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Kevin tries to hug Ika after Sindy is evicted, and she gives him the cold shoulder and some signature Ika sass. She says she knows what he and Bruno did to her last week. Sindy told her everything. Kevin and Bruno are at the bottom of the house.

Kevin starts crying because he realizes what a bad spot he and Bruno are in after campaigning so hard to have Ika go up as the replacement nominee. Kevin tells William to get away from him because William will become a target if they hang around with each other.

Kevin, Jackie and Bruno were Have Nots last week, and they formed The Peasants alliance. Jackie wants one of them to win the HOH competition. Didn’t these two see that everyone that gets close to Jackie goes home?

In the three-part ParticipACTION HOH competition, houseguests must transfer 150 rocks over multiple sets of stairs during the hiking portion. Karen’s advantage that she won last week meant she only had to transfer 75 rocks.

The 4 houseguests to move forward to the canoe portion of the comp are Karen, Demetres, Dillon and Bruno. They must hit their targets 150 times. Demetres and Bruno move forward to the 3rd portion which involves bean bag toss, frisbee golf toss and bowling. They must complete all 3 in 150 seconds. Demetres wins the HOH competition.

With all the information that Ika and Demetres received during Dillon’s HOH about Bruno and Kevin pushing hard for her to be the re-nom after Demetres won POV, they feel that they cannot trust them. The rest of the houseguests want those two on the block. Demetres, Ika, Dillon and Dre make a final 4, but Dre is running around the house talking badly about Ika behind her back. She feels that she was played by Ika and Demetres when they were a part of The 6. Sindy stabbing Ika in the back to Dre and William didn’t help matters.

ParticipACTION throws the houseguests a party. They are treated to poutine, Canadian memorabilia decking out every square inch of the hot tub area and receive video messages from home. Cue the tears. Then, there is an awesome fireworks display. Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

Kevin and Bruno make a good pitch to Demetres and Ika that the 4 of them need to stop targeting each other while all the newbies in the middle are running around feeling safe. They feel that the mistrust between them can be healed and that the 4 of them should team up and take out the newbies. Ika and Demetres give serious consideration to their offer, especially after Ika heard Karen say that she wants to get all the vets out of the house. Ika told her, “I’m a vet.” Karen said she didn’t mean her, but the words stuck with Ika.

Jackie becomes infuriated that she wasn’t brought into the HOH room with so-called alliance members and cries to Ika and Demetres that this is what happens to her every single week. She informs Ika and Demetres that she, Bruno and Kevin formed The Peasants to slay the queen, meaning Ika. Ika and Demetres say they are serious about their truce with her.

In the end, Demetres decides that he cannot trust Bruno and Kevin and he nominates them for eviction.

Episode 19:

Kevin finds out that William told Dre that he wanted Demetres out of the house, and Dre told Demetres and Ika. That’s why he is on the block. Kevin admits in his DR that he is guilt-tripping William to hopefully use later. He’s a sneaky, snake of a player!

For the POV, players are Demetres, Bruno, Kevin, Dre, Ika and William. Jackie hosts. The competition is 100 Minutes in Heaven and is easily one of the most entertaining of the season. The players lay in plexiglass coffins and must count to 100 minutes while being distracted by Big Brother. First, they hear “Hallelujah” music repeatedly. Next, 2 gorgeous models come out dressed in skimpy angel costumes. They give the houseguests champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. The guys are all drooling over the woman, while William says he is counting the abs on the male and wishes he would jump in his coffin with him.

Next, the models bring out bunny rabbits. Ika’s bunny has red eyes, which causes her to lose her shit as she calls it a demon bunny.

Then, each houseguest hears the laughter of their loved ones. This causes Ika and Bruno to cry when they hear their children’s adorable laughter.

Finally, mice are brought into the coffins and dumped on the players, poop included. Nasty. The rats crawl all over the players including crawling on the guys’ junk. Ika jumps out of her coffin as soon as they are dropped in, and Dre is in positions only a gymnast can accomplish.

William buzzes out, and Kevin thinks he went out at only 85 minutes. Kevin buzzes in a few minutes later and then Demetres buzzes in immediately after him, thinking that their times will be extremely close and he’ll beat Kevin. Bruno buzzes out shortly thereafter, and Dre buzzes out right after Bruno. Dre and Bruno went 27 minutes over the 100-minute mark. William went over by only 7 minutes and won the POV. So, he has 2 POVs to play with this week.

Immediately afterwards, Ika and Dre discuss that William cannot use the POV. Demetres doesn’t want to get any more blood on his hands. Dre tells William not to use it. He says he wants to save Kevin. She says that they will keep Kevin without him having to use the POV. However, Ika says in DR that Kevin is the target, and she will send him home. Dre went to Kevin and explained that she doesn’t like him. She thinks he has been playing William. She tells Kevin in front of William that Kevin’s asking to him to make a move that puts his game at risk.

Ika then pull William into the HOH room and tells him not to use the POV. She gets in his face in a playful yet intimidating way, saying that she will let him keep his Peasant boy if he doesn’t use the POV. (Ika told Dre and William about The Peasants alliance.) Ika asked William if he wanted to see the wrath of Ika? William says in the DR that he doesn’t care what Ika says, he has the Secret POV so he can do what he wants.

At the POV ceremony, William decided not to use the POV. Then, red lights start flashing and Demetres is called to the DR. Cliffhanger ending…

Episode 20:
Arisa Cox tells us that we’ll see Neda and Sindy’s epic reunion and that another houseguest will be evicted.

As the Secret POV results are read aloud by Demetres, he is forced to name a replacement nom. He nominates Karen because he thinks that Bruno will go home next to her. Bruno felt that he would definitely go to jury against Karen because everyone likes her, and nobody trusts him in the game. Then, Karen goes nuts, managing to attack multiple houseguests. She accuses Jackie of using the Secret POV and was pissed that she had been put on the block by Demetres. Jackie tells her that she is such a prick. Demetres explained to Karen that he felt certain that Bruno will go home next to her, so that’s the only reason he put her on the block. She tells him that she’s sure she’s going to jury despite his trying to calm her fears and tells him that he blew up his game by nominating her instead of Jackie. Demetres felt that Jackie might have been voted out over Bruno. Karen then goes off on Kevin, calling him stupid, a prick and telling him to “F@#k off.” She stated repeatedly that the Secret POV holder would rise at the eviction, save Bruno and she would be headed to jury. To call Karen paranoid is an understatement.

Kevin and Bruno explain Karen going nuts on everyone to Demetres and Ika. Ika said even Dre was saying, “Can we just vote her out of here?” Bruno continues to try to convince them that those 4 can make it to final 4, if they can build trust. As Kevin and Bruno leave the HOH room, Ika and Demetres are giving serious consideration to their offer, especially because Ika had buyer’s remorse seeing 2 vets pictures up on that wall during the nomination ceremony.

Jackie find Bricksy the Bear and calls all the houseguests to the living room. She informs them that Bricksy Bears are hidden throughout the house and will give out rewards and punishments. Jackie receives a Never Slop pass. The next three houseguests to find them get to give out punishments in the form of Polar ice baths: Kevin gives his to Demetres, William gives his to Ika and Karen gives hers to Kevin. Kevin finds a $1,000 shopping spree from The Brick tucked into his bear’s hood. Demetres didn’t find a bear, so he ends up in a bear costume sleeping out in a cave set up in the backyard until after Thursday’s live show.

We see Neda and Sindy meet up in jury, and Neda only says, “I told you so” once as the two hug. We see them watching the HOH comp and neither of them has respect for how everyone just gave the comp to Dillon. Neda says that’s the kind of comp where she would excel.

Time for the Eviction vote. Bruno is evicted 5 to 1 with Kevin being the lone vote against Karen. Bruno comes out to the cheering audience, and Bruno spots his wife in the first row. They both start crying, but Bruno makes it through his interview.

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