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Episode 24:

We are treated to a replay of everything that went down during the Triple Eviction that they couldn’t fit into the episode. First off, the #DreExposedParty was shown from the night before the triple eviction when Dillon got completely sketched out by Dre’s behavior and Karen, Dillon, Ika and Demetres met up in the kitchen for about 2 hours comparing notes on Dre. They realized that she has been manipulating all of them, and they are determined to get her out ASAP. Ika was completely blindsided to learn that Dre had been so disloyal to her, especially since she and Demetres have protected her all season long. Ika was stunned to learn that Dre was flip flopping all week about whether to vote out Ika or Jackie. Dre intentionally created distrust between Dillon, Demetres, Ika and Karen. Karen has been saying all along not to trust Dre. They all coined the term #Karanoia during this meeting, and the truth is that Karen is eerily correct in most her gut feelings all season long. Dre has been telling Dillon, Ika and Demetres that Karen is just paranoid, and they need to get her out of the house. Dre has been standing in the way of Ika and Demetres communicating directly with Dillon and vice versa. Karen and Dillon promise that they are voting Jackie out, so Ika will be staying.

During the triple eviction, after Ika’s LIT speech naming Dre as her target, Dre freaks out and blames Dillon for coming between them. She has a full-blown freak out on Dillon during one of the commercial breaks. She asks him what she said to him in the HOH room. He says that Dre told him that she is voting Ika out, and then he went and spoke to Ika about it. Dre accuses him of flip-flopping like Jackie. He says to explain the 1 vote against Ika, then. She runs up the stairs and stands on a couch, yelling at Dillon to kiss her ass as she twerks. Imagine an explosion worthy of an action movie as Dre’s game blows up before our eyes. All the houseguests are shocked by Dre’s outburst. She finally turned up.

Once Demetres wins the HOH, Ika and Demetres discuss who the 3rd nominee should be, feeling torn between the Business Partners alliance they formed with Kevin and staying loyal to Dillon and Karen after they saved Ika during the first eviction. While they feel that Kevin deserves to be in the final 3, they also realize he is their biggest competition because all his friends are in the jury. They thought about putting Dillon up because Ika and Karen would control the votes and keep Dillon in the house, but Demetres decided to take a shot at Kevin. Ika and Demetres were CONVINCED that Kevin was involved with Dre flipping on Ika, although it turns out he knew nothing about it.

Once Kevin won the veto, we saw him expose the Business Partners to Karen and “convince” her to save Dillon (like she wasn’t already). This shows what a POS Kevin is to William. After Dre and William are evicted, Kevin tells Dillon and Karen all about the Business Partners in front of Demetres and Ika. Ika points out that she told Dillon to save Kevin over William and Dre, but Kevin is not having it.

Drunk Speeches HOH:

There were 4 players: Ika, Karen, Dillon and Kevin. Kevin had the speeches memorized, but it was hard to tell the voices of the evicted houseguests. They had to correctly guess the day the speech was given. Ika got 3 correct, but Kevin got 5 correct and won the HOH. It’s literally him against the rest of the houseguests.

As Kevin reveals his HOH room, he receives a video message from Pili congratulating on making it past the triple and becoming HOH. Ika and Demetres are certain that they are going on the block so they don’t even bother campaigning to Kevin. Ika cries to Dillon: “Did I ruin his game?” She is ready to fall on her sword for Demetres.

Karen is called to the DR and Marsha the Moose has a special task for her. She must use her acting skills to convince the houseguests that she is assigning punishments to them for $10K. If she succeeds, then there will be no more Have Nots for the rest of the season. The fake punishments are:

  • Can’t play in Final 4 Veto
  • 48 hours of isolation
  • Can’t vote for the rest of the season
  • Lose 1 Jury vote

While the houseguests watch on TV from the HOH room, Karen cries, but is talking to Ika’s picture the whole time, saying you shredded the letters in Season 2, so you’d tell me to do it. Karen says, “Yep, I’m this big of a bitch.” As she assigns the punishments, she gives Ika “Can’t vote for the rest of the season.” Ika ends up crying in the HOH shower. Afterwards, Karen calls all the houseguests to the living room and tells them this was all fake. None of the punishments were real, and she didn’t get $10K. It was a mission that she passed and now the Have Not room is closed for the rest of the season. Ika says, “Big Brother is the pettiest of them all.”

Third bed revenge is explained. Cassandra, Gary, Bruno, Sindy and Jackie all laid in that bed and were sent home. Kevin put his clothes in that bed, so the houseguests hope that means he will be out next week.

Kevin tells Dillon that he’ll take him to Final 2, and Dillon promises the same. Over Karen! Kevin and Dillon are busted by Karen running scenarios. Karen tells Ika and Demetres, and she sees his true colors.


Kevin nominates Ika and Demetres, and in his speech he says it’s because they broke the promises that they made to him last week. Ika exclaims, “How many promises have you broken? Just admit that you’re scared.”

Episode 25:

Beginning after the nomination ceremony, Ika goes off on Kevin. She tells him that they’ve all broken promises to people. She says that Demetres will beat him in a comp every time and that both of their games are better than his. She wants him to admit that he is scared of them in this game, that they’ve both played a better game than him.

With only 5 players left, everyone competes in the POV. It’s a Baywatch themed competition to coincide with the movie. It’s a strenuous physical comp that has a puzzle at the end. First, players must untie knots to release buoys. Then, they must pull dummies out of the water and climb over a fence with their buoys and dummies to reach their sand dunes where they must dig for puzzle pieces that spell out Baywatch on a surfboard. Demetres was close, so close that Ika even stopped working on her own to help him. He kept getting the W wrong. He only needed to flip 2 pieces and he’d have won. Snaky Kevin looked at Demetres puzzle to solve his own, and he won the POV and a movie screening of Baywatch. He selects Dillon and Karen to join him.

Ika is ready to sacrifice her game for Demetres, and Karen is in a great spot as any of the remaining guys would take her to Final 2. Karen lets Ika know that she and Dillon will vote her out and keep Demetres if that is what Ika wants. She and Demetres feel extremely defeated.


In a task from Big Brother, houseguests must follow commands from Big Brother: Play, freeze, fast forward, slow motion and rewind. Big Brother tells the houseguests to freeze, and a tour group comes in. The guide makes jokes at each houseguest’s expense. For example, he says that Ika gets angry easily and tells the group not to try her. (LOL) The tour group is taking selfies with each of the houseguests. Next, as Big Brother tells the houseguests to freeze, Sarah Harmon comes in as a jester, roasts the houseguest and gives them pies to the face, except for Ika. She says she slipped and it just lands on Ika’s arm. The final time Big Brother tells the houseguests to freeze, Dillon’s mom and dog come in. She tells him not to break that freeze. Dillon starts ugly crying as his mom says sweet things to him. Then, Big Brother says ‘Play’ and Dillon hugs his mom and plays with his dog, Jake.

Karen talks to Kevin about keeping Demetres, and says she’s sure that Ika would beat him in Final 2. Kevin had already been planning to use the veto on Ika, but this conversation gives him a nudge in the right direction. Karen tells Ika and Demetres not to give up hope. She tells them that she wants a deserving winner from their season and that’s Ika or Demetres.

At the POV ceremony, Demetres tells Kevin to keep the POV and Ika tells him to shove it up his ass. Then, he uses the veto on Ika. They are both shocked. Dillon is named the replacement nominee. Kevin believes that this will result in a split vote and he will get to add getting Demetres out to his BBCAN5 resume.

Episode 26:

Starting after the POV, we see that Ika and Demetres were petty while locked in the HOH room during the movie screening. They threw Kevin’s neatly organized clothes everywhere, put honey all over the bathroom fixtures and hung his pink stuffed pig on the HOH door. They apologize and clean it up.

Kevin, Dillon and Karen watch Baywatch while making comments about how great Dwayne Johnson is, how funny the movie is and that it has great sound effects. Karen then comments in the DR about how great Zac Effron’s abs are. Her sons’ friends are going to have a field day with that, and probably her husband, Bruce, too.

Kevin says that the decision about who to evict is squarely on Karen’s shoulders. While Karen and Dillon are close, they didn’t become close until after Emily left on Day 34. She and Ika formed the Broadgade on Day 1 and she is closer to her and Demetres than she is to Dillon. She also doesn’t want to give Kevin Martin a tie vote so he can send Demetres to jury.

We get to see Jackie, William and Dre join the rest of the jury. Jackie explains that Kevin was HOH and nominated Ika and Demetres. Demetres won the POV, and she was voted out next to Ika. William goes in before Dre and says that Kevin betrayed him. Then, Dre comes in and explains that they were both evicted during a Triple. They all toast with Dre commenting that the jury house is ‘lit.’

During the live show, the houseguests are treated to seeing the tasks with the tour group, Sarah Hanlon and Dillon’s mom and dog. Dillon ugly cries. Again. Time for the vote:

Dillon is evicted 2 to 0. Afterwards on the feeds, Kevin is talking to himself and feedsters saying that he had no idea that Karen was so close to Ika and Demetres and that he will look like an idiot for having them both on the block 2 weeks in a row and getting neither of them out. Pretty much, Kevin.

Karen, Demetres and Ika are competing for the Week 10 HOH. The comp is called Solve for X. They are given clues about each week of the season, and they must solve the missing component for the week, i.e. who was HOH, evicted, etc. Ika gets 1 right, Demetres gets 1 right. And that’s it for this week’s episodes.

Make sure to come back for my feeds updates and spoilers blog early next week to find out who wins HOH, nominees, the all-important Final 4 Veto winner and any drama that ensues. The feeds will probably cut off soon, so I’ll share as much info as they provide until then.

Don’t forget Monday’s episode is at 10 p.m., Wednesday’s episode is a surprise eviction that occurs during the veto ceremony and the finale begins next Thursday at 7 p.m.

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