The Amazing Race Season 25: You’re Taking My Tan Off


This leg of The Amazing Race began with Bethany and Adam learning that they will be traveling to Singapore. Production has booked them a flight from Malta to Paris, but teams are responsible for booking a flight from Paris to Singapore. Of course, if they find better tickets than those given to them, teams are allowed to buy new tickets. Bethany & Adam book tickets to arrive in Singapore at 6:40 am. Both the dentists and the surfers bring up the alliance between everyone except the cyclists, which is important to remind the viewers of since there is a double U-turn this leg. The surfers tell the dentists about their flight, so the dentists book the same flight to arrive at 6:40 am. When the cyclists arrive, they learn about a flight that arrives at 6:00 am, connecting through Rome instead of Paris. The dentists are upset that Bethany & Adam didn’t realize they could book a flight other than the one designated by production, because the rule for this season is that once you buy tickets, you have to keep them. Everyone is worked up over a 40 minute lead, which will probably amount to nothing because it is so early in the morning. The scientists and wrestlers also end up on the faster flight. After landing in Singapore, the 3 teams in the lead took taxis and a ferry, then drank out of a coconut to receive their next clue.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.50.52 PMTeams now have a choice – to attempt the fast forward, Riding the Wave which consists of surfing a wave machine for two minutes, or look for their next clue at Marina Bay Sands hotel. The cyclists are the only team that chooses to go after the fast forward. The roadblock, High Wire Act, requires one team member to walk across a wire 600 ft above the ground, get their next clue, then walk back across to rejoin their partner. Maya & Amy finish the roadblock first, and are off to receive their next clue. The surfers arrive at the fast forward right as the cyclists fall off the surfboards again, making it seem like the cyclists will probably be eliminated this leg. The scientists reach the detour, and must choose Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.03.49 PMbetween China Cups – which requires teams to get detoxed by a deep tissue massage, get a skin exfoliator, and then endure suction created by glass cups and fire, and Chili Crabs- which requires teams to open cooked crabs smothered in chili sauce and collect two pounds to receive their next clue. As the scientists are leaving for the detour in a cab, the wrestlers ask where the clue is. Amy & Maya point them in the right direction, but Brooke & Robbie miss the man carrying a giant red and white poster on his back. Observation skills aren’t really the wrestlers strong suit.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.58.57 PMKym & Alli decide to wait to see if the surfers can complete the fast forward before giving up and going to the roadblock. Adam falls before they even let go of the ropes, giving the cyclists hope. At the roadblock, Jim falls midway across the tightrope, and has to go back to the beginning to restart. Maya & Amy chose China Cups, and are feeling a lot of pain from the initial deep tissue massage. Finally, Brooke & Robbie find the man carrying the clue, although they blame them taking so long to find it on Maya & Amy for not telling them that a man with a sign was carrying the clue. Brooke & Robbie are really Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.13.31 PMstarting to annoy me, because they always claim that nothing is their fault. They don’t really trust other teams – which I can understand, but don’t ask for help and then claim that they’re trying to trick you –  even when teams are helping them, and then they blame their misfortune (which is often caused by themselves) on other teams. At the fast forward, the surfers and cyclists are battling it out to remain in the competition. Adam & Bethany win the fast forward, essentially sealing the cyclists fate of being eliminated. Although they wouldn’t have saved much time, I think the cyclists should have left as soon as the surfers arrived. The pit stop for this leg of the race is Fullerton Pavilion, a floating dome. Adam & Bethany come in first and win a trip to Bali. When the wrestlers arrive at the China Cup detour to find the scientists screaming in pain, Brooke rubs it in their face by saying the massage feels amazing. Amy’s back looks like it is bleeding/badly bruised from the exfoliating step. Call me crazy, but when I heard someone screaming and crying out of pain, I don’t sit there and laugh at them like Brooke did.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.15.12 PMWhen the wrestlers reach the exfoliating step, Brooke starts screaming how painful it is. However, this doesn’t stop her from laughing again at Maya’s screams of pain from the cupping. I don’t care if you’re competitors or not, it’s extremely rude to enjoy and openly mock someone’s physical pain. The scientists finish the detour, and decide to U-Turn the surfers. The next task, In The Lion’s Den, requires teams to search among 5 merlion monuments located throughout the city to find the one with their next clue. Although the wrestlers and the scientists made a deal to U-Turn the surfers and the cyclists, Brooke & Robbie decided not to U-Turn anyone. I’m really happy about this, because I’m hoping that somehow the cyclists can complete China Cups before the dentists finish Chili Crabs. The dentists are getting exasperated, because they thought they had almost enough crab meat and they only had 1 pound. Unfortunately, Misti & Jim finish their detour as the cyclists arrive at the detour. The scientists and the wrestlers meet up at a merlion monument, and upon hearing that Brooke & Robbie didn’t U-Turn the cyclists, Amy & Maya plead with them to go back and use the U-Turn. I’m not even sure if this is allowed, but the wrestlers refuse to do so. Jim & Misti don’t use the U-Turn either, because they assume that Adam & Bethany will now be eliminated.

Brooke & Robbie find the clue at the second monument, then lie to Amy & Maya about it. The scientists don’t even get out of their cabScreen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.35.07 PM to look, because they believe Brooke. Brooke says she doesn’t want to help the scientists because “of how they were earlier”, which is ridiculous, because the scientists tried to help the wrestlers find the clue! I’m all for keeping information to yourself, but to lie out of spite when a team was helpful to you is ridiculous. The wrestlers come in second place, and the dentists find their next clue at Mount Faber. It’s now down to the cyclists and the scientists, and it looks like the scientists are headed to Mount Faber first. If the cyclists manage to find the clue first, the wrestler’s lie will end up backfiring, because it will have saved the team they most wanted eliminated. Misti & Jim come in third place, and the scientists come in 4th. Kym & Alli arrive at the mat last, and are eliminated from The Amazing Race.

What did you think about this episode? I’m really disappointed Kym & Alli were eliminated, although I like Amy & Maya too. I really hope the final 3 is the dentists, surfers, and the scientists, because I’m ready for Brooke & Robbie to go home. With only four teams left, this season is almost over! Who do you think will win TAR season 25? Let me know in the comments below!


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