#BBCAN5 Week 3 Live Feed Updates and Spoilers


Neda won The Mostly Young and Reckless HOH competition. Neda has hated Cassandra since Week 1, when Cassandra apparently said something about backdooring Neda. This has marinated in Neda’s mind since then. Neda took her conversation with Cassandra before nominations, twisted her words and has spent her HOH saying that Cassandra wanted her to nominate those with which she has been aligned. No surprise that she nominated Cassandra as her target and Jackie as a pawn because she has been hanging around with Cass.

Have Nots are Cassandra (2nd week in a row), Bruno, William and Demetres. William is not doing well with the Have Not life.

What will Neda do when she no longer has Cassandra in the house to bash in every conversation? She pinned everything that has happened in the house on Cassandra and is completely ruthless in the way she’s treating her. She has Mean Girl HOH-itis. Her immunity has gone to her head, and I believe Canada is going to dislike her for the way she is handling herself.

Jackie, who proclaimed that Cassandra was her #1 ally after Dallas was evicted, went around to houseguests and spilled any secrets the two had shared, embellishing along the way. This drew anger and suspicion from Dre and William, who had been aligned with Jackie. They no longer believe her to be trustworthy, nor do the rest of the houseguests. She can’t be trusted to keep her mouth shut.

During the veto competition, it is rumored that houseguests cheered when Cassandra was eliminated. Obviously, that wasn’t shown on the feeds, but that’s what the BB Twitter streets said. William won the POV. Cassandra’s fellow houseguests Bruno and Kevin told her after the competition that they were voting to send her home. In fairness, Cassandra did say Bruno and Kevin’s names to Demetres to keep Dallas from being backdoored, not knowing that there was an alliance of 6 with Ika, Sindy, Neda, Bruno, Kevin and Demetres.

Dre was in Cassandra’s corner and believed that Ika, Gary, William, Demetres and Karen would vote to keep her. Dre worked on getting William to use the POV on Cassandra, but he’s afraid that Dre will be put up as the replacement nominee. If only he knew that Gary would be the replacement nominee since Neda has already moved onto next week and is naming who the next HOH should target. Again: Mean Girl HOH-itis. No consequences are coming next week, so Neda decided she’s going to lie to Dre about Gary dropping her name and vice versa so they target each other. Yet, Cassandra is supposedly the biggest liar and manipulator in the house. Neda thinks she is running the house. Everyone is bringing her information, and regardless of what it is, she is spinning it to point back to Cass.

Ika became angry at the things that got back to her from Jackie through Neda, though she didn’t tell Cassandra specifically what was said. She told Cassandra on Sunday night that she wouldn’t have the votes to stay even if Ika voted to evict Jackie, and she wouldn’t tell Cassandra which votes she needed to work on. Cassandra initially thought that Ika was joking when they first started talking, and she jokingly referred to Ika as ‘Dumbo.’ Ika got really snippy with Cassandra and said, “I’m Dumbo? You’re the one on the block about to go home.” Cassandra was taken aback by this conversation because she trusted Ika. Meanwhile, Ika has been stabbing her in the back repeatedly since week one. It was aggressive, and Ika went and bragged about it to Neda and Sindy, so she could be an extension of the Mean Girl HOH. Gary told Cassandra afterwards that he would work on getting Ika back on their side on Monday, but he’s been saying that he is grieving Cassandra leaving since she was nominated. He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth.

This weekend has been one where you want to reach through your computer screen, pull the houseguests into the pantry and tell them that they are not positioned in the house the way they think they are. Ika, Gary, Demetres, Dre and William are all in precarious positions and losing Cassandra will make the other side of the house stronger. The alliance of 6 has fractures with Kevin and Bruno partnered up with Dillon and Emily, and Neda has cozied up to those 4. Sindy has no idea that this other alliance is happening, but I don’t really care when Sindy goes home. Next preferably, so we don’t have to endure any more dance routines and talk of beauty pageants. Yawn.

William spoke with Cassandra on Sunday night after her conversation with Ika and some French conversation with Dre (no idea what they said). He told Cassandra that she was his all-time BBCAN favorite player, and he really wants to save her with the veto. He realizes that fans would want him to use the veto on her, but he thinks Cass would get the credit for him making that move. He fears that Dre will be the replacement nominee as punishment from Neda for saving Cassandra from certain elimination, but he is still considering it. Cassandra pointed out that even if Dre went on the block, she would have the votes to stay because at a minimum, Ika, Gary, Karen, William, Demetres and herself would vote to keep Dre. I was hoping that William would grow a pair and uses the POV to save Cass because things aren’t looking too good for this fan favorite, but that didn’t happen during the POV Ceremony.

Yes, I’m biased. I like Cass. Deal with it. She’s so persuasive she could make Fetch happen, which would be a perfect way to blow up the Mean Girl HOH. I’m not counting her out yet. Come on BBCAN production, get involved to save Cassandra. I mean, don’t make it feel rigged like BBOTT, but recognize that Cassandra is great for ratings and the feeds are going to suck without her.

Today, the house was punished for multiple reasons: cursing too much, Karen being disrespectful to production and flipping off Cassandra, houseguests speaking poorly of past houseguests, etc. The whole house was put on slop and there is no warm water. Karen is talking about self-evicting, and Gary is losing his mind. Fun feeds! Let’s be honest, Cass is on Day 11 of slop, and she isn’t complaining. These other houseguests are being very short-sited to get rid of her.

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