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Arisa says, “Either Ryan or Merron is headed home tonight.” I’m expecting Arisa to congratulate the houseguests on making it to jury. Instead, she teases a surprise for fans to impact the game. With 11 houseguests in the house, tonight’s evictee should be the first member of jury, unless the jury is only 7 people this year. Oh, gawd. Please don’t tell me the jury is made up of 8 houseguests, and we all vote for the winner as the 9th member of the jury. That’s a gut-punch to the game for people that don’t watch live feeds (casuals) and real fans. Worse yet, we vote on a secret veto for our favorite houseguest. Hopefully, I’m off-base on both predictions.

Ryan thinks that he has the votes to stay, so he is just going to keep quiet. Yeah, right. Ryan never shuts up. Merron approaches Kaela and tells her that he is starting his campaigning with her. She promises her vote to him and gives him advice on campaigning aggressively against Ryan. She tells him that he needs to talk game with people as he campaigns because that’s the main complaint with Merron.

Ryan tells Erica that Merron is working with Daela. As he is telling her this, Kaela is twerking while brushing her teeth as Merron beat-boxes. Shortly thereafter, as a group in the HOH room discussing Merron working with Daela, those 3 burst through the door and start doing a fraternity step routine. In DR, Erica says that Merron is sleeping with the enemy.

Ali, Liv and Kaela discuss what they would do if they could leave the house for a day. Kaela says she’d cuddle up with her cat and watch movies. Olivia rolls her eyes. She says that she would go get dinner at her favorite restaurant, go to the movies and try to pick up a hot guy to sleep with. Kaela says that she’d take Derek with her where there aren’t cameras. Ali asks if she’s getting that itch, and she points out that there’s jury. Kaela says, “Not if I make it to Final 2.” Kaela says that as hard as it is to miss someone in the house, it’s also hard to have someone in the house. Kaela admits to the girls that Derek hasn’t even tried to French kiss her. (WTF?? I immediately questioned his sexuality when I heard this. No judgement here, but is she his TV beard?)

Ryan asks Paras about her childhood. Paras explains that she is Iranian Canadian. She moved to Canada at the age of 10. Her father moved to Canada a year before the rest of the family to get everything set up for them. She says it was tough on her mother. Once they immigrated to Canada, they became Canadian citizens. She loves the open mindedness and kindness of Canada. She says that she was raised in a conservative religious atmosphere, but she’s liberal. She worries about what her parents think of her on BBCAN. She tears up talking about her mother.

Erica and Johnny discuss that keeping Ryan is best for both of their games because he’ll take shots at the duos. They don’t understand why Ali is being so stubborn. Johnny says he feels bad because Ali is so convincing, which is another reason to keep him because he is, too and that threatens Ali. Erica says that since there is the possibility that she will vote in a tie-breaker, she’s going to put it on the table that she will be keeping Ryan if there’s a 4/4 split.

Merron claims he’s still open to working with Erica. Erica tells him that it looks like he’s with Daela now. As he is trying to deny it, Derek opens the HOH door to tell Merron that dinner is ready. He tells Erica that they aren’t a thing, and the 2 of them could work together from opposite sides of the house.

Ryan and Merron say that campaigning is nerve-wracking. Merron says that he is bad at it. (Yeah, he is!) Once Ryan leaves, Merron says, “I am at your throat, boy.”

BB shows that the women are dominating the game with a compilation of great moments from the 6 women left in the game when they are halfway through the game. After the compilation airs, Arisa says, “Yes, girls! Get it.” The men are making comments about them taking over the game. “Who runs this mother? Girls!” –Beyoncé

Erica talks to Kaela about seeming anxious. Kaela says she loves having Erica in the house, but they’re on opposite sides of this vote. Kaela says that there are fractures in alliances, so she pulls Erica, Ali and Liv into the HOH room, where Kaela and Ali work to change Erica’s mind about sending Merron home. They try convincing her that Ryan is more dangerous.

Paras asks Ali who she said “I don’t trust that bitch” about this morning. Ryan said he thought it was either said about her or Maddy. This sends Ali over the edge of sanity, and she goes off on Ryan. He stands by hearing her say that. She explodes on him in front of multiple houseguests.

The houseguests are let in on the grand prize for the season: $100K, a dream European vacation and a $30K home furnishings makeover from The Brick. Arisa then shows them a montage of funny moments throughout the season, and the houseguests laugh hysterically. Then, Arisa says that it’s time for the eviction.

Both nominees keep their speeches classy. Ryan even offers that they be his houseguests at his home because his family will love them all. Merron is evicted 5 to 3, with Ali, Kaela and Derek casting votes against Ryan. As Merron leaves, he tells the houseguests that they’ve been wondering how V and him got into the game. He tells them that they just evicted Canada’s boy. All the goodbye messages for him are nice, except Erica says that while she likes him personally, it’s impossible to win a game of chess with a board filled with pawns.

Now that 6 houseguests have been evicted, and Arisa STILL hasn’t congratulated them on making it to jury, I see two potential scenarios. 1. It’s a 7-person jury or 2. The jury is made up of 8 houseguests and Canada will vote for the winner of the game as the 9th juror.

The Buttoned-Up HOH competition begins. Houseguests must hold a button above their heads. There will be temptations throughout the comp with the houseguest that accepts the temptation running to a buzzer at the end of their lane. There are no have nots this week. For every 5 minutes they are in the comp, they will receive 1 hour of slop punishment. The odd thing about this comp is that it was aired on the feeds during the East Coast airing of the episode.

As for the bombshell announcement, Arisa tells the audience that Canada will be able to vote to save 1 of the nominees from the block on Wednesday night or leave the nominations the same and use this power the following week. So, we can vote on a veto for our favorite nominee. Talk about blowing up someone’s HOH. Is this TOO much audience participation?

Before you go, please comment below. What do you think of the season so far and the twist? 

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