#BBCAN5 Week 5 BLOG Recap Part 1


Episode 12:
After William wins HOH, Emily and Dillon feel like they may be this week’s targets. Neither of them has ever tried to talk game with William. They aren’t wrong as William’s initial thoughts are to put them up. Ika explains that she is very glad that she has been playing the middle of the house and that she knows she is safe this week. She explains that her job this week is to keep Bruno off the block.

Karen, who is absolutely hysterical, tells William and Dre that people are going to be kissing his feet. She says that everyone will be up his ass. She said, “You’ll be like Dillon, how did you fit up in there with Emily? You’ll be trying to pull them out of your derriere by their feet.” Karen has some of the best quotes of any houseguest. She’s very entertaining, and I hope that she sticks around because she is #TeamFunFeeds.

Kevin and Karen are called to the Diary Room together where they find cocktails and appetizers, and they are given a mission to get 7 items of clothing from fellow houseguests with the party as their cover. If they succeed, everyone will be Haves for the week. If they fail, the two of them will be the only two Have Nots. Karen is coming in hot to get the articles of clothing, first getting Sindy’s flip flops. She then finds that Kevin is in the hot tub with Bruno. She gets Bruno to give her his hat. Kevin then gets Bruno to change swim trunks with him She ‘spills’ a drink on Dillon’s sweatshirt, then gets him to give it to her to wash. Kevin starts kissing William and takes off his sweater and puts it on. He tells Karen that he did it because he’ll do anything to accomplish their mission, but that he didn’t mind taking one for the team. Karen gets Demetres to take off his shirt because fans will want to see him shirtless. Karen then gets Ika to hand over her bra. Mission accomplished and the houseguests celebrate that there are no Have Nots this week. They’re all tipsy.

Dre talks with William because she is afraid that Kevin is going to hurt William. She tells him to make sure that he doesn’t spill their secrets to Kevin since he is drunk right now and to try and get as much info from Kevin as possible. Kevin spends the night with William in the HOH room. William tells Kevin that he doesn’t want to get played by him. Kevin says in the DR that he is there to win the game so he checked his morality at the door and will use his sexuality or anything else to win. (What a douche!)

Dillon admits that he has feelings for Emily. He feels guilty because he has a girlfriend outside the house. They both admit in the DR that they have feelings for one another. Dillon tells Emily that he has to at least try to make things work with her. He tells her that he’s going to always think she’s so beautiful, to which she replies, “You’re literally perfect.”

So, we have two new showmances, one real and one not so much. Everyone knows that Kevin is playing William as he has told multiple people and viewers in his DRs. It’s gotten back to William, and Dre tells him that he needs to guard his heart.

The houseguests have a task to divide into teams of makers and tasters and create Kraft peanut butter snack bites that reflect the personalities of the tasters. If they get at least 4 answers correct, they will receive prize. The houseguests successfully complete the task with all tasters correctly guessing which snack ball corresponded to them. They earn a backyard campfire, and it is a break from the game. All the houseguests slept together downstairs in sleeping bags. Yep, it’s as cheesy as it sounds.

Emily and Dillon aren’t even attempting to hide their affection for one another, so Ika thinks that breaking them up is a better option than Jackie. Jackie and Bruno both suggest the Emily and Dillon be the nominees, while Dillon and Emily don’t even bother speaking with William to attempt staying off the block.

William’s shortlist for nominations includes Jackie, Bruno, Dillon and Emily, and Dillon and Emily are nominated. William explains that their names came up in many conversations and that they never came to speak to him. Ika feels torn because she wants to remain loyal to The 6, who are pushing for Emily to be evicted. William and Dre want Dillon to be evicted if nominations remain the same. Ika explains that if she and Demetres don’t vote the way William and Dre want, they will damage their relationships with them, Sindy will lose her connection to Dre and William’s trust in Kevin will disintegrate if they vote against his target. However, either of the nominees can go because they are targeting her and Demetres.

Episode 13:
Dillon is pissed that he and Emily are nominated. He is aggressive towards William. (On feeds, William alludes to feeling threatened a few times.) Dre defends William telling Dillon that the people that he thought he was aligned with are the ones who told William to put them on the block, and that he and Emily should have at least talked to William before the nominations. Rookie move to not even speak to the HOH!

There is a birthday party complete with cake, mimosas and a gift from home for Dre, Sindy and Bruno who all have April birthdays. This leads to tears from Bruno and then Dillon starts bawling because #DillonHasANiece. He cries to Ika, who is supportive and understanding because she misses her sons. Karen is a DR star with the snarky comments. She makes fun of Bruno and Dillon for crying.

For the POV competition, the players are William, Emily, Dillon, Dre, Kevin and Karen. The competition is called “Flip It to Win It” sponsored by The Brick. It’s a knockout style competition. The players must select which furnishings are featured from a slide show. In round 1, Dillon beats William. In Round 2, Emily beats Karen. In round 3, Kevin beats Dre. In round 4, Kevin beats Emily. In round 5, Dillon and Kevin are vying for the POV and a $5,000 gift card from The Brick.

Dillon asks Kevin to throw the competition to him and even tries to bribe him with $2,500. Kevin declines the bribe and wins the POV. He then is given an opportunity to flip over sofa cushions and match 2 cushions with the word Win on the bottom to win another $5,000. Kevin does it, so he earns $10,000 and the POV. Afterwards, Kevin tells Dillon and Emily that he doesn’t think he can use the veto to save them because another ally will go up in their place. He is doing this to prove loyalty and value to The 6 and to William.

It’s gotten back to William that Kevin has told multiple houseguests that William is just a boy toy that he is using for game purposes. He’s told viewers that in his DRs. Dre doesn’t want William to get hurt by Kevin. William is pissed at Kevin and decides that turnabout is fair play. He wants to play Kevin the way that Kevin has been playing him.

Dre says that they should get Kevin to use the veto to save either Dillon or Emily and tell him that they are going to backdoor Jackie. William tells Kevin that he should use the veto because he thinks it is better for his game if they get Jackie out this week since she is coming after Dre, is a flip-flopper and liar. Kevin is very excited when William tells him this and agrees to use the POV.
As Kevin enters The Bridge to determine what to do with the veto, he says that he is very confused. While he wants to use the veto, he is afraid that William is going to nominate someone other than Jackie. Kevin comes out of The Bridge and says that he has decide not to use the POV.

Here’s what’s bad about the edit of this episode. On the feeds, houseguests were talking about Emily’s scathing speech directed at Bruno, Kevin and Neda because they were supposed to be her alliance. During the episode, neither Dillon or Emily’s speeches were shown. Nominees always make speeches during POV Ceremonies. After the ceremony, Dillon, Emily, Bruno and Kevin had a big argument with Kevin and Bruno tripping over their lies. Then, Bruno became extremely verbally aggressive and disrespectful towards Emily with a lot of f-bombs. Dillon was pissed! Frankly, Bruno came off as a bullying Emily.

The edit also left out infighting among The 6. Bruno and Neda did a lot of Ika and Demetres bashing, even after Ika insured the safety of Bruno from the front or backdoor during William’s HOH. (Ika got to Kevin before the POV and told him that Bruno might go up if he uses the Veto.) Neda attempted to make Ika and Demetres targets of Kevin, Sindy, Jackie and Dillon. Bruno and Neda are even discussing nominating Ika and Demetres themselves if they win HOH. It’s a shame that all of this was edited out as there will likely not be time for this to be included in Thursday’s Double Eviction episode. Two evictions and 2 competitions must take place during the hour-long episode. On the bright side, Arisa Cox tweeted that second HOH comp after the double is endurance and will be streamed on the live feeds.

Please come back for Part 2 of this special double eviction week recap blog.

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