Survivor 29 Blood vs Water 2 Episode 11/12: Still Holdin’ On Part 1


This week on Survivor… Jon is sooo happy he played that idol and Reed is sooo not happy that Keith told him to “stick to the plan” at Tribal. Keith’s words prompted Jon to play his idol and Wes went home because of it. Alec is pissed off, feels completely helpless because Keith exposed their plan and their alliance doesn’t have the numbers AND he no longer trusts Reed. While the Alec, Reed and Keith trio sit in their sorrows on one side of camp, the “angry girls” and Jon are on the other “plotting their revenge”, or so Reed thinks…

1_itbeginsJon is calling what went down the best blindside sniffout ever and I must say that it is now on my list of the best Tribal Councils in the history of Survivor. Natalie recounts how she told Jon to play his idol and Jaclyn tells her that she’s sooo happy that Natalie said something to Jon. Jon is quick on the defensive: “oh, I was going to play it, I was going to play it”, but Natalie disagrees – She tells us that he just wants everyone to think he’s the mastermind behind everything and he’s not. Alone together, Jon tells Jaclyn that in the future, when he makes a move, she shouldn’t give “them” credit because it could hurt him with the Jury. Jaclyn isn’t happy that Jon automatically thinks he’s going to be talking to the Jury and is acting like she’s not going to be there with him and she really angry that Jon doesn’t want her to act like she had anything to do with his decision to use his idol… Because she and Natalie DID have a huge influence on his decision to play it because… Come on… He wasn’t going to play that thing until Natalie told him to. We all saw that Tribal Council…

2_happyreedTime for Reward! And the Reward challenge in this episode is the pecking order challenge. Players will be asked questions about the people who were in the game post-merge, those that get it right get to chop a knotted rope to drop a rock upon the skull of the person they’d like to see out of the challenge. Reward is an overnight with horseback riding, barbeque and brownies. First question: Who else has a twin and everyone gets it right except Keith (Jeremy has a twin!) and after some jibber jabber between Natalie and Jon, Reed becomes the first casualty of the challenge. Second question: Julie owns a tanning business and everyone gets it right. Alec is out of the game followed by Keith. Third question… Ha! We don’t even get to a third question because the five people left in the game, Natalie, Jon and  Jaclyn and Missy and Baylor begin discussing how they should play out the rest of the challenge based on who has been on rewards. Jeff intervenes and puts an end to the charade. If all they are going to do is play a friendly game of “Give Away Reward” they might as well just say who’s going to win right now. Winner? Missy. Who does she send to Exile? Jon volunteers and Jon is off to Exile post haste. Who gets to go on Reward with her? Baylor and… Natalie! Jaclyn will have to go back to camp with the rest of the boys.

3_uhduhJaclyn totally saw this coming; Missy, Baylor and Natalie are tight. Jeff takes the opportunity to incite some drama. Everyone was so happy-go-lucky a few minutes ago, but now Jaclyn is going back to camp with three people who probably aren’t very happy with her. Oh no! Reed says they like her a lot, Missy and Baylor are all, like, oh course you do, you talk to everyone. Reed says he’s just a people person and calls Baylor a brat, which Missy does not like at all. That’s her kid! Reed is aware. Missy has had Reed’s back. Uh, no she hasn’t. Reed has lied to Missy! But it’s all part of the game! Missy is done with this. It’s not worth it. Reed doesn’t listen. It’s not worth it. And with that, Jeff ushers the girls off to their Reward, Missy flips off Reed as she walks away and Jeff continues the discussion. Jaclyn feels as if Jon just sacrificed for their alliance, Reed absolutely agrees, and that the top three people just went off to go horseback riding. Alec and Keith chime in to agree with that, Baylor and Natalie give Missy a kiss on the cheek and the others head back to camp.

4_yeahbutnobutyeahOnward to Exile Island, where, of course, Jon receives a clue to a new hidden Immunity idol, which, of course, he finds. On their Reward, Natalie and Baylor tell Missy that they found the Immunity idol hidden at camp. Missy is so proud of her daughter! She really is playing this game! The girls also discuss how nervous they are about Jon and Jaclyn and how easily Jaclyn can be swayed to the side of the other boys on the tribe. They also decide that they want to be the Final Three, which makes Natalie very happy because it’s a perfect Final Three for her. Back at camp, Reed is very disappointed in himself because he let Baylor get a rise out of him. Jaclyn is still shocked that Missy didn’t choose her because, um, hello, her boyfriend just went to Exile and she doesn’t think it was such a good move for Missy, but maybe she’s just mad that she didn’t get to go horseback riding, but it’s still dumb not to take her on Reward.

5_likeforrealReed wants to make sure that Jaclyn is well taken care of and…He really needs her to see that the three people on Reward at the moment are three people that are going to get rid of her and Jon to go to the Final Three together. After Jaclyn returns from some sunbathing on the beach, she’s served up a huge bowl of rice. She sees through all the nice behavior, but she’s very curious to here their pitch, which they will most assuredly be throwing at her that evening. It’s not even dark when they get even more “all up on” her. Reed says that Missy and Jon are threats to each other and curious to see who makes the first move; Missy made her true intentions clear today. Since Jon is so loyal and trusting, which is great, Reed confesses that he’s really worried about Jon and Jaclyn because Missy is just so ruthless. Here we go again! Jon and Jaclyn are in the middle of a tug of war for control of the numbers in the game. And once again, while Jon is away finding an idol on Exile, Jaclyn decides it’s best for them to keep swinging from one group to the other.

6_reallythoughThe next days the Reward winners return to camp, looking no different from the day before, notes Keith. Missy is worried that Reed may have gotten into Jaclyn’s head while they were gone and as soon as Little Miss Survivor Swing Vote wakes up, Missy bounces up from her seat around the fire to give her a hug. Then all of the sudden Jaclyn is talking to Alec about him and Baylor; are they just, like, brother and sister or we he take her out on a date? Pfffttt. Alec isn’t going out on no date with no girl from Survivor… Unless Jaclyn is interested#winkwink So… Now the focus is on some flirtation going on between Jaclyn and Alec. Natalie has noticed body language between the two and she thinks it’s pretty disgusting to watch. If she had a boyfriend there she wouldn’t be acting like that. The two lounge next to each other while Alec suggests she and Jon come down to hang with him and Drew, they can have a little competition, and Alec really hopes that they can party like he and Drew can. Baylor doesn’t like it at all because if Alec sways Jaclyn, Jaclyn will sway Jon and that could be the end of the Final Three she has in mind.

7_jonpoutsCome on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity. Each player will have to roll a ball down a paddle to land it in a hole; first person to land six balls in each of the six holes will win Immunity. Surprisingly, Keith wins this one! Reed knows he could be a “dead man walking”; he’s going to target Missy, but his whole plan is hinged upon Team Double J voting with him at Tribal Council. Back at camp, everyone congratulates Keith and Jaclyn prepares to tell Jon about everything that Reed talked to her about and that yet again, they are in the middle of the two alliances and that their votes will decide the next person to join the Jury. They wander off to the beach alone and Jaclyn starts bringing Jon up to speed… Cue part two of the lover’s quarrel. You see… Jon was all paranoid and stressed while on Exile and as soon as he gets back, Jaclyn unloads all of her stress and paranoia onto him. He thought that was over! He just wanted to chill out with his girlfriend, but nooo. When she tells him what’s been going on at camp with everyone, he’s all “I know all this” and she storms off down the beach.

8_winkwinkOh, don’t worry. He calls her back over to him and they sit down, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. In a confessional she explains that the way he reacted was an indication to her that he doesn’t need her help; what happens to her while he’s gone doesn’t matter because he’s going to figure things out for himself. Reed wanders over to their shady spot on the sand and takes a seat. He says that he and the rest of the boys are on Jon and Jaclyn’s side and defends his actions of coming to them for votes to blindside Missy. Reed actually likes Jon and Jaclyn, but he’ll work with them if he has to. Natalie sidles into the area at this time and Jon says to Reed that he just can’t <wink> he just can’t #winkwink. Reed says he understands then the group breaks up. Reed feels the winks are a sign that Jon is at least willing to think about his proposal, but Jaclyn is still stewing and he doesn’t think she saw him give that little sign, which makes Reed a little nervous.

9_ahhahahahahaReed tells the other boys that Jon *MIGHT* be on board as Jon talks to Missy on the beach. He tells her that he has the idol. As they talk away, Jaclyn is getting angrier with her boyfriend. Of course he runs off and talks to Missy after he gets back from Exile. Jon always runs to his mom for advice so of course he went to Missy, but, um, hello? Isn’t she the one he’s fighting with? Shouldn’t he be talking to her? Jaclyn vents her frustrations to Natalie and Baylor. If he doesn’t think that he needs her around well… Screw him if he’s going to treat her like that! This friction between Jon and Jaclyn makes Natalie really nervous. She doesn’t want anymore surprises at Tribal. Jon meanders over and ha a seat next to a sun-bathing Jaclyn and apolozies, but she doesn’t want to talk to him. He apologizes again and she gets up and walks away from him. They are going to go to Tribal that night and Jaclyn won’t talk to him. That’s not good. Everyone tells him to just leave her be, let her breathe for awhile…

Five hours later… Jon is still getting the #silenttreatment and Jaclyn is sitting around flirting with Alec and he doesn’t know what they should do; should they vote to keep Reed or Missy. Finally, Jaclyn goes over to talk to him, but it really doesn’t do any good. Jaclyn huffs off again and Reed finally decides to intervene; he walks over to have a little chat, but Jaclyn says that Jon’s the one that doesn’t want to talk to her. Reed tells her that if he goes home because they didn’t get a chance to chat, well, that’s really gonna suck. Jaclyn recognizes this, but he doesn’t want to talk to her and… We fade into the Tribal Council sequence.

10_wooohooJeff dives right into the fight between Jon and Jaclyn. Jon beings a re-explanation and Jaclyn adds that she cried about it, which Jon was not aware of and seems genuinely concerned about his girlfriend. The group is questioned about whether or not they were aware of this fight. OH YEAH, Jeff… Everyone was well aware of what was happening. Well what a dynamic we have here! A real life couple is fighting, everyone knows it and they aren’t talking to each other, but everyone needs to talk to them because… Like, omg, they are in the middle again. Reed admits that he pitched an idea because, ya know, Missy taking Natalie on the reward was very telling so why be on the bottom of that five when they can move over to his side of camp and have some discussions? This gets Missy ALL fired up and she brings into the conversation that a couple days ago, those guys were trying to get rid of Jon and that Alec has been flirting with Jaclyn. Some very loose definitions of flirting were flying around. Jon does feel their interactions can be a little weird…

11_byebyereedThen we get to Reed’s pitch to Jaclyn; she kinda believed it and she was a little hurt Missy didn’t take her on Reward. It was very telling and Baylor vocalizes what I’m really annoyed with too: Jon and Jaclyn are always in this position! Why are they still there? I know Reed made a legit attempt to get rid of Jon, but seriously! If I was Reed, at this point, I’d rally the two threesomes together to get rid of the couple then battle it out, but… Jon has that Idol… So let’s just get to the vote! Reed makes sure that when he cast his vote for Missy to say that it’s the only time he will write her name down… Aaand… The majority of the votes fall onto Reed. So apparently the couple had some communication before Tribal Council… Tune in tomorrow (click here) for the exciting conclusion to this special two hour episode of Survivor! Don’t forget to check out our other reality tv coverage, including The Amazing Race and Bravo shows aaand… Holiday shopping through Amazon – click here first to show us a little support! You don’t spend anymore and it really helps us out!


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