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First, BBCAN gives us a look back at the drama of double eviction. With Liv winning the HOH, we see more in-depth conversations between her, Erica, Ali and finally, Johnny. I’m still not sure why Johnny fought vehemently for Maddy not to touch the block. I’m guessing there was some type of deal made while feeds were down, and it must’ve involved Johnny because he says, “not to fuck him. You lied to me. Maddy isn’t touching the block.” On the feeds, everyone was very aware that the double was happening, so they may have promised each other safety while the feeds were down before the live show on Thursday.

Erica is extremely upset when Liv tells her that she might backdoor Hamza up if Ryan or Merron win the POV. She’s pissed and walks away from Liv. Liv says that she knows that Erica and Ali will forgive her, but Johnny won’t if she backdoors Maddy. (Why was fucking over Erica and Ali by putting up Hamza okay when he wasn’t after them, but it wasn’t okay to fuck over Johnny with Maddy when she is after Ali and Liv?) Maddy is good for Johnny’s game because he says she’ll vote for him in the end and while she’s in the house, but she isn’t part of the alliance of 6. Red flag, Liv. Everyone is super depressed after Hamza’s eviction with several houseguests crying. Erica and Ryan share a very genuine hug and cry on each others shoulders.

Olivia is dismayed that people are upset after Hamza’s eviction. She says that she just accomplished this huge game move, and no one wants to celebrate with her. She got out a huge target that nominated her 2 weeks ago. Erica and Ali are talking in the red bedroom after the eviction, and Erica says that they just threw away their only shield. She says that wasn’t thinking 10 steps ahead. Ali feels torn between Liv and Erica. In the bathroom, Ali, Erica and Liv talk about her not thinking ahead about taking out 2 huge targets back to back because of Johnny’s freak out. Johnny joins them, and Ali explains that Erica is now the next big target. Ali says that they need to unite because they all seem to have different agendas right now. They talk about taking the floaters out next.

Big Brother throws the houseguests a frat party, serving them Jello shots and lots of drinks. Everyone gets trashed, except for Merron, who says that he is going to stay sober so that he can do well in the HOH competition. Will apparently made out with both Paras and Liv. Big Brother only shows Will heavily flirting with Liv on the show. He and Olivia are probably the most trashed of all of them. Liv pulls Maddy in the bedroom to help her ‘clean her glasses’ and says that she is the one that convinced Erica to take Maddy off the block. Liv tells Maddy that she wants to work with her, but she needs to keep Paras at bay. Maddy tells Liv what she wants to hear but says in DR that she would never choose Liv over Paras.

At 7 a.m. the next morning, Big Brother wakes up the houseguests for the HOH competition. They all look haggard, and Ali tells us in DR that they don’t smell that great either. Merron, who didn’t get drunk is pumped to play the comp. Just as it’s time for Liv to read the instructions and questions to the houseguests, she runs into the kitchen and pukes in the sink. Then she picks up a piece of left over pizza from the night before and eats it. Gross. Liv comes back with buckets in case anyone else pukes. Will does, and his gagging about makes everyone else sick. The first 4 houseguests eliminated from the comp become Have Nots for the week. Merron goes out on the first question to his dismay. Betcha he wishes he got turned up with everyone now.

Erica is planning on throwing this HOH because she doesn’t want to grow the target on her back, but when 5 houseguests are eliminated on one of the questions, it’s down to her and Maddy. Both Erica and Maddy are leery of the other winning, so Erica feels she must win because she put Maddy up last week. On the last question, both guess the answer, and Erica becomes HOH again. She is shocked she got the answer correct. Merron, Kaela and Ali are the first 3 Have Nots. She must pick from one of the 5 players that went out on the 4th question, and she picks Johnny because he hasn’t been one yet. He’s pissed that she didn’t pick Ryan.

Since it’s Johnny’s first time sleeping in the Catacombs, he puts on every warm thing he can find. He says he is the hunchback, and his hunch is made up of all the souls of the houseguests that have been evicted. As the other have nots join him, he says, “Welcome to our cult.” Cue evil laughter. So silly. Since Hamz and V left, BB is struggling for content.

Olivia and Paras are in the bathroom when Olivia says she needs a spa day. Paras tells her she’s a spoiled, spoiled girl. Paras imitates her pretty spot on. It’s clear she is reading Liv, but she doesn’t get that Paras isn’t really joking. Liv is sitting in an expensive face mask and after Paras makes fun of her, Liv says she also wants a hot stone massage.

Erica shares a Wendy’s meal with Ali. The two discuss that Paras makes them nervous if she were to become HOH. Later, Johnny asks Erica if she trusts him more than Ali and she says a million percent. He then lets her know that Ali told Ryan that Johnny is the reason that he was nominated during the double because Johnny didn’t want Maddy nominated. He also tells her that Liv and Ali are taking credit for Erica taking Maddy off the block.

Then, houseguests rotate through Erica’s HOH revolving door. Ryan tells Erica that she would do best to nominate another power player like herself rather than to take out a floater. He tells her that he has her back. Maddy plays to Erica’s ego, and Erica says that she was glad that Maddy did so well in the HOH comp. Merron begs to stay off the block, and she tells him that he is pawn central because people go home next to him. He says that Will also has a strong social game but is more emotional and would get pissed if he were nominated. Paras waits until last to speak to Erica, so she can plant some seeds of doubt about Ali and Liv. Paras confirms what Johnny told Erica about those 2 taking credit for Erica taking Maddy off the block. Erica tells Paras that their talk clarified some things for her.

Erica considers nominating: Ryan because it will ruffle the least feathers; Will because his social game is the best in the house, and if he is good with everyone, she wonders if she is really good with him; Merron because he is the perfect pawn; and Ali because she doesn’t like all the back and forth with her. In the end, she nominates Ryan and Merron. She tells Ryan that a brain like his can be dangerous in the game, and she tells Merron that having a player in the house that anyone could go home beside isn’t good for her game. Ryan was glaring at her until she said that, and he smiled. He feels that Merron is the target this week, but he’s going to fight for veto. Merron says that Erica is his target after nominating him twice.

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