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Our favorite summer guilty pleasure is back for a second season. We get the pleasure of watching love bloom, hearts break and some great cat fights again with Bachelor in Paradise. The show where the heart-broken cast offs from previous Bachelor’s and Bachelorettes come to mend their broken hearts and get some tail. Some will find love and most won’t but we will have a great time watching the most dramatic season EVER!

So who is here to entertain us for the next 6 weeks. For the girls we have from Chris’ season Jillian most famous for her teeny tiny shorts and her need for a black bar on her ass for 90% of her screen time. It’s nice to see that black bar person at ABC still has a job. Ashley S, who you ask? Onion girl! Got it now. Yes the bat shit crazy girl who thought accounting was a betting ring and talked to cats is back! Jade is ready to find love. She made it to hometowns with Chris then he found out she posed naked for playboy and he dumped her. Fun loving, country singing and girl with the sass Carly here with her besties from Chris’ season. Ashley I is back and rumors are she is no long a virgin. Lastly from the snooze season is Juelia. She was the single mom who was one of Chris’ two widows. You may not remember her because she was the non pyschotic widow. Chris sent her home the day she told him her husband committed suicide.  You can’t have Bachelor in Paradise without Clare Crawley. She is famous for going to far with Juan Pablo in the ocean, she almost found love last season but was left pouring her heart out to a raccoon. Lastly we have Tenley always a bridesmaid never a bride she was runner-up on Jake’s season of The Bachelor and Season 2 of Bachelor Pad. She dated Kypton Locke for a while there, but that has ended and now she’s back looking for love.Rumor has it we will be having a mystery girl show up to. I bet you any MONEY it’s Michelle Money because she can’t NOT be on a spin-off of The Bachelor. She did both season’s of Bachelor Pad and found love with Cody from Andi’s season last summer in Paradise but that has since ended.

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Now for the boys. We are digging deep here, and while I watched Des’s  season I can’t remember these guys for the life of me. We’ve got Dan who just didn’t open up fast enough and the poor guy split his pants open and was send home. Mikey  who was sent home and after that a controversial conversation is his claim to fame but he says he’s now looking for love. From Ali’s Kirk, the guy who creepily took Ali into his dad’s basement full of stuffed dead animals is back to try his luck as well. The rest of our men are from Kaitlyn’s season. We have Jonathon, and earlier cast off but since he was there for Britt there is no wonder his connection with Kaitlyn was off,  JJ the guy that we thought was going to hook up with Clint and he turned on his bromance when the going got tough, Jared, the guy who came for Britt, but ended up falling for Kaitlyn instead and he’s got really bad hair. and Tanner who was just meh to me. The girls out weighs the guys this season which leads me to believe that we are going to have some surprises  thrown our way.

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Do you see any of these people finding love together? I have to say editors have done a great job with the preview clips, they are some of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in a long time. We’ve got ambulances, pregnancy scares and the season begins with couple of the year from last summer Marcus and Lacey getting married. Bachelor in Paradise premiers Sunday at 8est/7ct on ABC. Check back here for our weekly blogs in case you miss anything!



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