Survivor 35: Heroes, Healers, Hustlers Blog Recap Ep1: I’m Not Crazy, I’m Confident


// // Survivor is back! Whoo hoo! Since I’m not one that likes to study the cast pre-season, I prefer in-game first impressions, I’ll quickly introduce the tribes then we’ll get into the action. final fantasy gil (By the way, I’ve included links to the players’ Twitter profiles, at least, the ones I could find and confirm as their account. If anyone knows the rest of them let me know so I can edit them in for everyone). Nike Air Max LTD Homme Heroes – Levu: Back (L to R): Ben Driebergen, Alan Ball, and John “JP” Hilsabeck; Front (L to R): Chrissy Hofbeck, Ashley Nolan, and Katrina Radke. adidas Powerlift 3 Femme Healers – Soko: Back (L to R): Cole Medders, Jessica Johnston, and Roark Luskin; Front (L to R): Joe Mena, Mike Zahalsky, and Desiree Williams. Hustlers – Yawa: Back (L to R): Devon Pinto, Patrick Bolton, and Ali Elliott; Front (L to R): Lauren Rimmer, Ryan Ulrich, and Simone Nguyen. Okay! Let’s dig into the first episode of Survivor 35: Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers! With everyone on board a ship, Jeff banters with the castaways a bit, as usual, before explaining the first unofficial challenge of the season. nike air max 2015 uomo blu The ship is loaded with supplies and everyone has a limited amount of time to transfer as much as they can to their tribes’ boat, all three of which are floating some distance away. Nike Roshe Run Motif Homme When Jeff rings a bell, they must all get in the water, load their boats and race to shore where there are three burning urns 15 feet in the air. Adidas Zx 700 Femme Blanche Each tribe must work together to lift one person up to the flame to light a torch; first tribe to finish wins a, as Jeff puts it, massive fire kit, and the second tribe to finish wins flint. Survivors ready? Go! And it’s chaos. adidas tubular enfants Since the tribe boats are some distance away, everyone is just throwing stuff into the water. Loose fruits, crates of fruits, bundles of bananas; seems like the “supplies” are mostly fruits, but what’s this? A secret advantage? Ryan is the lucky finder of the advantage and he couldn’t be happier. Adidas Zx 500 Og Femme When Jeff rings the bell, everyone hits the water, loads their boats and heads for the sand. New Balance 577 femme Adidas Superstar Femme Portee Everyone except the Hustlers, that it; they can barely get in their boat and this race is pretty much over. The Healers are first to shore, but the Heroes are not far behind them while the Hustlers aren’t even rowing themselves in the right direction. Healers take first place and the Heroes take second. Nike Air Huarache Homme Canada Goose Langford Parka At the Healers camp, everyone is feeling pretty good about themselves and their team. Cole is the tribe hottie and Joe thinks this group is going to dominate the game, buuut, Joe is in this for himself – everyone else is just one of his victims. Adidas Zx 700 Femme Noir At the Hero camp, a four-person alliance is forming between JP, Ashley, Ben, and Alan, but Alan’s radar is very focused on Ashley and JP because he’s already seeing them as a power couple. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Blanche At the Hustlers camp, they haven’t let their first loss bring them down and they are working hard on their shelter. Ali knows she needs to start talking to people, though; she strikes up a conversation with Patrick and they agree to watch each other’s backs. asics kayano 21 homme new balance femme Ryan can’t wait to get a moment to himself to check out his advantage: it’s a Super Idol and it can be played AFTER the votes are read, BUT, it can only be used at the first Tribal Council. If the Hustlers win Immunity, Ryan MUST give it to someone on the losing tribe. Back at the Healers’ camp, Mike knows he needs to look for an Idol; he didn’t come all this way and leave his family behind to be voted out first so he volunteers to go “check the fire” and “gather firewood” so he can search a bit. Nike Air Max BW Femme Joe is very suspicious and lets the others know that he IS going to question Mike about finding an Idol because they ALL know he’s out there looking for one. nik shox homme Away from the others, Joe does exactly what he said he would do and questions Mike about having the Idol – he doesn’t, but that doesn’t stop Joe from letting Mike know that Joe isn’t the only one who is suspicious – everyone is. New Balance 009 femme Mike doesn’t like this one bit, but he plays off the confrontation well with Joe and knows he has to tread carefully as to not let the target on his back grow larger. adidas gazelle homme Back at the Hustlers camp, things are still going well and Ryan is looking for a moment to talk with Devon because he thinks strong Devon might be looking to pair up with a more strategic player like himself. In the jungle, away from the others, Ryan has his chance to talk with Devon and he tells him that he has the Super Idol and how it works. Devon could not be happier with this situation. He was nervous about going out first, but Ryan assures him that THAT is NOT going to happen since he has this Super Idol. Devon thinks this pairing is awesome and says that he and Ryan are going to cause chaos together. What an unlikely pair! LoL I love it. Back with the Heroes, Alan is losing his mind. He’s convinced himself that there’s something going on between JP and Ashley and when he gets a moment alone with JP, Alan accuses of him of having an Idol. Alan KNOWS JP has an Idol and even after JP shows him that his pockets are empty, Alan is not convinced. New Balance 1400 homme Even after JP pulls down his pants and opens up his shirt, Alan is still not convinced, buuut… This is all a ruse. louboutin baske Alan just wants to put a target on the duo and create suspicion, but his crazy act only causes JP and Ashley to be suspicious of him and he has painted himself as a loose cannon. Come on in, guys! It’s time for the first Immunity challenge. In this challenge, tribes will race up a cargo net to the top of a tower where they will have to pull a wheeled cart up a ramp, hop on board then travel back down the ramp via the cart then solve one of three table mazes. louboutin femme Once a tribe has chosen a maze, that particular maze is out of play and the next tribe must choose between the remaining two leaving the last tribe with no choice of which maze they want to play. The goal of each maze is to land three balls into three divots, BUT FIRST, each tribe has to pull and push the maze up to the top of another tower before they can begin working on it. The first two tribes to finish win Immunity and if the Hustlers place first or second, they will also win flint. Nike Air Max 2016 Femme Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 homme Survivors ready? GO! All three tribes make quick work of the first part of the challenge and it’s not long before all three are working on their mazes. asics kayano 21 donna final fantasy 14 gil Healers are first to land their first ball and the Hustlers are next to score one, but everyone is working very well together. Healers are first to land all three balls so it comes down to the Heroes and the Hustlers and it’s a close game. Both tribes have their final balls in the end zone and both just BARELY miss their final slot, but it’s the Hustlers who sink their final ball first, sending the Heroes to Tribal Council. Nike Air Max 98 Homme After the challenge, Chrissy is on all fours, exhausted from the challenge, but she doesn’t need medical to look at her, she just needs a moment. And THANK YOU for showing her vomiting, Jeff. I was eating at the time and that pretty much finished my meal for me so thank you SO MUCH for that amazing footage… Back at the Hero camp, the foursome seems to be cracking because of Alan’s antics, but when they are together without Chrissy and Katrina around, they all agree the vote will be for one of the moms. basket new balance Alan tells US, though, that he’s not really with the core four. Adidas Zx Flux Femme Leopard He doesn’t trust JP and Ashley at all and he would like to target one of them. Later, Katrina approaches Alan on the beach to see what the plan is, but Alan tells her no one has been talking game with him and she’s in the same situation. Parajumpers Asics Femme Chrissy wanders into the scene and Alan calls her over; they all think that they are the target and try to devise a plan to pull together four votes. louboutin pigalle Chrissy suggests they pull Ben into the group and wouldn’t you know it! Here comes Ben. Chrissy says Ashley should be their target and it seems like everyone is on board with this plan, buuut… Ben isn’t sure where he and Alan are going to put their votes. Ben is also nervous about JP and Ashley, but the moms are definitely the weaker players on the tribe so this vote is still up in the air. Before they leave for Tribal, Chrissy notices a package in her bag – it’s the Super Idol. new balance femme Feeling extremely lucky, Chrissy will use the Idol on herself if she has to, but she’s going to see how things play out around the fire with Jeff before she makes a solid decision about using it on someone other than herself. And awaaay we go to Tribal Council! After dipping their torches into the fire, everyone sits down and the discussions begin. Nike Air Huarache homme Chrissy is not shy about saying that she doesn’t feel very integrated with the tribe and knew in the beginning that the four younger people would probably form a better bond with each other. Katrina says that she felt the same. Jeff points out that you never really know what’s going on because things people say might or might not be the truth. asics gel nimbus femme Ashley agrees and lets Jeff know what happened between Alan and JP and the Idol strip search that took place the night before. Adidas Zx Flux Homme Nike Air Max 90 Femme Léopard Not backing down from his quest to create suspicion, Alan vocalizes that he sees JP and Ashley as a pair and he’s still suspicious of both of them. buy bns gold Nike Roshe Run Femme Porté Christian Louboutin Pas Cher JP takes all of this very casually, but Jeff points out that a power couple is two votes. Adidas Zx Flux Homme Ashley thinks using the term “power couple” is ridiculous at this point in the game, but Alan sees what he sees; he’s not crazy, he’s confident. Ben speaks up to say that they should do the Hero-type thing and do what they need to do to make the tribe strong and hash out anything else later. Picking up on Ben’s subliminal message to try to sway the tribe in one voting direction, Jeff vocalizes this and Alan exposes the core four’s original plan of voting out either Katrina or Chrissy. adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 femme Chrissy thinks it would be unwise to vote her out because she has viable skills. Ben points out that he has no idea what’s going to happen, but no matter what, they will be doing damage control back at camp. And it’s time to vote! No one plays an Idol so Jeff reads the votes: Katrina, Ashley, Katrina, Katrina, aaand, Katrina. Four votes is enough and Jeff asks Katrina for her torch… And I’m screaming at Chrissy to play the Super Idol, but she doesn’t and in fact, Chrissy actually VOTED for Katrina sooo, yeah… Next time on Survivor, a new power couple has emerged with Chrissy and Ben, love is in the air between Cole and Jessica, but things are not looking good for the Ali/Patrick pairing… As always, if you like my blogs, check out what else Reality Recaps has to offer, including Survivor recap videos. asics gel noosa tri 8 homme Eric still has Big Brother 19 stuff for everyone to enjoy along with his coverage of Bravo shows, and more! If you want to help support everything we do you can become a Patreon and if you’re buying something on Amazon, use this link to further help support the site – it doesn’t cost you more and it gives a little to us so we can keep providing free content for everyone. Thanks for reading! 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