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The new Amazing Race All-Stars season premieres this Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY at 8pm eastern, 7pm central. Want to know who will be arguing, aligning and possibly U-Turning each other this year? Let me give you the run down…

I don’t think this team needs any introduction. Unless you don’t watch reality TV whatsoever, you know who Brenchel is and if you’re reading this blog, most likely you do watch reality TV (or I’ve “coerced” you into reading it). After a quick skim through their posted bios what caught my eye the most is the fact that Rachel would love to have a “Race Baby”, which sounds offensive, but isn’t. Rachel just wants to have a really cool conception
story to tell their kid later. I can already hear this kid in the future… “Moooom, no! I don’t want to hear this! Na na na na na na na na”.
Next up, Bopper & Mark from season 20 (Brenchel was also on this season). Both are excited to run the race again, but know where their problem areas are: focus, navigation, clue reading and communication. (These problem areas are becoming a running theme already in these bios). Family is still important to them both and as both men are unemployed they are really hoping to bring home the million dollar prize. Mark would also like to bring some much needed recognition to Clay County, Kentucky where they both live. Good luck, Mark! You’re on TV again so you’ve got that working for you.
My neighbors to the south, the McCoy brothers are cowboying up for another shot at the prize. You might recognize these guys from season 16 and 18. Jet and Cord are really looking forward to creating some new memories this year and will be working on consistency and paying attention to direction. These two might have some problems since Cord is annoyed with Jet’s promptness and in turn, Jet is peeved by Cord’s White Rabbit Syndrome. No matter what, you can all bet that these Oklahoma boys will be giving 100% the entire race. Good luck, neighbors.
Dave and Conner O’Leary will also be back on our screens for All-Stars. You remember Dave. He was injured during season twenty-two, finished the fourth leg on crutches. How could you forget that? Part of his strategy will be to not get injured again this season and Conner is all for that! Both also want to slow down, take their time and never finish a leg last (yeah, duh). Dave and Conner are ready to prove that they can race with the best and, of course, they are looking to create some wonderful memories to share with the family back home.
Guess who else will be scrambling for taxis… our favorite Harlem Globetrotters, Flight Time and Big Easy from seasons fifteen and eighteen. Both ballers agree that they need to pay more attention to details this time around the world, but neither will be making any big, strategic changes to their game play. Flight Time thinks bad luck will be their biggest
challenge and they are both looking forward to enjoying the experience. Flight Time really hopes they do better than they did in previous seasons, though. Just pay attention to those details, guys! READ YOUR CLUES!
Texas girls Jennifer and Caroline (season 22) are also joining this All-Star cast. They are even closer as friends now, not as boy crazy and they know they have a lot of improvements to make in their navigational and driving skills. Jennifer knows they can’t be as nice and open with information this time around and Caroline knows they need maps! Both would love to see India during this season and both ladies are looking forward to seeing more of the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. Good luck, ladies!
Joey and Meghan (also from season 22) are stepping up to the plate for a second time. They are concerned about racing with so many people that have done this thing twice and they are super focused on paying attention to directions, driving directions. Both want to have fun, challenge themselves and be more thorough. Strategically, Meghan wants to avoid alliances LIKE THE PLAGUE and Joey plans on packing lighter. No matter what happens, they will surely have a good time and we’ll just have to see if their map reading skills have improved.
ALSO from season 22, John and Jessica have signed up again for the adventure of a lifetime. Both competitors agree that they need to be less competitive and not think too far ahead. One leg at a time is their philosophy this season; the last leg is the most important. Jessica thinks their biggest challenges this year will be language barriers, taxi drivers and
her tunnel vision. She’s not thrilled about any singing and dancing challenges that might pop up either. They too want to enjoy the experience and they hope to make it a little further to create more amazing memories.
Oh look. It’s the Afganimals…MOVING ON!
Mom and son team, Margie and Luke from seasons 14 and 18 are back. Maybe the third time will be the charm for this duo? Mom Margie knows she needs to be more patient with her son, he is grown man and she knows that they need to communicate, communicate, communicate. Luke agrees, especially when self-driving is concerned. Both would love to perform better than they did in their second season, but they are both eager to enjoy the race and have a great experience together. I love this team! BEST of luck to Margie and Luke!

Last,but not least… TWINNIES! Natalie and Nadiya from season 21 will be giving this year’s race the one, two punch. Strategically, Natalie thinks they are well-rounded as a team, but both agree that they need to be more focused and make smart racing decisions. Following directions, and going in the right direction, is what Nadiya will be concentrating on and they are both, of course, looking forward to making great memories and enjoying the race together again and both are hoping to keep it cool, calm and collected this year.
There you have it, folks, those are our All-Star teams!

Once again, The Amazing Race premieres on Sunday, February 23rd at 8pm eastern, 7pm central on CBS. If you want to check out the full bios of our racers go to


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