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Kaitlyn won HOH as we saw on Thursday. The immediate question was who she would nominate. Tyler recognizes that he is the houseguest that she trusts the most, so he needs to make sure that she stays focused on Swaggy. He told her on Thursday prior to the live show that Swaggy told him directly that he runs their alliance and makes decisions for them. He tells her that he knows who has the power and if she votes Steve out, her game is going to suffer. He says she needs to vote for Sam to stay.

The story that is being floated is that the power was used to save Sam, perhaps by taking away a vote and someone being able to vote twice. People in Foutte aren’t trusting Kaitlyn or Tyler now, though. They can’t say anything to either of them since Kaitlyn is HOH; she claims she voted for Steve.

Kaitlyn asks Tyler what they are doing this week. He has to bring her focus back to Swaggy because she asked if she could nominate Winston and Angela. She agreed that a backdoor of Swaggy was the best move and decided that using 2 pawns in Winston and Scottie was the best move. Since she voted with the other side of the house, Kaitlyn wants answers about the power and aggressively questioned Brett. He told her that he had gone with the rumor of having the power to give her cover for voting for Sam to stay. He dodged her questions and got Tyler to diffuse the situation.

Tyler told her more about Sam’s power. Next, Sam came up to talk to her about it, and Kaitlyn claimed ownership of ‘their power.’ She expects Sam to use it on her because she is ‘literally the reason she’s still in the house.’ Sam wasn’t particularly receptive to that, but also didn’t deny she’d use it on Kaitlyn. Smart girl for someone just learning the game.

Kaitlyn told Haleigh what her plans are and explains that Swaggy says that he is running their side of the house and controls all of them. Haleigh promised not to tell anyone, but Rockstar is her closest confidant in the house, so she shared the info with her. As of this writing, neither has told Fessie, Swaggy or Bayleigh.

Tyler won the POV. Since this is his second comp win in 2 weeks, Rockstar and Haleigh are talking about targeting him. He plans to use the POV on Scottie, in hopes of bringing him onto his side. Kaitlyn will backdoor Swaggy. Expect EXPLOSIVE feeds today.

Tyler stayed with Kaitlyn last night to keep her focus on getting Swaggy out this week. Since Kaitlyn ran to Tyler when she found out Hayleigh and Fessie were messing around, she has been glued to his side. Co-dependent much? People are noticing, and it’s putting a target on their backs. Rockstar thinks they have a Final 2, but Tyler hasn’t made any promises to her. I think he’d rather have a Final 2 with Sam, JC or maybe Scottie. Kaitlyn is extremely needy and wants to be in a pair since she sees them throughout the house, with Hailey and Fessie stinging the most.

The only spoiler that came out regarding the App store was Rachel getting the Crap App. Kaitlyn fears that Swaggy or Scottie got the reward. Of course, we now know that Tyler received the reward after Sunday’s show. Whenever Rachel is getting yelled at about her game, the feeds go down. Whomp, whomp. None of the houseguests are discussing it, so I’m guessing production told them to “Shut it down.” There is some confusion on how Tyler can use his power: does he need to be in the cloud before nominations or the veto meeting or can he use the power afterwards? Also, could he get Sam to use her power to save him, keeping his power for the full 2 months? It’s an interesting reward, but he may need to be psychic to know when and if to use it.  That’s where Kaitlyn may come in handy!

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