BB18 Week 4 Blog Recap


1_frankistheretoplaySo Bridgette is HoH this week, but it’s the majority consensus that Frank will be running the show, as if Bridgette is incapable of making her own decisions based on what is best for her own game. Right after the comp, in Tokyo with Paulie, Frank asks Bridgette what she’s going to do, but she doesn’t know yet and this leads Frank to believe that she has no idea what to do with the power, but um, hello? She literally just won HoH and she has a lot of options. Of course she doesn’t know what she’s going to do yet! Later in the UK room, the Spy Girls are alone with James and Bridgette asks if he has any suggestions for her. He doesn’t, but he does remind her that it’s HER HoH and that people are going to pressure her. Meanwhile, in the Have Not room, Da’ tells Frank that Bridgette makes her really nervous, but he tells her he’s not worried. Frank is going to get Bridgette to put up Tiffany and Bronte or Paul everything is going to be groovy. After Tiffany talks to Corey in the Bathroom for a bit about how she thinks Frank is going to get Bridgette to put up two girls, we cut to Frank and Bridgette alone in the UK room…

2_frankfrankfrankWhen asked what her ideas for nominations are, Bridgette tells Frank that she’s targeting either Nicole and Corey or Tiff and Corey. DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! First, Frank tells Bridgette that he and Corey are pretty buddy-buddy and that connection could be useful later. She knows he wants Tiffany to be nominated and he says there would be virtually no backlash from anyone if she was evicted. And she can put up Paul as a pawn and doubts Paul will harbor a grudge towards her because he’s not that type of guy. Bridgette says “we’ll see” and tells us that she’s going to do what’s best for her game. There is brief talk of the little flirtmance going on between Nicole and Corey and she wishes he would stop flirting with her because it’s distracting because he’s sooo good-looking and she’s trying to keep things strictly professional this time!!! Then we cut to Frank’s joking around with the ladies of the house and it’s not going over so well. He takes things too far, makes inappropriate comments, there has been ass-slapping and booty-pinching, not to mention the name-calling. For Frank, this is all good, clean fun, but for the ladies at the punchline of his jokes, not so much.

3_frankisintroublenowWho wants to see Bridgette’s HoH room?! Finally, we are seeing an HoH room! I feel like we haven’t seen on yet this year so it’s about time, but that time is brief because before you know it, we’re back onto Frank’s antics. As Da’ leaves the HoH, Frank gives her a soft kick to the leg, she says something like “whoa with your big ass” then he says “shut yo damn mouth, woman” then she says “shut YO damn mouth” and continues on her way. In Tokyo, Zak, James, Michelle, Nicole, Corey, and Paulie are all hanging out and they ask Da’ what he said – they tell her to stay calm and she heads into the Have Not room. All the girls follow her and Da’ is in tears. She is trying to maintain, but it’s hard with Frank acting the way he acts and calling her a slut – how’s she supposed to deal with that? Soon after, the girls have left and Da’ leaves the room, passing by Frank on her way to the kitchen and he slaps her ass and the boys in Tokyo, Paulie and Corey, hear her say “stop hitting me on my ass, Frank”, they watch Da’ go back into the Have Not room and they follow her. While the boys hug Da’, Frank walks in and his happy-go-lucky face quickly changes when the scene in the room is revealed. He makes with a quick apology, Da’ shuffles by asking him to stop, then finds retreat in the DR. She’s trying to raise a daughter and she doesn’t want her thinking it’s okay for boys to hit girls, and call them sluts, and tell them to shut their damn mouths. So Frank can apologize all he wants, but his joking around has made a permanent impression on Da’ and she’s going to get him out of the game. Later, Frank explains to James that all the butt-pinching and stuff is just a sign of affection in his family, his mom and grandma do it to him, he does it to them – it’s a show that he feels comfortable around someone. Even later, Frank pulls Da’ into the Safari room and apologizes, sincerely, and lets her know that he never had any negative intentions. Da’ smiles and nods, thanks him for apologizing and puts on a front of being over it, but this is not the case. Frank is still number one on her hit list.

4_alittlecomicreliefWhen the nominations are revealed, it’s clear that Frank also made an impression on Bridgette because her decision was to put up Tiffany and Paul. Both nominees take it pretty well even though Paul is a little annoyed because he thought he was building good friendship with Bridgette, and Frank couldn’t be happier. Of course, the nominations totally confirm to Da’ that Frank is in control of this HoH, later in the HoH room, thought, Bridgette tells Bronte that Frank had nothing to do with her nominations. Bronte says it doesn’t matter because Tiffany “knows” she’s up because of Frank and any backlash that happens because of her HoH reign will be on Frank, not her. Bridgette doesn’t like this because she doesn’t want people to think she doesn’t have a backbone, but I say, better him than her! In the UK room, Zak comforts Tiff, who is keenly aware that it would be great for her to win the Roadkill, as it would for anyone on the block or in the house… What’s with all these DRs? I’m getting good expressions from a few people, but Da’ is the only one who seems to be herself in the Diary Room. Anyway, Tiff vows to Nicole that if she stays she’s gunning for Frank then we cut to phone fun time with Natalie and James who gives the phone booth in the UK room a ring from the HoH room. This leads to a cute segment about James and Natalie’s flirtmance, which could turn into something later because – omg – James is Natalie’s type and he totally digs her too and I think it’s adorable! After Nicole chokes on her water, it’s time for the #BBRoadkill comp…

5_lookoutFrankAnd apparently, when they play the video to announce this comp, it’s really loud and obnoxious because it always seems to startle the HGs, even after it has started and they’ve all heard it and expect to continue to hear it… This week in the #BBRV, it’s a Big Brother take on the game Simon – ya’ll remember that? You tap the buttons according to sound and light? Well this is just like that except it’s just horns on steering wheels and it’s called… Drumroll please… #HornStar… So! As usual, some people seem to struggle with the challenge of remembering the sequence, some seem to do very well and as is the new tradition, after everyone has locked in a time, the winner is revealed via tackle box. Frank wins. He’s very pleased that he will be able to decide on the third nominee, as well as the first two, this week… He’s not very good at hiding his win, though, because he makes remarks about Santa not being nice on Christmas, but Michelle, Tiff, Da’, and Zak aren’t buying it. No #BBBestActor award for Frank this week! Frank celebrates in the Bathroom with Nicole and Corey, fist bumps Da’ on his way to the Have Not room to join James, Zak, and Michelle. He jokes around about Michelle winning then says he knows she didn’t because he did. He reveals that he’s not going to tell Bridgette, he’s going to put up Bronte and if she wins the Veto, Natalie will be in the hot seat. After the #BBRoadkill reveal, Franks makes good on his word and Bronte is on the block. She doesn’t have a lot of hope and Bridgette is pissed. Whoever this Roadkill winner is better watch their back because when she finds out…


6_bigsecretsAfter the Roadkill Reveal, Frank tells Paul he’s safe, but Paul didn’t really need reassurance. He’s used to sitting on the block and anything can happen in the house so he’s just chillin’ and creating friendship. Bridgette tells Bronte that if she wins the Veto, she will use it on her because she’s really upset about this Roadkill winner messing with her HoH reign and putting up one of her best friends. They both agree the best case scenario for them is Natalie playing and winning the Veto so the group of them will be safe. And Tiffany is just hoping that Bronte is a bigger target than her. Later, in the HoH, Bronte feels like no one really knows her so she’s going to reveal her big secret to the rest of her Spy Girls, and at first you’d think she’s going to tell the girls that her mom is sick or something with all the tears on her face. Bridgette and Natalie are bracing themselves for this huge impact, then Bronte tells them that she’s really a mathematician, she’s the “secret nerd” of the season and lol It’s just funny how dramatic this “big reveal” is in the beginning. A bit later, Frank finds his way up to the HoH and James is observing from downstairs. In the HoH, Frank comforts Bronte and tells her that he’s pretty sure she’s not a target, he thinks Tiffany is who everyone wants out, and he even says if she picks him to play and he wins Veto, he’ll take Bronte off the block… Meanwhile, in the bathroom, James is reporting to Da’ that he thinks Frank is pulling the girls upstairs to his side, but Da’ is sure that won’t work. She also asks James to tell the girls not to trust him.

7_phonesareuseful!Ring! Ring! I freakin’ LOVE that the HGs have phones they can actually use to talk with each other. It adds an element to the game that we’ve really never had before because working phones is a huge advantage – the opportunity to have a very private conversation without being seen together with plenty of time to see someone walking in on you. Case in point: James and Natalie, who seem to be the only people actually using the phones… Natalie is calling from the HoH, James answers downstairs in the UK room and they talk a bit about Bronte then James leads Natalie into asking the right questions and making the right assumptions about who won Roadkill. When she guesses Frank, James points out that he did NOT say his name the he explains why Bronte needs to stay on the block and Natalie puts it together that she will be the replacement nominee if her fellow Spy Girl is Veto’d. James urges Natalie to keep this info to herself, she says she will, then Frank approaches and James starts telling Natalie that she’s hot and stuff. Frank asks James about making burgers, James mentions that he did the veggies, then Frank gets all “dad” and jokingly grounds James and tells him to get off the damn phone. Since “dad” is taking the phone away, James and Natalie hang up the phones. Later in the HoH bathroom, Natalie expresses that the three of them, the Spy Girls, need to watch out for each other, then she expresses her concerns about Frank. Bridgette is concerned about James. There is a little conflict here because both girls trust their guys, but both are suspicious of the others. Natalie says this is good, but above all, they are looking out for each other, trusting who they trust until they can’t anymore and right now, they have to keep the little butterfly, Bronte, safe.

8_inYOFACETime to pick players for the Veto! And wouldn’t you know it, the first name Bridgette pulls from the box is Bronte and instead of picking Frank, she chooses Natalie. Frank’s not happy about this because if Natalie wins, she’ll take down Bronte and they will both be safe and he’ll have to put up one of his allies. The #Fatal4 are all in the bathroom before the comp freaking out about Natalie being chosen because they know the consequences if she wins as well and they are worried one of them will go on the block if that happens. Time for the POV and it’s the now traditional “pour ingredients into a vat and hope it doesn’t explode in your face” competition. Tiffany is stoked because her sister won this comp in her season so she has some high expectations for herself. And guess what! The winner of this comp will also win an Outback Steakhouse dinner for their team. So let’s get to it! In the first round, both Natalie and Bronte are glitterbombed in the face -they are out. In the second round, Paulie’s DR session is interrupted by his vat exploding in his face, leaving Tiff, Paul, and Bridgette. Round three is bad news for Tiffany, though, because she doesn’t pour the right ingredient and as the glitter dust surrounds her, Frank celebrates with Corey and Paul and Bronte thanks Jesus that Tiffany is going to stay on the block. So! Final Round goes to Bridgette and she wins the Veto and a steak dinner for #Catagory4. After the comp, Frank celebrates her win by doing one of his signature “spin and bump into each other” moves, but knocks Bridgette to the ground, she hurts her ankle, and ends up in crutches. Frank feels bad, but it IS signature move and he’s done it with a lot of people so – Bridgette’s getting a low five next time she wins something. lol

9_revealingAfter the comp, Tiff is crying in the DR about how everyone is comparing her to her sister and she keeps losing comps and omg… The only person I see comparing Tiffany to her sister is Tiffany. Lighten up on yourself, girl! Why would you WANT to be like your sister? Yeah, she got far, but she didn’t win so maybe it would be a better strategy to NOT play so much like your sister? Maybe it would be best if you were yourself and played your own game with your own strategy and make it known that you’re NOT your sister? I think maybe losing a few comps is a good thing for you, but I’m not in that house and we’re moving on… Up in the HoH bathroom, the Spy Girls are talking about Bridgette taking Bronte off the block; Bronte really wants her to use the Veto on her, even though Tiffany is going home this week. Natalie makes it known that she will go up, she just knows she’s on the list of the person who won the Roadkill, even though she doesn’t know who it is, and she’s okay with it. She’ll take one for the team. Both Bridgette and Bronte are suspicious of Natalie’s behavior and Bronte decides to ask James some questions so later, in Tokyo, Bronte asks if he knows who won Roadkill – while she’s changing, like, just wearing her bra with the straps down, pulling shirts on and off of herself. James can’t help, but look, and he dances around the questions well, but lies about knowing who won, and eventually, he turns to face the wall. Bronte accepts James’ dodging of the questions and then it’s time for the Outback Steakhouse reward. And Bridgette gets to choose another team! She chooses #BigSister since it’s Zak’s birthday and so maybe Da’ and Frank can reconnect a bit over beer and food.

10_itsaTRAPOf course the dinner is great for those participating and those not in the backyard are not enjoying themselves near as much inside the house. James wishes he would have told everyone it was HIS birthday then we cut to Natalie and James chilling out upstairs on the balcony. He’s really glad that Natalie didn’t say anything and Bronte asking him about the Roadkill winner was proof that she didn’t. He is upset that he had to lie to Bronte, and Natalie is upset about lying to her best friend in the house too, but they are in this together and they are going to be really honest with each other in this game. They totally trust each other and have each other’s backs and I know everyone in the house kinda knows there is a little thing between Natalie and James, but I think there are bigger fish to fry and if they time it right, they could make a HUGE move later in the game that could take them both to the end. After the Outback dinner, Frank and Bridgette are up in the HoH room and she snuggles up to Frank, who takes his opportunity to pull some more trust out of her by telling her that he won Roadkill and put up Bronte. Bridgette says she understands the strategy and she isn’t mad at all. Feeling a good vibe from Bridgette’s snuggling, liking the fact that he totally has this girl under his thumb, tells her that he won the first Roadkill and put her on the block. Bridgette actually THANKS him for that, but doesn’t really give a good reason as to why then it’s more blah blah blah I trust you, Frank, you’re a beast and omg… Bridgette… Listen to Natalie! She’s trying her best to get you to see that Frank is playing you, shorty! Ugh! lol


11_thefatalsmakeamoveSo! The Veto ceremony… Bridgette decides not to use it on Bronte and the nominations stay the same. Frank’s pretty happy for another successful week in the BB house and Paul is stoked that a girl will most likely be going home this week ending the trend of voting out boys. Later, Da’ and James are talking in the UK room and as much as Tiffany drives her crazy with all the paranoia, Da’ thinks it might be better to keep her around to help them get Frank out as soon as possible. James thinks they could pull the votes together to make it seem like no one flipped on Frank. When Michelle walks in, they ask her how she feels about it and she says she would be down if they can get the numbers. James think Nicole and Corey could be those votes. Da’ and Michelle talk to Nicole about keeping Tiffany and she also thinks it’s a good idea. Tiffany is a bigger target than any of them and she is gunning for Frank too so why would they vote her out? It sucks for Bronte, but it’s a better game move. Later, in the bathroom, Da’ and Nicole present the idea to Zak and point out all the reasons to keep Tiffany and they suggest she probe Paulie for his thoughts voting for Bronte to leave this week. The two of them talk in the backyard in the hammock while Nicole and James are there and Paulie isn’t really digging this vibe of keeping Tiffany. She’s dangerous and he’s not sure that…

12_jamesisplayingBBsoisfrankOh wait! Look at who we all have in the backyard! We have Nicole, Zakiyah, Paulie, Corey, and James and James decides that it’s time to step up and say some words. He wants to know how they are all gonna vote, what are they gonna do? What’s best for their games and blah blah blah. Nicole is all, like, “omg what are you doing? Stop it” and they start having a more private convo about the situation. Both Corey and Paulie think Tiffany is the bigger threat, Bronte can’t win comps, but Bridgette can and then Michelle joins them. Michelle says she would totally vote Bronte over Tiffany, Paulie points out that Vanessa started out soft too, just like Tiffany is being now. Nicole hates this because Paulie makes good points, but as she points out – after they vote out Tiff, who is Frank’s new target? Probably one of them…  Later in the bathroom, Frank and Nicole are alone and her suspicions are basically confirmed when he starts talking about next week, how he keeps their conversation between him and her, and he all, but says his target will be Da’. Nicole isn’t against the idea, but doesn’t know how they would do it, but Frank does – Roadkill. Alone with Bridgette, he says they have to fight for Roadkill and that he thinks they should work with Nicole and Corey; she’s not sure about Corey, but Frank is and later, he talks with Nicole again out by the pool and by now, Nicole is liking this foursome with Frank, Bridgette, and Corey – IF they vote out Tiffany. When Frank brings up Michelle’s name, Nicole is very adament that he NOT SAY ANYTHING TO MICHELLE because she won’t be on board and she’ll tell Da’ so what does Frank do? First opportunity he gets, he asks Michelle how she feels about voting Da’ out and mentions that Nicole is on board and omg…

13_frankisshockedLet’s  speed things up big time because I’m super late in posting this week – Sorry! I have extra time off for the next blog….SO! Nicole does her best to play off the whole Frank thing, but Da’ knows it’s an act, but for now, she seems cool about it. Later, Corey, Michelle, Paulie, Nicole, and Zakiyah are talking about the eviction and how they should flip this vote. They don’t want it to be obvious, so they decide to split the vote, which, as Corey points out, will spin Franks mind so much that he’ll be distracted from the HoH lessening his chances of winning it. They just won’t confirm with James and Da’ that this is plan so the flip won’t be so pronounced. So let’s get to the eviction. Tiffany’s “don’t vote me out” speech is crazy – she refers to Frank as a dictator and Bridgette as his Cabbage Patch kid or something. Of course, Paul is all about friendship and Bronte is just happy to be there. So, THE VOTES: Frank – Tiffany, Natalie – Tiffany, James – Tiffany, Michelle – Bronte, Nicole – Bronte, Zakiyah – Bronte, Corey – Bronte, Paulie – Tiffany!?!, Da’Vonne – Bronte. So the Bronte is outta the house for now and is really glad she didn’t act snooty on her way out since she has a chance to get back in there! After Bronte’s interview, it’s time for the HoH comp and it’s a quiz and Paulie wins. WELP! There goes the plan to get Frank out next week! lol So – The Battle Back show will be THIS FRIDAY, July 22nd on CBS and I will include it with the blog recap for Week Five. Until then… Eric does weekly video recaps and you should watch them because he’s great and so are his guests and you have to check out all of our Big Brother 18 coverage.


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