#BB18: Battle Back Competition Results


The Battle Back competition results are in! The Battle Back competition was a series of 4 competitions with the first 5 evictees going head to head for a chance to get back into the Big Brother house. The 1st evictee faced off against the 2nd evictee and the winner faced off against the 3rd evictee. The winner of that competition faced off against the 4th evictee. Finally, the winner of that comp faced off against the 5th evictee. So with these odds, Tiffany is the heavy favorite to come back in the house being that she only has to win one comp.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 7.14.53 PMFirst up, we had Glenn vs. Jozea! They are playing the log competition that was the 2nd HOH competition of this season which Paulie won. Looking at pure physicality, Jozea is the favorite to win this one. The competition was a close one. They added a poison berry that allowed you to empty out your opponents stack of berries. Jozea used his at the perfect time and wiped out Glenn’s berries which solidified his lead. Jozea wins the 1st round of the Battle Back competition.

Now, we have Jozea vs. Victor!! It’s the competition that was the 3rd HOH competition of the season with the Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 7.57.53 PMbounces the balls off of the bouncy platform that looked like a tennis racket which Bridgette won. Since Victor won a competition while in the house, he really has the advantage because we know he can win he needs to. They modified it a bit for 1 on 1 where it was the 1st to hit their 5 targets wins. After an intense battle, Victor finally hits his final target. Victor wins the 2nd round of the Battle Back competition.

Next, we have Victor vs. Bronte! This competition was similar to the 4th HOH competition that Paulie won. They have to watch a series of images and match the houseguests picture to the descriptions such as “Who’s wearing sunglasses in 4 photos.” After a lot of back and forth, Victor finally rings it in. Victor wins the 3rd round of the Battle Back competition.

Lastly, we have Victor vs. Tiffany! Tiffany is the heavy favorite since she only needs to win 1 competition. It’s a puzzle where they have to scale all wall to put together a puzzle as well as place band names according to whatScreen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.13.31 PM the announcer said. Victor wins the last round of the Battle Back competition.

Victor is the champion of the Battle Back competition and re-entered the house.

The live feeds return tonight 7/22 at 9pm PST. For live feed updates, follow @BB18FEEDUPDATES on twitter.


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