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We saw William win the HOH competition after Gary’s eviction. Kevin spent the night in the HOH room with William and has been on him since he won. Kevin tells him that Sindy was the person that nominated him and that Jackie was the 7th vote towards Dre during Backwards Week. Initially, William was leaning towards nominating Bruno because he nominated Dre. As Kevin spoke to William Thursday night, he made it clear that his side is made up of 7 people while William’s side is made up of 5 houseguests. Basically, Kevin gave him very little information and sketched him out.

As people made their rounds to talk to William when he wasn’t being showmanced by Kevin, people from Kevin’s side are the obvious choices for nomination. Neda is immune, and Kevin tells William that they should work together to keep himself off the block. So that leaves 5 possible nominees—Sindy, Bruno, Dillon, Emily and Jackie. Kevin tells William that Bruno is to him like Dre is to William.

Dre is quick to tell William that Kevin is using him and floats to whomever is in power. She explains that whatever is brewing between them is fake. Dre wants him to put up Kevin and Bruno, but as they talk it through, they don’t believe that they will have the votes to get out Bruno. Ika and Demetres both tell him to put up either Dillon and Emily or Dillon and Jackie. Those are the 3 people that are coming after Demetres and Ika, and this will keep The 6 safe from the block. Ika tells William that he can trust Bruno. Bruno tells William that he won’t put up William or Dre if he wins the next HOH competition. He says that he will target Jackie.

Ika tells William that she thinks that Jackie is the one that nominated him during Backwards Week. William tells Ika that Jackie said that she would put up Ika and Demetres if she wins HOH. William tells Ika that Bruno said that he would target Jackie if he were HOH. Ika says that doesn’t really make sense and figures that everyone is saying they’d target Jackie because no one likes her. She asks him who Kevin said to nominate, and William admits that he gave him no names except to say that Sindy nominated him during Backwards Week. Ika says that she thinks they could work with Bruno and Kevin, and that they 100% cannot trust Dillon, Emily or Jackie. William says that he is leaning towards nominating Dillon and Emily. Dre enters HOH and says that she knows that Bruno would nominate her. She is frustrated that William isn’t targeting Bruno or Kevin.

Ika tells The 6 that Kevin is sketching William out, that he threw Sindy under the bus for nominating William during Backwards Week and Bruno for nominating Dre. She also points out that Kevin didn’t pull Bruno into the HOH room to form something with Dre and William. Ika put in some serious work for The 6, and even Neda realizes that Ika has more than pulled her weight for the alliance. The rest of The 6 are irritated with Kevin, saying that he’s just not good at playing this game. Ika explains that she told William that Jackie is the one that nominated him. Sindy fesses up to being the one that did it.

Ika sits down with Sindy and Dre, and Sindy lies to Dre about Jackie being the one that nominated William. After the conversation, Sindy feels bad about lying to Dre and tells her that she nominated William, but that is the only lie she has told Dre. Dre says that she feels she can trust Sindy, but doesn’t want her to lie to her again.

Ika talks with Emily and tells her that Jackie is the reason that she and Dillon are on the block. Jackie flip flops between alliances, lies, plays the victim card and no one likes her. Every person that has gotten close to Jackie has gone home. As soon as everyone saw Dillon and Emily align with Jackie, that made people tell William to nominate them. Emily says that she wasn’t intending to align with Jackie; she just didn’t want her to feel alone. Dillon even talked Jackie out of self-evicting.

William nominates Emily and Dillon, and has decided that if either of them come off the block, Jackie is likely the backdoor option. The players for the Veto Competition are William, Dillon, Emily, Dre, Kevin and Karen. Dillon and Emily ask Karen if she will use the veto on them and she says she might if she gets to help determine nominees if they win the next HOH.

The Veto Competition was knock out style that included a $10,000 prize from The Brick. In the end, it was Kevin verses Dillon, and Dillon said on feeds that he offered Kevin $2,500 to throw the competition to him. Kevin declined the offer and won the POV. Afterwards, Kevin promised William that he would keep the nominations the same to build trust between them.

Sindy and Karen tell Emily that it’s obvious that Dillon and Emily have a major crush on one another. Even though Dillon has a girlfriend outside the house, they encourage Emily to sleep in the bed with Dillon. Before long, the two are kissing. They are affectionate openly in front of the other houseguests. It makes them a bigger target.

The debate about who to send home goes on among the houseguests all day on Sunday. William and Dre want Dillon to go. Neda and Bruno want Emily to go. Ika and Demetres tell Neda that they put in so much work this week to keep The 6 off of the block, and they don’t want to go against William’s wishes. They say that Kevin needs to convince William to keep Dillon. It turns out that Jon (as in Neda’s ex from her previous season) is good friends with Dillon, and they may have made a pre-show alliance. Neda is again being bossy and tries to dictate what is best for her game. This conversation with Neda rubs them the wrong way. Neda’s bad attitude and arrogance has been discussed among multiple houseguests. Neda tells Demetres and Ika that she is going to target Dre and William if she wins HOH. Ika tells her that Dre and William have never mentioned targeting her, and Neda says that’s because she has immunity.

For the love of God, BBCAN production, please don’t ever use this immunity twist again. You created an ego-maniacal monster it. Neda speaks to Canada on the feeds saying that it wasn’t very nice of them to cheer so loudly when she lost the HOH competition. She’s sorry she’s taking away the entertaining houseguests, but she has to do what’s best for her game. Neda, your apology is about as genuine as you are so, we still don’t like you because of the way you treat people, you catty cat lady. At the next live HOH, if you’re still in the house, people will applaud when you are eliminated and boo if you win.

Dre has a brilliant idea: get Kevin to use the POV and tell him that he is backdooring Jackie. This is all to blindside Kevin because William is going to backdoor Bruno. William has become aware that Kevin is using him strictly for game purposes because he told Emily who relayed the info to Dre. When Emily, Dre and Ika talk, Emily tells them about the alliance with her, Dillon, Neda, Bruno and Kevin. Dre says that Emily’s supposed allies told William to nominate Dillon and Emily. Emily points out that each of the pairs of Dillon and Emily, Dre and William, Demetres and Ika plus Karen can join forces. She and Dillon promise that they will be loyal to them. They are genuine in this promise because they realize that their alliance and Jackie backstabbed them.

Ika and Demetres are somewhat reluctant to trust Emily and Dillon and realize that this move will totally burn bridges with The 6, but it will give them the numbers. Plus, they feel that they are at the bottom of The 6. Demetres and Dillon talk about the POV being used and the formation of this new alliance. They bury the hatchet. Emily and Dillon say that they cannot trust Bruno, Kevin or Neda. They hope that William will nominate Bruno, but don’t know that this is already the plan.

William tells Kevin that he thinks that it may be better for his game if he uses the POV to save either Dillon or Emily because he doesn’t trust Jackie. He thinks Jackie may nominate Dre and he doesn’t like that she flip-flops and lies so often. Kevin is thrilled by this, literally jumping for joy. Little does he know that William has pulled the wool over his eyes. Dre lets Emily and Dillon know that William is trying to get Kevin to use the POV, but that if he doesn’t, then Dillon will likely be the one that leaves on Thursday.

Kevin ends up not using the POV. Ika got to him before the ceremony and let him know that Bruno would be the replacement nom. Apparently, Emily’s speech called out her so-called alliance during the Veto Ceremony, and it further sketched Kevin out. Afterwards, Emily and Dillon argued with Kevin and Bruno, and Karen witnessed them tripping over their lies. The argument got heated with Bruno cursing at Emily and Dillon getting super pissed that Bruno was yelling at Emily in such a disrespectful fashion.

Neda and Sindy started talking badly about Ika. They say they cannot trust her. Really, Neda is doing most of the talking, but has Sindy convinced that Ika talks badly about her. Neda is now working with Kevin, Sindy, Bruno and Jackie and is saying terrible things about Ika to them. This goes on for the better part of Monday. Neda has nothing to do but speak behind people’s backs. Ika had words with Neda because William wants Emily to stay, and Neda and Bruno are pushing hard for Dillon to stay. Neda said that she can’t voice an opinion that differs from Ika’s, and she knows that Ika said she is done with Neda. Ika asks who told her that, and Neda refuses to give her a name.

Monday night, Ika pulls Neda into the HOH room and apologizes to her. She cries and tells her that she doesn’t want to lose her in this game. She swears she’s never said, “I’m done with Neda.” She explains that she cannot vote against William’s wishes or else she will burn a bridge with William and Dre. She further explains that Kevin will burn his bridge with William and Sindy will burn her’s with Dre. Neda doesn’t care about anybody else’s game. It’s Me, Me, Me with Neda. Oh, and Meow. When William and Dre come into the HOH room, their conversation ends, and Ika informs them that her tears were fake.

Dre had a conversation with Bruno trying to build trust between her, William, Ika, Demetres and Sindy. Bruno won’t give Dre any names, but is alluding to not trusting Ika and Demetres. Dre unintentionally said she knew certain things that Bruno had said about her, which he assumes came from Ika and Demetres since they hang around with Dre and William so much. That gave Bruno some ammo against Ika and Demetres. Dre didn’t mean to do anything to hurt Ika’s game, but may have. Ika could be in danger if one of her allies from outside The 6 doesn’t win the Double Eviction HOH. Fingers crossed that we don’t lose another #TeamFunFeeds houseguest because let’s be honest, Ms. Ika Wong is giving the feeds life right now.

Demetres and Ika are ready to separate from The 6. They realize from Monday’s events that they cannot trust Bruno or Neda. After Ika and Demetres worked so hard to keep their alliance off the block during William’s HOH, they know that they are on the bottom and want to remember the way their alliance made them feel all day on Monday by talking about them behind their backs and excluding them from conversations.

Who is going home during the first eviction on Thursday depends on if Kevin does what William wants or if he continues to follow orders from Neda.

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  1. Thanks for this. Busy times up here in Seattle and your easy to read updates are wonderful. I hope Kevin doesn’t follow Neda’s lead, but think he probably will … or the house will vote as one again.

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