The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 1 – Limos and Gowns and Tears Oh My


The bachelor premiered this week in a two episode extravaganza. I don’t know about you but I was SO ready for this!  Where to start? Sunday was an intro to Juan Pablo and a behind the scenes look into the casting process. Who is Juan Pablo Galavis?  He is a 32 year old single dad born in the US but he moved to Venezuela and then back to the US again. Our first Latino bachelor retired from professional soccer when his daughter was born so he could spend more time with her. I must admit that there is nothing sexier than a man who is so passionate about his kids  *swoon*

  We then went into a behind the scenes look into the casting process. Something tells me these ladies never thought these videos would ever see the light of day. Why else would you brag you can stuff your whole fist into your mouth. A quick survey of guys at work told me this is NOT attractive….EVER. Our free spirit pretty much humped Chris when you got the news she was on the show.  Free Spirit AKA Lucy bugs me!

  Then things got somber. It’s been 5 months since Gia took her life. This tribute to her was long overdue. After, what seemed to me, an awkward intro a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl was given.  RIP Gia 

   Now to Sunday and the Limos, the gowns, the antics and the tears!  Juan Pablo looked AMAZING!!! He definitely  fills out a suit well, and after some very good advice from soon-to-be-wed Sean Lowe he was good to go.  There were gimmicks like a fake baby bump (creepy), gifts to Camilla, the nurse, Nikki busted out her stethoscope ( I like her), a cheesy chemistry experiment and the obvious way to our bachelors heart, a soccer ball.  By far the best intro goes to my girl Lauren S on her Piano Bike.  Where do you get one of those.  I LOVED it.

  After some awkward hugs and initial sparks the cocktail party begins.  The liquor is flowing and all is good. The women are getting along fine then Chris brings in the first impression rose.  This brings out the crazy in some.  The women want there time!!!!! No one more then Lauren H. She looses her mind and can’t stop weeping. Poor Ashely gets stuck crazy-sitting! Nikki (the nurse got Juan Pablo first. Watch these two…..there is a definite spark.  Our free spirit really needs to put on some shoes. She is driving me crazy! Our weeper finally gets her time and dumps on Juan Pablo her tale of a broken engagement. Juan Pablo looked scared. Then there was Andi, our lawyer.  When talking to a man who is looking for a stepmother for his daughter, admitting you have no patience to read is probably not so smart..  Finally my Canadian girl Sharleen gets her turn. Their initial intro was awkward but he was digging her.  She does stand out from the other girls, but she is very aloof, and doesn’t seem to be digging our boy.  Let me say she is KILLING me. I want to love her, but she is making it hard. Her response to the first impression rose was    uh…..sure.   WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!

  The rose ceremony begins. Most awkward award goes to Kylie who when he called Kat came running down for the rose  EEEEEEK!!!  Our eliminated girls were  Alexis, Amy J,  Ashley, Christine, Kylie, Lacy, Lauren H, Maggie and Valerie.

3/4 of my pics to win are still in with Alexis being eliminated Lauren S, Sharleen and Victoria are still in it.

2/3 girls with an edge are still in, with Ashley being eliminated even after she crazy-sat Lauren H all night

1/3 of my  should be eliminated quick is gone. Dog Lover Kelly and Free Spirit are still there, but Weeper Lauren H was sent home.

I am calling Lauren S and Nikki being at the end!

My question at the end of this episode is Who is the girl in the bathroom wishing dead on Juan Pablo?????

See you next week



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