#BBCAN5 Week 6 Live Feed Updates and Spoilers


After the live double eviction, at about 10:30 p.m., the second HOH comp gets underway on live feeds. It’s a mental endurance comp called Buzzkilled that involves the houseguests behind podiums waiting for a siren to buzz in with the last houseguest to buzz in being eliminated in each round. Big Brother provides incentives throughout the night to draw the houseguests away from their buzzers. In each round, the time between sirens can vary from a few minutes to a few hours. Dillon started the competition by being as annoying as possible. He talked incessantly, did his normal heavy mouth breathing and it became clear that he was trying to get in the heads of his houseguests. He said that if Big Brother offers up $5,000, he’ll take it. On Wednesday night, Big Brother served soup and on Thursday all the houseguests were put on slop, so by the time the comp started, they were hungry.

Demetres was the first houseguest eliminated after he became distracted by Dillon and started doing squats. Great time for a work out, Dumb Eat Trees. The first incentive Big Brother offered was Chinese takeout and beer. Dillon managed to run away from his buzzer multiple times, eating 7 spring rolls and guzzling a beer. Karen was eliminated second and Ika third. Big Brother’s second incentive was to hide 6 Have cards throughout the house. Sindy, Demetres, Karen and Ika got the first 4 cards and told the remaining players where the last two were hidden. William ran for a Have card. Dre waited for the siren to go off, hit her buzzer and ran to grab the last card. Jackie was the eliminated in that round but Dre beat her to the Have card. Bruno, Kevin and Jackie are Have Nots this week.

Dillon began begging Bruno, Kevin, Dre and William to let him win the competition. He said that his nominations would be Demetres, Ika and Sindy. He went on and on because #DillonHasANeice. It was super annoying, but Kevin and Bruno were ready to take the deal as soon as he said his targets except for Sindy, who is part of their Season 3 alliance. William and Dre weren’t quite as quick to accept Dillon’s offer of safety since Ika and Demetres are their allies. Big Brother hid $2K throughout the house, Dre, William, Kevin and Bruno ran to get the cash. Bruno buzzed in, making Dre very distrustful of the proposed deal. So, she and William buzzed in, and Kevin was eliminated. She said she wanted a new deal.

Next, Big Brother hid a Safety card in the house. William found it, but Bruno said they should do Rock, Paper, Scissors for it. Big Brother stopped that, and William received Safety for the week since he found the card. Dre finally agreed to Dillon’s begging if she could have input in his nominations. So, Bruno, Dre and William all sat on the couch while Dillon told Big Brother that the deal was done so hurry up and sound the last siren. Big Brother made Bruno, Dre and William go back to stand at their podiums, but they let Dillon win. It was disappointing 4 houseguests just gave the HOH to Dillon, especially since Dre and William knew they were putting Ika and Demetres in jeopardy and Kevin and Bruno were putting Sindy in danger. After live feeders watched until after 4 a.m., it was an exasperating end to a competition that still had 3 rounds left. The incentives were progressively better, and we’ll never know what other prizes Big Brother had in store. I’m sure this wasn’t the ending that production had in mind, especially streaming it live with lots of promotion on Twitter and during the live show. Thanks for keeping us up all night to watch Shrek beg to win.

Dre, Sindy and Karen convinced Dillon to nominate Jackie and Demetres. Karen and Dillon have become quite close since Emily left, and Dillon and Dre have been building trust over the last couple of weeks. Dre was the one that initiated the plan to get Kevin to use the Veto so both Dillon and Emily could stay last week, and she isn’t fully trusting William with all information because of his relationship with Kevin. She and Dillon have become fast allies. Sindy explained that Ika convinced her to backdoor Neda during the double eviction or else Dillon would have gone home as Neda wanted her to backdoor Karen or Dre, which would have meant Dillon would have been evicted.

For the POV, the players are Dillon, Jackie, Demetres, Ika, Sindy and Kevin. It was described as an athletic competition that involved climbing and earning points with balls, hopefully not with Dillon’s #TaintCandyBalls. Sindy injured her ankle and Demetres and Dillon have complained of being very sore for two days after the comp. It will be interesting to see the competition on Wednesday’s episode as the details weren’t forthcoming on live feeds. We do have the most important info: Demetres won the POV.

Dillon mimes shooting Bruno in the back

Cue Bruno incessantly telling Dillon to nominate Ika to the point of driving Dillon crazy. Dillon understands Sindy, Kevin and Bruno are a threesome, and he wants to break it up. He speaks with Karen and Dre about it, and they agree that Sindy needs to be the replacement nominee if Dillon isn’t willing to break his word and backdoor Kevin or Bruno. The newbies want to get out all the vets except for Ika, and take her out last.

Demetres and Dillon squash any beef that had been simmering between the two of them. Demetres told Dillon before nominations that he understands that Dillon nominating him is an eye for an eye, and if Demetres survives this week, he would like for them to work together. They discuss that they both have been played by Bruno and Kevin so they have common targets.

Ika also tells Dillon that she would like to work with him. He likes her because she ‘keeps it 100.’ She tells him that she will prove that he can trust her by her actions. She will vote out Sindy if she is the replacement nominee. Ika tells him that Kevin and Bruno are her and Demetres’ targets. She explains to him that Kevin and Bruno are the reason that Emily left last week, and that he should trust his gut. Ika tells him that if he puts her on the block, Jackie will go home, but if he puts Sindy on the block, Sindy will go home because she and Demetres will vote her out.

Hell froze over on Sunday. Ika and Jackie called a truce. Ika told her that she can prove with her actions on Thursday that she is trustworthy. She will vote out Sindy. One thing that came out of this conversation is that Karen is stirring things up on both sides, telling Jackie that she would vote to keep her if Ika went up as the replacement. Now, Ika doesn’t have as much trust in Karen as she did. Kevin, Bruno and Sindy told Jackie that they would vote out Ika. Jackie says that she knew she could not trust Kevin and Bruno when no one was happy that she won the POV during the double eviction. That’s when she knew she was alone in the game. Ika and Jackie also discuss that no one would see them working together, and that the drama between them has been catty girl stuff that was egged on by what other houseguests told each of them about the other. Demetres and Jackie also put their differences aside. They are keeping their truce on the down-low so other houseguests don’t know that they aren’t still targeting each other.

Dillon doesn’t trust Bruno and Kevin and the whole house is planning on targeting them if they win the next HOH. If Kevin or Bruno win the next HOH, Ika and Demetres might be in trouble, although things will likely change because Dillon is set on Sindy as the replacement nominee. Everyone is going to keep their votes in the dark so that there is a split vote, and Jackie will know that Kevin and Bruno voted to evict her. That way, she won’t go back to working with them and will stick with Dre, Demetres, Ika, Karen and Dillon. However, Jackie is still hanging around with Bruno and Kevin. It’s unclear if she’s playing them or remains aligned with them. She can’t avoid them because she’s a Have Not with them, but is saying to others that she will target them if she wins the next HOH.

The feeds were off for much of the day on Monday. Apparently, there’s a cleaning task with Dre, William and Karen. It’s probably yet another product plug. The Veto Ceremony takes place, and Sindy is the replacement nominee. Had Bruno or Kevin not pushed so hard for Ika to go up, they may have gotten their way. Dillon felt like they were stalking him, and every conversation was game talk with the two of them desperate to keep Sindy. Dillon knew he had to break up that Season 3 trio. Expect to see Sindy go to jury on Thursday, and to see some houseguests say on feeds that they are voting out Jackie to expose Kevin and Bruno when they vote against Jackie. It’s been a week of #TeamFunFeeds when they don’t look like this:



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