BB18 Week 5 Blog Recap


1_9yearsisaridiculousamountoftimejusttoswitchtocagefreeeggsSo Tiffany is still in the house and jig is up for the most part – Frank knows people flipped, but he’s not sure who because everyone that voted to keep Tiffany is lying to his face, obviously. And obviously, Natalie and Bridgette are upset that Bronte is gone, but they are maintaining their composure very well… This is when things start to get way more interesting because Frank is amped right now. After he sarcastically congratulates Da’, who is sitting on couch with Tiffany, on their “good week”, she busts out laughing and Tiffany follows Frank into Tokyo where the topic of conversation is who was targeting who first. Tiff is adamant that she was never targeting Frank.  After a few more mentions of her name, Da’ removes herself from the couch and proceeds to Tokyo. Now Da’ starts lying to Frank saying she doesn’t talk to him, she never told him anything about Tiff coming after Frank then she asks if they wanna discuss Frank talking to people about going after Da’. Frank admits that yes, he was talking to people, he wants to send her home and then Da’ realizes that she’s slipped back into her BB17 self and decides it’s time to remove herself from this situation saying “I ain’t afraid of no damn Frank”, as she walks back out to the living room. By the way, people in room watching all of this happen: Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah, Paul, and Bridgette. And Tiffany and Frank of course, and as soon as Da’ and Frank start going after each other, Tiff slides into the background and watches everything unfold.

2_yousocuteDaVonneKnowing she MUST do some damage control, Da’ pulls Frank into the UK room. First topic: What’s up with Frank targeting her? He says he just got a weird vibe from her and Da’ asks why he didn’t just come talk to her – he’s smarter than that! Frank says he might not be smarter than that (LOL) and honestly – yeah, you’re not coming off very smart in this game so far, Frank. Is it because Boogie’s not around to keep you in Chilltown? Nicole was on your side until you went and talked to Michelle after she TOLD YOU NOT TO because she would run right to Da’ with the info… Which she did and if you can’t figure out how Da’ knew you were targeting her, yeah – you’re not using your brain, man! Next topic: What were the votes, Da’? And LOL, Da’ smiles all coy-like and turns her face saying she doesn’t know, but Frank says he knows she knows what the votes were. Da’ tries to play this off, and says she didn’t flip on him, but Frank says she did. Next topic: Moving forward, Da’ says they need to trust each other, but Frank tells her that the only person he really trusts is Bridgette and she’s got a bum ankle right now. They hug it out after this, but Frank doesn’t fully trust Da’ and he isn’t buying anything she just said. And Da’ promises that as soon as she gets HoH, Frank is going out there to meet Julie, like immediately.

In the Safari room, it’s all Regret City with Paulie, James, and Da’
.  Da’ doesn’t think they need to worry about Tiff because she won’t be able to rake in the numbers. So, Tiffany is definitely Paulie’s target this week and unless someone volunteers to go on the block, he thinks it’s in his best interest to put Natalie on the block next to Tiffany. Later in the Have Not room, Regret City has relocated and now involves Da’, James, Zak, Corey, and Nicole. They shouldn’t have rocked the boat, not a good idea, but Da’ and Nicole are still in good spirits, laughing at their fumble. When Tiff walks into the room, a hush falls over the crowd then Da’, Corey, and James leave – when Tiff asks Nicole why people always leave the room when she walks in, Nicole shrugs it off saying she doesn’t know. Awhile later, Tiff gets Natalie out of bed because she needs to talk to someone…  Even though she’s still in the house, she knows she doesn’t have any allies because the people that voted for Bronte only did it as an F-You to Frank, not because they want to play the game with her. She has no one and she feels completely defeated. Natalie tells her not to feel that way, it’s just a game, and whenever she needs to talk, Natalie will be available to her. They hug it out and Tiff is left alone with her thoughts…

4_upstairsdownstairsThe next day, (or later, it’s hard to tell sometimes), Tiffany pulls Frank into the Have Not room for talk. She’s got nothing to lose so she might as well try to work with Frank – if she’s going out, she’s going out with a bang. She lets him know how upset she was when he started targeting her because she wanted to work with him and she tells him that all of “them”, especially Corey and Paulie, want him gone and she wants to blow up everyone’s games. Frank is down for this, and he thinks they should target Da’ and wouldn’t you know it, Da’ chooses this time to pop her head into the Have Not room, but she quickly leaves when she sees Frank and Tiff talking. And she heads right up to the HoH, where Paulie, Corey, Michelle, Zak, Nicole, and Paul are all hanging out, to report on the situation. Back downstairs, Frank and Tiff hug it out, she’s nervous, but he tells her not to be. It’s game on for them. Not long after Frank leaves the room, Nicole and Da’ join her – Da’ wants Tiff to meet her in the Safari room in ten minutes, then she walks out and Nicole tries to talk to Tiffany since she saw that Frank was in there with her and she knows they don’t get along and Nicole is just trying to make sure she’s okay. Tiffany is having none of this and just smiles and says okay a lot and is pretty much blowing Nicole off so she gives up and leaves the room.

In the Safari room with Da’, Tiffany is repeating all of Da’s questions and talking about how she plays the game right – emotional and loyal.  Tiff also relays to Da’ that she’s upset that none of the girls had her back like she thought they did – “You’re still here, right?” she says, then Tiff brings up Frank. At this point, Da’ reminds her that Frank only has Bridgette right now so he’s on the prowl for people to bring to his side and of course he’s gonna try to pull a powerhouse like Tiffany over to Team Frank. Zak walks in at this time, apologizes, then asks what’s goin’ on and Tiffany goes off about how no one ever talks to her, ever, then Zak asks if Frank and Bridgette are her buddies now or what. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Nicole and Paul begin to hear this conversation because Tiffany is talking louder and louder about how they can all have their little alliances and what not.  When Tiff starts getting emotional, Zak says something about not being able to talk to her if she’s gonna be like that – this really upsets Tiff – she sees how Zak is now, heartless. When Tiff covers her eyes and starts crying Zak leaves, and Da’, who was laughing, composes herself and tells Tiff that she needs to get head in the game and stop all this nonsense. Personally, Da’ feels bad for Tiffany, but on a game level… Da’ sits next to Tiff, pulls her in for a hug and holds her for bit, telling her to get it all out, but Tiff already did this.  Da’ tells her to stop taking things personally, use the information she acquires in the game, not as fuel for emotional outbursts. Tiff and Da’ end this conversation on a good note with each other.

6_hellocoreyThis episode’s recap is far too long so we’re gonna speed up since I’m behind schedule this week. So Paulie makes his nominations – Tiffany and Natalie, then we play the Roadkill, which is super difficult. The players have to hang “air fresheners” on ropes hung across the #BBRV, but any that drop are out of play and the person who has the most air fresheners in the least amount of time wins. And guess who wins?!  TIFFANY!   So Tiff tells Da’ that she won and that Corey will be her target. This makes Da’ feel pretty safe so she’s just gonna keep her mouth shut and be quiet for the rest of the week. Later, in Tokyo, Tiff tells Frank and Bridgette that she won and they discuss what she should do. Should she put up Corey or do a backdoor thing and put Nicole up instead? She decides to put up Corey. After the Roadkill Reveal, Tiff reveals that her strategy is to break up the couples who have been making moves together – Nicole and Corey, and Zak and Paulie. Nicole feels like a shot a Corey is a shot at her since he’s her best friend in the house, Corey thinks Frank nominated him, and Natalie feels totally alone and she doesn’t know what to do. In the Safari room, Paulie, Corey, Zak, Michelle, Nicole, and Da’ discuss stuff and things – the majority feel that Frank is the winner, and Da’ is keeping her mouth shut because she doesn’t want to make any more waves with Tiffany. Ultimately, to Paulie, it doesn’t matter who won it or who wins this Veto because Tiffany is going home.

7_dangerfordayIn Tokyo, Frank, Bridgette, and James are joined by Tiffany and there is discussion about her nomination and why she did it. The three of them don’t put too much effort into recruiting James to their side and he realizes that it’s best for him to just lay low. He’s not sure exactly where he’s at, but he’s happy being off the radar of both sides of the house. In the Safari room, Corey is talking to Frank about how there is no way Tiffany won that Roadkill and he’s “not sure” who put him up – Frank knows Corey thinks it was him and Frank reminds Corey that he told him both times he won the Roadkill. Frank also tells him that Bridgette wanted to put up him and Nicole last week, but that didn’t happen.  He says he has Corey’s back, but Corey isn’t buying any of it. Later, Frank joins Da’ on the couch and this is not good for Da’ at all because people are noticing and assuming that they are talking game, which they are, but it’s nothing really. Frank just wants more info about who flipped on him and Da’ isn’t giving up the goods. After Da’ helps Paul find his sunglasses, he heads into Tokyo and tells Paulie and Corey that Da’ is being weird, she’s talking game with Frank on the couch out there and blah blah blah. The three of them decide to work together in the Veto if possible to ensure they have the power, but if Tiffany pulls herself off, Da’ is going up and they will vote her out. NO. Just no. Da’ gives me good stuff for my blogs!

8_muchadoaboutmuffinsBefore the Veto players are picked, we learn that Paul makes the best muffins in the world, apparently. Everyone is super impressed with Paul the Muffin Man’s muffins, but not as impressed as Paul is with himself. The first time he ever used an oven was yesterday! It’s inconceivable that he is the muffin-making master of BB18. When it’s time to pick players, Paulie lets us know that he wants to pull Paul from the box and he does after he draws Da’Vonne. Tiffany is disappointed that Frank’s not playing and feels that this is her last chance for life. In the UK room after the ceremony, Frank and Bridgette do their best to support and rally Tiffany and wonder if Da’ would use the Veto on her if she wins it. As if on cue… Da’ joins them, but doesn’t say a word, gets into a bed, pulls the covers up to her head, and shuts her eyes. Veto time! In this comp, the players will look at a screen and race to arrange scoops of ice cream onto three cones how they appear on the screen. A random draw chooses the order and the first person in the line will choose their competitor, then the next person in line will choose someone, and so on, you get it. Corey is first, he chooses Tiff, and he actually wins the round because Tiff is too rattled to understand how this puzzle game works. Paul is next, he chooses Natalie, and he wins because it didn’t click for Natalie quick enough. Paulie gets to go next and he wants to choose Da’ so the boys can play around in the finals rounds, but Da’ wants to go last so she has a better chance of winning. Paulie chooses Da’, though, and he wins the round so it’s down to just Corey, Paul, and Paulie.

9_muchadoaboutmuffins2So! In the final rounds, the boys are trying to let Paul win so he can use the Veto on Corey keeping both the boys safe so Corey picks him for the next round. Since Corey is throwing this to Paul, Paul decides to take his sweet ass time, which wasn’t smart because Corey is making steady progress and gets down to his final scoop. He asks Paulie if he should win, Paulie says don’t win, but Corey doesn’t want to stand around all day waiting for Paul to finish so he sets his final scoop in place and hits the buzzer. In the final round, it’s Paulie vs Corey and Paulie decides to throw it to Corey and Da’ notices that Paulie isn’t playing as well as he did in previous rounds so she’s nervous about being put up on the block if Corey wins and he does. So Da’ is nervous now and so is Nicole because she’s convinced it’s her butt that’ll be on the block since she’s connected to Corey. Immediately after the comp is over, Paul notices Da’ is a little upset, she’s crying a little – so does Tiffany and Da’ being upset makes her upset because Tiffany thought she and Da’ were on the same page, but if Da’ is concerned about Tiffany putting her up as a replacement nom… Then Da’ must not really be playing with her. After the HGs are let back into the house, Corey reveals to us that he’s not sure what to do with the Veto, but DUH, he’s going to use it on himself. In the bathroom, Da’ expresses to Frank that she’s nervous about going up and he tells her that Tiffany trusts her and he doesn’t see her nominating Da’, but as Da’ says – she’s a pretty big target and Tiff wants a bigger target than herself to go up on the block next to her…

10_fliesonthewallsUp in the HoH, Paulie, Paul, Corey, Nicole, and Michelle have gathered and they are talking about what’s going down this week – no matter what happens with the Veto, Tiffany is the target and they can’t let Frank or Tiffany or Bridgette sway their votes to anyone else. Paulie says they all just need to relax and focus on next week. Down in the Have Not room, Tiff and James are hanging out when Da’ walks in, has a seat, and asks Tiff what she’s gonna do if Corey takes himself off the block.  Da’ says she only came in to ask that question, no big deal.  When Da’ leaves, Tiff unloads on James about how sketchy Da’ is and Tiff thinks it’s very selfish of her to be all concerned about going up on the block.. Tiff has decided that she should put up Da’Vonne as the replacement and back up in the HoH, Da’ expresses to the group that has gathered up there that she knows she’s going up, she just knows. Paulie reminds her that no one in their group has anything to worry about because they are in power, they have the numbers. Back downstairs, Tiff tells Frank her plan to put up Da’ and he agrees it’s her best bet, then Tiff tells Frank about the Fatal 5 and how Da’ made another final five with the two couples. When Paul joins them, she tells him that she won the Roadkill, he’s totally safe, not going up, and that she’s nominating Da’ because she’s been pitting her and Frank against each other and messing with her since Day one. Paul is shocked to hear all this, then we cut to…

11_iftheyhadtelepathyThe Veto Meeting! Corey, of course, uses the Veto on himself and Tiff does what she says she was going to do and replaces him with Da’Vonne who is pissed enough to flip her hair at Tiff after she sits down and hugs Natalie. Tiffany doesn’t care about the hair flip and Frank thinks it’s a sign that Da’ is cracking, but that isn’t the case. In the backyard, Da’ tells Paul and Zak that she is fully aware that those two want her to explode and she’s not going to give them any satisfaction. Later, Da’ is lounging on the hammock and Paulie joins her while Tiff and Bridgette stare at them from the couches. He says the are just trying to rattle her, she’s safe, Tiff is the target because he doesn’t want to keep a wounded animal around in the game. To switch gears, we cut to a new situation: Natalie is going to attempt cooking with slop and she asks Paul to pop outside to see if James wants any and James says he can cook his own food so his answer is no. This upsets Natalie because she was trying to be nice and later, they talk in the Have Not room because Nat is also upset about James cuddling with other girls, they patch things up and their true feelings for each other are revealed – she likes him, he likes her and now it’s #BBOfficial – they are totes in Showmance City.

12_ohnodayIn the Storage room, Frank is with Corey and Paulie trying to present his case of keeping Tiffany around and voting Da’ out instead. Corey sees his points, but Paulie isn’t swaying – he wants Tiffany gone this week because they will get another shot at Da’. Meanwhile in the backyard, Tiff is exposing Da’ to Nicole, telling her about all the talking Da’ has been doing all over the house, and how she told Tiff about the foursome of her, Corey, Paulie, and Zak. Nicole can’t believe it because they all had her back. Next, Tiff hits up Paulie in the Safari room, mentions that Da’ told her about the foursome, says he’s not her target. Paulie is pretty surprised since he thought he and Da’ were working together pretty well. He’s happy to have the info. Cut to most of the HGs in the kitchen with the exception of Zak and Michelle, who are in the HoH and Da’ is on her way up there noticing the situation in the kitchen, noticing that Tiff is all happy go lucky with everyone, and she doesn’t like it. She knows Tiff is playing hard to stay. Michelle can’t believe Tiff is working with the guy that was gunning for her last week and they wonder if they shouldn’t go down there. Later, Da’ talks with James a bit in the living room because they are good to talk to. She says they have to cut the showmances out, but Da’, James is in a showmance! She says his showmance isn’t as threatening – it’s third on the list. So cutting showmances makes him nervous and he can’t believe Da’ is even bringing it up because she’s just revealed to James that he and Natalie are on his list. So… James heads into the Storage room with Paulie and he tells him about the conversation he just had with Da’ and Paulie is less than impressed and he is now on the fence about who he wants gone this week.

13_byebyeTiffanyThe next segment in the show are spots featuring Cody and Vanessa talking about Paulie and Tiffany, respectively, and we’re gonna skip over that because it really has nothing to do with the game and it’s time to vote next so! After we talk to the nominees, the votes start rolling in and it’s a landslide for Tiffany. Everyone voted for her and of course she’s excited for the opportunity to win the Battle Back. After the interview, we get to see what the evicted HGs have been doing while they have been sequestered! Glenn’s been doing a lot of cooking and blames his team for not doing better in challenges as the reason why he was evicted, but he’s excited to get back in there. Jozea blames Da’ for his eviction and if he comes back, he’s coming for her and he’s been playing volleyball! And he says he won’t be as cocky as he was before… We’ll see. Victor has been working out mostly and knows he only has himself to blame for leaving the house. If he gets back in, he’s going after Paulie. Finally, Bronte, who hasn’t been out of the game for very long, and has been enjoying swimming and tanning! But if she gets back in, she’s gonna be in the business of being brutal instead of being nice. Can’t wait to see how that plays out! And mwah ha ha ha ha ha! I already know how it plays out, and I know the HoH AND the nominations, I think… but I’m not saying a word, not a SINGLE word, but I have left a clue in this blog about who is NOT coming back. 😉 Oh, and by the way! There are no more teams and no more BBRoadkill competitions so there will only be two people on the block from now on, BUT… Expect the unexpected! And there are SECRETS to be discovered… It’s a secret room.


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