up a bar with outgoing HOH Johnny as bartender. The houseguests filled out surveys about first impressions of fellow houseguests. Johnny will pour a drink that the houseguests will throw in the face of the houseguest they think was the consensus on the survey. If the player gets it right, they ‘cut off’ a houseguest, eliminating them from the competition. If they get it wrong, they are cut off. There are some tough questions that would hurt the feelings of most people, like who would only have 2 people at their birthday party, the fewest people at their funeral, dumbest, easy to manipulate, most manipulative and who didn’t deserve to be cast. On the second question, Erica gets it right and eliminates Andrew. She explains that she had to show the house that she was with them. Andrew is extremely butt-hurt by this. Maddy and Paras throw drinks over their own heads. In the end, only Will and Ryan remain. Will gets the last question wrong, and Ryan is the new HOH. He says that he needs this HOH because no one is talking game with him. After the competition, Hamza asks Ryan if he’s ready for the ass kissing coming his way.





Erica talks to Andrew about eliminating him. She apologizes and is brutally honest with him; the whole house said whoever doesn’t eliminate him is going on the block. She explains that everyone found trying to flip the house week 1 shady. He guilt-trips her about putting her in heaven last week. He doesn’t accept her apology. He follows her downstairs and stares daggers at her like a psycho. He’s trying to be intimidating and threatens not to be surprised if he’s after her. He eliminated Olivia from the HOH competition and is treating her with attitude, too. He’s being a douche. (The next morning he put on his ‘dad sweater’ and goes on an apology tour.)

Paras pretends to be sad after the competition when she is the answer for both dumbest and easiest to manipulate. Maddy comforts her in the bathroom, saying that they filled out the surveys before getting to know each other. Paras heads into the bedroom and does a happy dance because her strategy is working with the houseguests thinking she’s dumb and manipulatable. She tells the cameras that this is great for her game, and now, she’s going to act sad.

Veronica and Merron announce that Ryan must choose 4 Have Nots for the week and that they aren’t eligible to be selected. He says that Andrew kept him off slop last week, and he’s returning the favor this week. He says that people that were in Heaven last week will be the Have Nots. He selects Erica, Hamza, Jesse and Derek, and the houseguests get to see the Catacombs Have Not room. They’re creeped out by the spider webs and the large tomb with green slimy water surrounding the it.

Ryan gets to see his son’s video when his HOH room is revealed, leading to tears by many houseguests. They learn that Canada will be voting a Hasbro game into the house each week, and Big Brother chose Twister this week. Ryan also gets to go to the Wendy’s ‘drive-thru’ in the pantry with the houseguest of his choice. He chooses Erica for the meal because he made her a Have Not and he wants to pick her brain. She tells him that his breadth of BB knowledge leaves her in awe and she’d like to work with him. Words to Ryan’s ears as he is searching for people to talk game with him because he hasn’t been approached to join any alliances, although there is supposed to be a 4-week plan in place to take out Anthony, Hamza and both Gate Crashers with all the houseguests pretending they aren’t forming alliances. Ryan wants people to play the game so he’s stirring the pot with his HOH.

Derek and Kaela (Daela as the houseguests call them) are the first showmance of BBCAN6. We see them canoodling getting to know each other, They declare that they are each other’s #1. They both gush over each other in DR. Gag! It’s not The Bachelor.


Merron and Veronica realize that the houseguests don’t believe their story and think that they have some kind of special power. They discuss that the houseguests feel threatened, but it it is actually them that are threatened. Merron isn’t a big fan of Veronica, but she is with him whether he likes it or not and is the only person who understands the position that he’s in.

Ryan talks to Paras who throws Olivia, Erica and Johnny under the bus for having an alliance. She indicates that Olivia is very smart and that Erica has a long reach. She tells him that if it’s possible to vote Olivia out this week, she would. Ryan is going with what the house wants because he feels that will take him further, but he is gathering as much info as possible. Hamza approaches Ryan and says to put him on the block because he never wants to be backdoored. He wants an opportunity to play in the veto. Ryan thinks that nominating yourself in BB is nuts, but he agrees to nominate Hamza. (‘Hamz in the Cams’, that was already the plan.)

For nominations, Ryan considers nominating Hamza, Anthony, Erica and Olivia. Ultimately, he decides to go with what the house wants, and he nominates Anthony and Hamza.

Feeds updates: Ryan said he needs to separate himself from Andrew because he wasn’t part of trying to flip the vote last week. Will admitted on the feeds that he threw the HOH to Ryan because he wanted to compete in the next HOH. Everyone is supposedly on board with the 4-week plan, but alliances are forming. Right now, it seems like the red room verses the white room. There is still a house mentality, but Paras is being paranoid about Erica’s social game and tried to paint a target on Olivia. Ryan asked everyone before the nominations who they would see as a potential backdoor target, and he told certain people that their names were being tossed around by multiple people. Ryan called a house meeting to let Veronica and Merron know that everyone believes their story is bullshit. Veronica talks over Merron, saying that if they tell them the truth of their twist, something bad will happen to the house. (Perhaps Kirsten and Mikey would be unleashed??) Merron says his peace after Veronica.

After Ryan held his meetings and met with Veronica prior to nominations, she didn’t like his approach of stirring the pot by asking for people’s targets. Veronica calls a house meeting to call Ryan out, saying it was going to be her Ika Wong moment. Nope; it was her Ika Wrong moment. Everyone thought it was ridiculous because she looked at her nails the whole time and didn’t bring facts. Erica added some facts about people being told they are threats, and a few others spoke up. Ryan was able to defend himself brilliantly against Veronica. Afterwards, Veronica beat her chest on feeds like she accomplished some great feat. Nope. She is rubbing some people the wrong way, tries to stick her finger up the guys’ butts a la Jessica from BB19, needs to be the center of attention and constantly talks about sex. She’s trying to be #TeamFunFeeds, but the Veronica Show is tiresome. Maybe she’ll grow on me. Merron talked about wanting her out. He’s trying to distance himself from her. Merron, Hamza, Ryan and Will are forming a white room alliance, but Will is also loosely aligned with Derek and Jesse. They say it’s the red room verses the white room. Paras is in the white room but is part of The Real Deal alliance with 3 people in the red room. She has mentioned targeting Erica, Liv, Ali and others. Ryan told the POV players not to try to win it. Shady boots! He wants badly to save both Hamza and Andrew, who are his closest allies. On feeds, he says that he felt used by the houseguests in Veronica’s house meeting and that no one talked to him since noms, although he also said that he wanted alone time while the feeds were down for almost 2 days. Something happened during the comp that they aren’t allowed to talk about…speculation is that Ryan broke the comp and that Andrew was hurt by Ryan, requiring a hospital visit. The BBCAN Twitter verse lost its damn mind when the feeds were down.





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The Veto competition is Tomb Raider themed to promote the film with the winner getting a $5K prize and the ability to take 1 houseguest to a private off-site screening of the movie. Erica won the POV and told her fellow Have Nots to pick a number between 1 and 100. She whispered 77 to Olivia and Hamza guessed that number. They went to the movie on Tuesday. Erica did not use the POV because the house wants Andrew out. After she won the veto (after Ryan telling her not to), Ryan told her to use the POV so they could make a big move. Yet, he didn’t tell her what that big move was. She thinks he’s shady but realizes it’s smart to keep him in the house as a target in front of her. I like her a lot, but there was chatter about her being a threat because of her social game BEFORE she won POV. Now, she’s a bigger threat because she’s also good in comps. The comp was both physical and mental and includes a puzzle at the end.

Ryan tried to rally a vote flip to send Hamza out, telling people that he is a bigger threat to win comps. Veronica tried poorly to address this at her house meeting, but Ryan explained that he’s 40, Andrew is closer to his age. He’s the old guy among a bunch of 20-somethings that don’t get his references, but Andrew does. In front of Hamza, Ryan said he believes that sending Hamza home is the better option strategically. The house isn’t having it as Hamza started playing a social game and is gaining allies. Andrew is leaving on Thursday, probably by a unanimous vote.

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