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Ryan believes that he is not the target this week. After the nominations, Erica talks to Ryan and tells him that Merron is her target. Ryan tells Erica that she will have to make a substantial move to keep him in the game if Merron comes off the block.

Liv and Ali think they’re the masterminds of the season by influencing the last 2 weeks, plus Olivia’s HOH win during the double eviction. They must make sure that Ryan goes home this week. They think that Merron is moldable, and they can make him a number for them, whereas Ryan is spending time with Erica, and they think that he will be a number for her. (Masterminds, my ass. These 2 ding dongs REALLY think they’re running the house. They can go. The sooner, the better.)

Merron is upset that he’s been nominated 3 times in 3 days; he says that must be a record. He is trying to psych himself up to win the veto when Paras comes in and gives him encouragement. She tells him that he owes it to his friends and family. Merron doesn’t like that Erica is deciding his fate in the game 2 weeks in a row.

The POV players are: Erica, Ryan, Merron, Maddy, Ali and Johnny. After the POV draw, Ryan is picking away at Merron’s confidence. He says things to make him nervous about the POV comp. He says that he’s a nice kid, but it’s either Merron’s game or his. Ryan is trying to be a DR star by being a villain in there, but his DRs are lame. After watching 26 seasons (as he points out continuously), you’d think he’d have come up with a personality that grabs the viewers. The way a houseguest wins BB is by winning over houseguests, producers and viewers, and right now, I don’t see him doing any of that. Do you?

For the Skip the Dishes Food Courier POV, the houseguests must deliver 10 meals from 3 restaurants to various houses and condos. Not only is the POV on the line, there is a $5K gift card for Skip the Dishes up for grabs for the winner. The houseguests compete separately with the houseguest that delivers the food the fastest winning the POV. Ali appears to complete the comp quickly. Maddy is very meticulous and goes slow; if she wasn’t throwing it, I’m surprised. Johnny says he loves Skip the Dishes and he wants the gift card. He races through the competition. Erica doesn’t want any more blood on her hands, so she also races through the comp. Merron gets completely confused during the competition, delivering the wrong dishes to the wrong addresses and not correctly following the instructions. Because Ryan used to deliver newspapers with very specific instructions (leave it on the porch, etc.), he thinks this comp is perfectly suited to him. He appears to do well. Ryan says he was nearly 300 pounds when he entered the BB house and that by doing laps around the backyard and climbing the stairs, he’s lost over 20 pounds. Way to go, Ryan. If only the amount he runs his mouth were cardio, he’d be Johnny’s size.

Paras finally gets to host a POV comp only to have it consist of simply revealing the times. Maddy was in last place with a time of over 11 minutes. Merron placed 5th, Ryan placed 4th and Johnny won the POV with a time of only 5:44. After his win of the $5K gift card, Johnny jokes that dinner is on him. (On feeds, Ryan said he was only 30 seconds behind Erica, who was in 2nd place, so Ali placed 3rd. I don’t know why they didn’t list all the times. Uh-oh. I’m having BBOTT Mirrorgate PTSD. Excuse me while I take a Valium.)

Poor Merron. After the competition, he’s completely bummed. He doesn’t want Canada to feel that they wasted their votes on him. He’s such a nice guy, but BB isn’t the game for him. He doesn’t seem to have it in him to be manipulative; his personality matched the angelic theme in his bio video. On the other hand, Veronica’s bio now seems that production forced the angelic persona onto her when she was anything but that in the house. I didn’t think Veronica would make it onto the show because now I know her bio was BS; she was feeds gold with house meetings and rogue votes. Merron…not so much by comparison, but given the choice between Merron and Mikey, Canada picked right.

After Johnny wins the POV, Liv tell him that she doesn’t understand why Erica wants Merron out before Ryan.  That’s all she said to him. He is sitting there quietly, not giving her a response. In DR, Liv says that she wants him to use the POV on Merron to make sure that Ryan goes home because she can see him plotting her eviction when he looks into her eyes. Liv says in DR that she can tell she got Johnny thinking about it. Johnny is good at giving people NOTHING from his facial expressions and noncommittal responses, i.e. this conversation. Love him!

For the Hasbro House Party, Erica, Liv, Ali and Merron play Speak Out Showdown. It’s funny to watch, but I’m seeing way more of the inside of people’s mouths than I care to see. I’m not a dentist. Any other germaphobes think the mouthpieces look like place for bacteria to grow? Sorry, Hasbro. I’m not a fan.

Will, Maddy and Ryan congratulate each other on making almost halfway through the game. Ali and Will talk about what they would do with the money. Ali would give back to her parent for all they’ve done for her, and Will would use the money for school and for his son.

Merron asks Johnny to use the veto on him. He says that he’s not coming for him. He’s more trustworthy than Ryan, and he wants to continue working with Johnny. Continue? Merron is on an island and isn’t working with anyone. Sorry to say it about such a nice person, but he doesn’t talk game with anyone, and his comp performance is benefitting no one.

Johnny wants to use the POV, but he’s not sure that he can let his evil genius out yet. He must consider who the replacement nominee will be. He talks to Liv, Ali and Will to see if they’d support getting out one of Daela. They voice support. When he speaks with Erica, she tells him that for her, Maddy would be the replacement nominee. She tells him that they need to tread lightly this week because everyone in the house trusts them right now. He pushes for one of Daela to be the replacement, but Erica is hesitant, but considers it. Johnny can’t be sure where the target will land, and if it’s Maddy, he’s not using the POV.

At the POV ceremony, he tells both nominees that he’d love to be the hero that swoops in and saves one of them, but it’s not the best move for his game. Either Ryan or Merron are headed home tomorrow.

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