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@CBS—please fix All Access. Everyone is having a hard time with feeds going in and out, flashbacks don’t work and neither do highlights. It’s been VERY difficult to watch the feeds or even playback the episodes. Personally, I’ve cleared my cache, reinstalled Flash, turned off any extensions that could interfere, uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, followed every troubleshooting suggestion, even upgraded my account to commercial free, thinking that might make me a VIP customer (NOPE) and contacted customer service daily. They’re aware of the problem, and IT is working on it. Better get on it before the free trials run out! Anyway, with that said, I’ve done my best to put together Live Feed Spoilers for you, thanks in large part to @BB20LiveFeeds run by our AWESOME Live Feed Updaters. You’re doing God’s work.

When the feeds went live, the house was already very divided with Rachel, Angela, Brett and Winston in what other houseguests are dubbing the 4. Swaggy has put together a team of himself, Fessie, Bailey, Hailey, Rockstar, Kaitlyn and Tyler. Except as HOH, Tyler has formed his own alliance with the 4 plus Kaycee, JC and Sam.

Hayleigh has been encouraged by Kaitlyn to showmance Tyler while he’s HOH, even though she’s attracted to Fessie. Tyler is aware of this and both are using each other as ‘cuddle buddies’ (not an actual showmance). Swaggy is suspicious that Tyler is working with the other side, and Hayleigh is a plant to get info from Tyler and vice versa. Tyler is working both sides of the house big time.

In the BB App store, Fessie got the punishment of Hamazon Deliveries, which involves him receiving copious amounts of vegan ham (vegan because he’s Muslim) delivered throughout the week because he was the least trending player. Every time he receives a delivery, he must eat all the ham, which generally consists of 12-15 cold cuts and deliveries come day and night. One day, he puked because they delivered so much.

After seeing how Swaggy tried to get Tyler to nominate Angela hardcore to no avail, he and the rest of the alliance started trying to get him to backdoor her or Winston. Tyler explained that he only had 7 houseguests to choose from and doesn’t want anymore blood on his hands, not that Swaggy and his minions listened to that. When Tyler was laying in bed in a Hayleigh and Bayleigh sandwich, they asked him who he puts up if Steve or Sam come off the block, and Tyler said that it’d have to be someone who he’s sure wouldn’t go home, so probably Bayleigh or Kaitlyn. Bayleigh had a shit fit, crying to Kaitlyn.

After the veto draw with Tyler, Steve, Sam, Fessie, Swaggy and Scottie playing, Swaggy called a meeting of everyone except Sam in the HOH room. Sam was hurt and livid that she is being shunned so hardcore. During the meeting, each person made demands. Scottie said that he’d be pulling Steve off the block even though he has the votes to stay. Swaggy and Fessie pushed backdooring Angela or Winston (who is rubbing people the wrong way), so Tyler again stated that he’d probably have to put up Bayleigh if Steve comes off the block. Swaggy and Fessie were pissed, and this furthered their suspicion that Tyler is working with the other side. He’s having to explain to numbskulls why he doesn’t want to put up 3 out of 7 people. Sam had her own meeting a little while later, with all the players except for Steve but she seems like a recruit that doesn’t yet know how to sell her value to people’s game. The guys weren’t swayed. Everyone has discounted her because they’ve spent the least time with her, so she is expendable.

Bayleigh and Swaggy are having an on the DL showmance. They could be seen on feeds kissing, and then Swaggy told her that they can’t tell anyone. They’re sharing a bed and whispering all night, so people are suspicious, and Bayleigh is all about Swaggy, crying to Kaitlyn and Fessie when Swaggy told her they need to create space between themselves, so they don’t become a target. Aww…Miss Missouri thought she was coming on The Bachelor.

The Veto competition sounds Fear Factor inspired with gross drinks that had to be matched up, a shock collar, diving in ice water to get chips and snakes. It sounds nuts! Fessie apparently blew the competition away and won the veto. He literally kept this necklace on all night, sleeping with it. Note the time stamp on the feeds; it’s 3:19 AM PST. He’s eating one of his Hamazon deliveries in this pic, too. He’s keeping nominations the same. He’s a gross eater; lots of loud chewers this season.

JC and Tyler are going to try to get 1 more vote to save Sam because Swaggy has now added Steve and Scottie to the alliance, which he is the dictator of, emphasis on dick. Rockstar and Hayleigh are already looking at other options. They don’t trust Kaitlyn, who after a 5-year relationship is laying in bed with Fessie and saying she hasn’t ever felt this way. She’s known him less than 2 weeks! Fessie confessed his interest in Hayleigh to her, and it turns out he said the exact same thing to Kaitlyn the day before. He’s just horny. These 2 ladies are looking at possible alliances with other houseguests moving forward because they don’t want to be in an alliance with 2 showmances. Good call.

Everyone has been speculating about the reward. No one came out and claimed they got it. Swaggy is convinced that Angela got it. JC is sure that Brett got it. Others think JC got it. When Sam was in her human form talking to Tyler, he told her that he was doing everything in his power to get the votes for her to stay this week since he can’t pull her off the block with the POV. She then told him that the only people he could be sure of are her and him, and she’s going to be just fine, hinting strongly that she got the power from the BB App Store. She may be crushing on him, but I’m not sure. Later, Tyler asked what the power is—Save Yourself or a Friend, and I think it can be used once in the next few weeks. Obviously, it’d be ideal to save it for as long as possible. Tyler has told no one Sam got the power, and she has up until the very moment before eviction to use her power. So, Thursday could get real interesting! I think if Tyler gets to name a replacement nominee, it’d be Bayleigh, and she would be voted out to decrease Swaggy’s numbers. And Tyler is going to act shocked when it happens.

My episode recaps are coming as soon as All Access and my computer start cooperating. Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Angela Lehrer on

    Yes, Thanks Becca for the spoiler assessment. Gee, the season is up and running with all houseguests playing! Watching live feeds when I can, got through and 25/7 feeds twitter updates through #YRR fam. So far, sooooo fun. I’m sure we’ll be equally thrilled, disgusted, disappointed but mostly entertained by BB20. And it’s only the 4th day of feeds!

    • Thanks for the positive feedback, Angela. I appreciate it so much! @RealityRecaps appreciates your dedication to using the website to get feeds, enjoying blogs, following @bb20livefeed for your updates and being an all around fabulous member of YRRFAM.

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