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After the surprising early elimination of Max and Elias the 11 remaining teams  are on their way out of the country to Santiago Chile! It’s the earliest we’ve left the country in three season and I am so excited to see what adventures are teams are in for! All teams are on the same flight so Shar and Susan catch a break and are now with the pack again. On this leg of the race 2 express passes are up for grabs so all the teams are racing with added incentive. Once they get to Santiago everyone must take a taxi to Geoaventura park for their next clue.

paragliding over Santiago Chile on Amazing Race Canada 3 episode 2It’s at the park they are faced with the Roadblock Who Wants a Better View? Well who doesn’t! ME! Whoever chooses this roadblock has to run off the side of a mountain and paraglide over Santiago. I am right there with Leilani who has a fear of heights. Matt and Nick arrive first and Matt completes the detour with no problems. Dana and Amanda, Brent and Shawn and Simi and Ope are all lost in translation and have cab issues. This seems to be an ongoing issue with the brothers. Finally they end up at the road block and complete it with no problems either. Nic and Sabrina have an upper hand here as they both speak 4 languages and spanish is one of them!

Hamilton Elliot and Michaelia Drever get the express pass on Amazing Race Canada 3 episode 2After getting their next clue they are all headed to an outdoor museum to find the painting Sanacio Equiilibrio for their next clue. Here they are to wander the museum and take selfies with 5 specific murals. I am shocked to hear that Matt and Nick and Brian and Cynthia have never taken a selfie. Who hasn’t taken a selfie? Once they finish that part they turn in their camera to get the next part of the clue. This challenge isn’t really hard it’s just a matter of finding the right paintings unless you are Nic and Sabrina or Susan and Sharn. Sabrina gets winded just walking and they end Dana Hayward and Amanda Johnson take selfies in Chile on The Amazing Race Canada 3 episode 2up taking a cab to their paintings. Susan and Sharn are just directionally challenged but they never give up. Exes Dujean and Leilani have to work out some communication issues but they get the job done. Watching them was like watching my husband and I. I just had to laugh at the bickering. Michaelia and Hamilton get the second part of the clue first which is to go to a children’s community center and help paint a mural. They are given a box of art supplies to give to the child helping them when they are finished. The trick here is the colors they need to paint their sections are in Spanish so they need to translate which the kids gladly help them with. It’s a nice break to collect your thoughts in the hustle and bustle of the race and Sharn can’t help but get emotional thinking of her own children. It’s a reminder that she needs to make more time for them. Michaelia and Hamilton are the first to finish their mural with Nick and Matt not far behind.

Brent Sweeney and Shawn Sweeney finish the detour on Amazing Race Canada episode 3Everyone is given the option to either find the express passes or go on to the detour. Michaelia and Hamilton, Nick and Matt and Brian and Cynthia all set out to Patio Bellavista to get the express passes. Michaelia and Hamilton beat out the other teams and now it’s on to the Detour.  Motion – where they need to learn a traditional Rapa Nui dance or Emotion –  where they need to find the historic library and each memorize a verse in Spanish of a poem and recite it perfectly. Pretty much every team picks motion. Gino and Jesse try their hand at Emotion but quickly change their mind. Nic and Sabrina with their language skills go to emotion as well. When Hamilton and Michealia arrive at the Motion roadblock Hamilton takes one look at the outfits and decides he can do it. Both outfits are extremely revealing and being transgender he is uncomfortable having to put those skimpy outfits on. They quickly and without regret opt to hand over their shiny new express pass and skip it all together. The hardest part of motion is that there is no one to teach you the dance you just have to pick it up.

Gino and Jesse have cab issues as well, theirs seem to abandon them so they had to lose time walking to the detour. Brian and Cynthia are out of the Detour first behind Michaelia and Hamilton. The wrestlers seem to get a handle on things quite easily and no surprise our dancers pick up choreography with ease. Nic and Sabrina over at Emotion blow in and out of there in 30 minutes. Susan and Sharn are still in last place.

Hamilton Elliott and Michaelia Drever finish first on The Amazing Race Canada 3 episode 2With the spare express pass in hand that they need to give out by the end of leg 4 and heading to Cerro San Cristobal Hamilton and Michaelia are team number 1 winning a trip for 2 to Delhi, India (this screams honeymoon to me!) and 6 months of free gas. Coming in behind them are:
2 Brian and Cynthia
3.Nick and Matt
4.Nic and Sabrina
5.Dujean and Leilani
6.Neil and Kristin
Amanda and Dana ran this hill to the pit stop on Amazing Race Canada 3 episode 2In spot 7 are Dana and Amanda who would have place 4th had their cab not dropped them at the bottom of the giant hill
8.Brent and Shawn
9.Simi and Ope
Battling it for the last spot are last legs winners Gino and Jesse and Susan Hayre and Sharnjit Gill are eliminated on The Amazing Race Canada 3 episode 2Susan and Sharn. It’s all about the cabs here. The boys had the lead on the girls but couldn’t find a cab and after some misguided directions from a local thought it’s only three streets we can walk it. They dind’tk now it was three streets and a massive hill. It was a foot race to the mat but Gino and Jesse squeaked in leaving Sharn and Susan to be eliminated. We stay in South America for the next leg of the race. Who is excited to see what comes next? Comment below and let me know what you think of the season so far and who your favorites are!

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