Survivor 33 Millennials vs Gen X Blog Recap Episode 5: Idol Search Party


1_idolscorenum2This time on Survivor… When the Gen X tribe returns to camp, David welcomes the anger for his decision to play his idol to save Jessica. CeCe says she’s not mad at him, but everyone else stays pretty silent and David isn’t sure if he did the right thing or not by saving someone that no one else really wants to work with in the game. Later, Jessica thanks Ken for her and Dave’s help, she’s really sorry she didn’t trust them, then she tells Ken about her Legacy Advantage and says she would have given it to him if she would have left. This totally puts Jess back in Ken’s good graces and he trusts her again. The next day it’s Idol Search Party time! No one is afraid to go out looking for it now so everyone scatters on their own or in small groups in hopes of finding themselves some safety. David feels lucky to have an edge on everyone else because he knows to look for a symbol and lo and behold – He spies a log with the tribe symbol painted on it, but DARNIT! Sunday and CeCe are milling around in the same area so he casually waits for them to leave and as soon as they are out of earshot, he goes to town on the thing with a rock and BAM! David has another idol the very next day after playing his first one.

2_kickrocksjeffCome on in, guys! It’s time to… DROP YOUR BUFFS! Instead of just switching the tribes around, THREE tribes will be created. Great. Now I have to learn how to spell these tribe names… So! Since the third, new tribe will go to a new location, they will have one extra member because they will have to start from scratch to build a new camp. After everyone selects Buff packages, they open them to reveal the new tribes. On the new Green tribe, called Ikabula, we have: Michaela, Sunday, Bret, Hannah, Jay, and Will. On the new Orange tribe, called Vanua, we have: CeCe, Chris, Michelle, Zeke, and David. On the new Purple tribe, called Takali, we have: Figgy, Adam, Jess, Ken, and Taylor. Awww. Figlor didn’t get split up and they are pretty happy about that. Michaela is NOT pleased at all; in the words of Paul from BB18 she is PIIISSED! Zeke is not happy he’s with Michelle on a tribe full of Millennials, but he thinks he has a strong tribe and hopes they can absorb the Millennials winning streak. And with that – It’s back to camp with everyone. Ikabula gets to work on building their new shelter right away, but it’s not the hard-working Gen Xers that are moving ahead full-steam. Noope! Jay and his crew of Millennials are doing most of the work while Chris and Sunday hang back and don’t seem to know what to do or how to do it. Or maybe that’s their strategy? Let the kids do all the work while being instructed on what to do? Maybe?

3_switchinitupOver at the new Takali tribe, Ken isn’t down about mixing it up with the Millennials and Figgy puts up the yield sign as far as Figlor – or as they call them on the island, Figtails – is concerned. Taylor doesn’t understand why they can’t be out in the open about their affections because they have the numbers with Adam to stay in the game… LOL Has Taylor ever WATCHED Survivor before? Figgy knows better and Adam knows Taylor is going to do what she says. Adam; however, is not thrilled about being on this new tribe with the “power” couple. On a walk alone with Ken in the jungle, Adam lets Ken know that he was on the bottom with the Millennials and that Figgy was the minority vote at their Tribal Council. Adam has also picked up on Ken and Sunday’s bond so he knows that he’s the swing vote if this tribe has a date with Jeff… The next day at the new Vanua, Michelle is not happy about being in the minority with Zeke on a tribe full of Gen Xers. In a light-hearted chat, it is brought to light that both Zeke & Chris are from Oklahoma and Zeke is actually a big Sooner fan and Chris played for the Sooners, Zeke knows who he is and he’s thrilled that they are on the tribe together. Later on the beach, alone, Chris tells Zeke that he’s ready to make a move and that he shouldn’t be worried, he’s not on the bottom, and Chris would like to work with him. Back at Ikabula, Jay is trying to get a fire started, but he’s having no luck so Michaela gives it a try and BOOM! Fire made! After making the fire, Michaela goes off to have a personal moment in the jungle; no one in her family has been able to achieve success and keep it so she’s really determined to win this game and making fire… It was just a reminder for her to not give up on playing.

4_prayersansweredCome on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity! In this challenge, players will dive to collect five buoys, which they shoot into a basket, BUT they have the option of pulling the basket closer if they want to take the time to do so. Survivors ready? GO! So, Takali is first to collect all five of their buoys, and Vanua is doing a good job of retrieving them as well, but Ikabula… Not so much. CeCe took forever to get her buoy to the platform & in the collection basket, then David tosses his too hard and is rolls off the platform and back into the water. With the lead, Ken of Takali gives pulling the basket closer a try, and after a few tries he is successful and he begins shooting as Michaela begins trying to pull Ikabula’s goal closer and hooks it after a couple of tries. THEN Michaela goes beastmode again and lands three shots in a row. Once Vanua finally has all their buoys, they don’t bother trying to pull the goal closer; Chris begins shooting then Michaela lands the last two shots winning Immunity for Ikabula. This prompts Vanua to try to pull their goal closer as Ken lands another two shots for Takali, but it doesn’t matter because Ken quickly scores the last two goals for his tribe sending Vanua to Tribal Council. Zeke is disappointed in David and CeCe performance, but he’s not worried because he’s got Chris on his side who wants to make a move against the rest of his Gen Xers…

5_thirdtimesacharmmaybeBack at camp, the mood is low. CeCe feels like she’s living in a reoccurring nightmare, but at least she’s not on the bottom with this new tribe since the Gen Xers have the numbers over the Millennials and she’s positive either Michelle or Zeke will be going home. CeCe is pushing for Michelle to go home since Zeke did really well in the challenge and Chris sort of agrees, but Dave and CeCe blindsided him. Chris’ plan is to vote out CeCe with Dave and the Millennials. Alone on the jungle, Chris proposes this idea to Dave, which makes Dave really nervous and he’s going to stick with this plan to show some loyalty to Chris. Later, Chris and Dave let Michelle and Zeke know that they are safe, it’s Christmas, and no matter what is said at Tribal, they have no reason to worry. Michelle is still nervous, though, so she has a go at trying to strategize with CeCe with Dave as her target and playing up her strengths over him, but CeCe isn’t really open to it. Later, back with Chris, Dave, and Zeke, CeCe tells the guys about Michelle’s chat with her and reveals that Michelle would like to target Dave. This makes Dave all kinds of nervous; he didn’t trust Michelle before, but now… Buuut… He’s thinking several moves ahead and considering all paths; he could use his Idol tonight to save CeCe, or he can stick with Chris and the new kids on the beach. And like, omg this guy! Where was this Dave at the beginning of the season? The man is smart and he’s playing so well…

6_byebyececeTo Tribal Council we go! Jeff begins by bringing up the challenge and asks how high the stakes were to win it since they played as a new tribe for the first time. Zeke says the stakes were high for him because he and Michelle are out-numbered; they are an easy vote for the Gen Xers. Jeff brings up the numbers because someone on that three is at the bottom of the list. All the Mills have to do is swing that third person to their side to be at the top. Dave comments about how strong the Gen Xers are doesn’t think anyone is at the bottom of the list, but that’s probably not true. Zeke is given the opportunity to speak and he makes a good point: Eventually, the Gen Xers will have to have connections to Millennials and keeping him around gives them an opportunity to create that connection. Attention is given to Chris who agrees with Zeke’s statement about needing Millennial connections and mentions that he has actually talked with Zeke a lot and surprisingly, they have a lot in common. CeCe is asked if that makes her a little nervous, seeing one of her three talking and bonding with the Millennials – she says it’s concerning because he could switch his loyalty and vote out one of their own to keep Zeke around. Chris says he was just blindsided twice and that this vote tonight is an opportunity to build a strong bond then David owns up to the fact that he was involved in those blindsides and knows he needs to prove his trust. Jeff asks Michelle what she thinks of the issues the Gen Xers has; she says it is good to hear that and doesn’t see how there could be any trust there and doesn’t understand why someone would want to work with someone who blindsided them twice. She says she would vote out Dave. He kind of laughs this off then says if the Gen Xers are truly united, gives Chris a pat on the knee, they have nothing to worry about tonight. Let’s get to the votes because NO IDOL was played… First one is Michelle, CeCe, CeCe, and the fifth person voted out is CeCe…

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