Why Andy Herren Plus Spencer Clawson Equal Comedy Gold


Andy, Spencer & Amanda BlogLet me start right off by saying I think we owe Spencer an apology.  We may have been a bit harsh on him during our comedic recaps of Big Brother 15 this past summer.  But it was all in the name of comedy and we never like to see (or joke about) anybodies personal life being effected due to reality show.   Some may say Spencer played a third place game along the lines of Adam Poch.  Yet, much like Adam Poch I think Spencer’s game was simply overshadowed by some of the other story lines from the season.  Add in a dash of social media hysteria (and people with too much time on their hands) … and well the rest, as they say is history.

I never took the time to reach out to Spencer post season because I figured he was dealing with more serious life issues.  Yet I was thrilled when one of our bloggers, Melissa got to spend time with him for her blog about this seasons Survivor cast.  That for me, was when I realized the funny and good hearted Spencer that we saw on Big Brother was back.  Now take everything I just said about Spencer and double it for Andy.  He played a great game people and deserved that win … (please just leave your death threats to me in the comments section below, my email is swapped these days).

andNow despite what you may love or hate about these two, that is not the point of this blog.  The the photos of them here (click to enlarge) are.  Because as you know, what we are all about is comedic video recaps, blogs, vlogs and podcasts around reality tv.  So when anybody can take a painful experience and turn it into something funny they get my full attention.   Andy has been traveling the world and sight seeing lately, while sharing it all with us on his twitter.   It’s been fun seeing his tweets and following his jaunts.  But I am not the only one who watches.  So doesspencer Spencer, and when he saw Andy tweet the picture (to the left ) he replied with the following, “@AndyHerren this is where you can stand with third place money!”  along with the picture to the right!  Now, I shit you not, this made me “LOL”!  And I’m not just throwing that “LOL” out there either!  I literally “LOLed” …  I also choked on my soda, as I spit it out onto my laptop.  Which, sidebar, how can I spin this so that the rat bastard Andy has to buy me a new laptop?   Seriously, I’d like to know.  So is it just me?  How much are we loving these two post season?  You should totally be following Andy and Spencer on twitter to read even more of their hysterical exchanges.  Of course, they are not the only serving up post season sarcasm that made me laugh.  Amanda Zuckerman has also create a “mean tweets” video some of your favorite reality stars as well.  I’m not sure how any of this pertains to our own comedic shorts, video mashups, or  all our Big Brother 15  weekly recaps, interviews and live feed breaking news shows… but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to promote them again!   I know that was so last summer… we are currently covering Survivor and The Amazing Race weekly (plus Bravo and more… use the “RECAPS” tabe above).  Any-whoo here is Amanda’s video:  

So check that out below and let me know what you think in the comments section below!  


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  1. we owe it to the hgs to get over ourselves . . . we get just as crazy as they do, but their excuse is better than ours 😉

  2. I think people have to get over what ever happened on the show. These people are human like you and me and nobody is Perfect or we would be saints. These people are very nice hg along with there parents. some people may have some emotional issues but it is not our place to judge them you only want to see them has they were on bb . It is a very emotional game and everyone handles there emotion’s different.. give people a chance….. and don’t be JUDGE and JURROR… good luck to all the bb 15 hg and may all your dreams come true…

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