Survivor 29 Blood vs. Water 2 Blog Recap Episode 4: We’re A Hot Mess


1_daletherookieCoyopa Beach, night, post-Tribal, sans The Rocker; the orange tribe has just made a big move and all Alec wants to talk about is what the other tribe will think of them voting out their biggest athlete. Someone, a male, mentions that they weren’t winning anyway. Baylor is glad to be rid of John. With The Rocker off the island, their tribe will be more positive. Alec says he didn’t tell Dale about voting John out because he’s wasn’t sure what he would have done, but as Dale points out, there’s not much he could have done and admits in a confessional that he got too cozy in his alliance and let his social game slide. He’s worried about being the next to go if they don’t win Immunity.

2_stupidflintThe next morning at Hunaphu Beach, the blue team is waking up to a beautiful morning. Everyone slept well and what’s this?! Their old flint? Natalie found their lost flint by the fire! OMG! Drew is pissed. They traded away their fishing gear for a new flint and he loves to fish and he could have provided for the tribe! The idea of bartering with Jeff again comes up, but they all know Jeff isn’t going to trade out the new flint for the fishing gear they lost. Reed says that he’ll laugh them out of the arena. Kelley is super annoyed with Drew; he talks a big game, but he sleeps four hours a day and he can’t shut up about the fishing gear. Drew is sick of eating the same amount as a 100 pound girl so he’s going to balls up and ask Jeff to work with him – without Drew, the tribe would be nothing!

3_slightlyamusedReward Challenge time! As Coyopa enters the arena, The Rocker’s girlfriend, Julie is awe-struck that he’s gone. The rest of Hunaphu applauds looking very happy; Jon gives a standing ovation even! Julie is playing for her tribe and doesn’t look too bothered that he’s gone. She can stand on her own two feet! Before the challenge can commence, though, Drew does what he said he would do… He brings out the flint, Jeff is tickled pink about it and Kelley is vocal about nothing having a thing to do the upcoming barter attempt. Even just a snorkel and spear and a mask would be nice to help put food on the table! The flint hasn’t even been used yet! How could Jeff pass on this deal? It’s a bargain! Jeff says it’s reasonable, but he’s only taunting them. He tells Drew to put the flint away and they get to the challenge.

4_notthefacePlayers will use a grappling hook to snag three bags of balls, which will be launched from a catapult into five baskets. First person to get one ball in each basket will win either comfort or campfire food! A round of Rock, Paper, Scissors gives Hunaphu the advantage of choosing their competitor; Jon goes up and brings his girlfriend Jaclyn along to go head-to-head. When the challenge starts, Jaclyn is on fire! Before Jon can snag even one bag, because, as Dale points out, he’s throwing like a girl, Jaclyn has two bags of balls. Jon catches up, though and soon has his third bag. Jon moves quickly to the catapult and quickly has three balls in his baskets, then a fourth! Jon’s last basket is the hardest, the smallest, giving Jaclyn the chance to even up the score, which she does, but just misses her fifth basket as her boyfriend is falling off his launching platform. While she’s retrieving her ball, Jon scores his last point, sending Jaclyn to Exile. Jaclyn isn’t hurt by going to Exile, she can handle it. Jon chooses Drew to go to Exile with her – he trusts him and he pulls his weight. After they leave, Hunaphu decides to take the comfort over the food. Jon is very adamant that they have something to share with Drew when he gets back; Kelley rolls her eyes and scoffs at the comment.

5_bigdumbmouthAt Hunaphu Beach, everyone thinks Jaclyn will be just fine at Exile and Jon says it wasn’t as hard as he thought to send her; she was smiling about it! And she’s with Drew so how could she not be okay? Jon still has mixed emotions about it, though, he trusts Drew, but if he is the same way at Exile as he is around camp he thinks Jaclyn will be doing most of the work to survive. Ummm… Didn’t you say that Drew pulls his weight, Jon?! Everyone is also surprised that The Rocker is gone and ask Julie how she feels about it. She’s cool with it. It sucks that no one likes the love of her life and that his past follows him everywhere he goes, but she’s okay with playing her own game without worrying about him. No really, she is, totally, okay with playing by herself.

6_famouslastwordsMeanwhile, on Exile Island… Drew is not digging Exile Island. It’s hot, there’s no shelter, its rough. When they choose their urns, Drew receives the clue to the idol hidden back at camp and he’s pretty psyched about it. He is also not too upset about being stranded with a hot, Miss Michigan and Little Miss Michigan has heard some things about Drew! Alec says he’s quite the ladies man, doesn’t even have to try to get girls – they just throw themselves at him. It’s such a curse! He hasn’t really used his powers with the ladies in the game; that’s not what he’s there to do. Oh no! Drew is there to manipulate minds. He wants to go all the way and he confides in Jaclyn that he’s ready to start doing some dirty work. Drew plans on throwing the Immunity Challenge. Privately, he explains that he wants to start whittling down his tribe, starting with the girls because he doesn’t trust any of them. All the girls on blue team know they have no shot against any of the blue boys, according to Drew anyway.

7_awcrapBack at Hunaphu, Keith sneaks away from the tribe to have a go at finding the hidden Immunity idol. After poking around the well for about half an hour and finding nothing, Reed ends Keith’s search, which Keith believes is probably pointless anyway because he thinks that someone beat him to the punch. When the return from the well, Keith explains to Reed, Missy and Natalie that he was out looking for the idol, didn’t find it and that the only other person who could know about it is Jeremy so… Jeremy has an idol. Alone in the jungle with Jeremy later, Reed tells him that Keith just told the rest of the tribe that he has idol, well, the girls anyway. Jeremy instructs Reed and Jon to keep an eye on Keith and the whole area and he’s upset! They are both firefighters, he told Keith he had his back so what’s up with all the betrayal? Now Jeremy has his eye on Keith as the next one to go home because he’s a rat! Later, though, Keith makes another attempt to find the idol and this time, he does, but he’s so okay with everyone thinking that Jeremy has it.

8_notthebossofmeThings are a little tense between Baylor and Alec over at Coyopa. Baylor feels like Drew bosses her around and he feels like her little brother, even though she’s older. Alec is equally annoyed with Baylor and feels like she’s had everything handed to her like his brother has and she’s NOT his brother so he’s going to call her out on her antics. His dad didn’t let him half ass anything and he’s going to treat her the same way. When making rice comes up in conversation, Alec is very vocal that the pot needs to be cleaned better and he tells Baylor to go out there and do it right. AND SHE DOES IT. Later he says he’s not trying to be a <expletive beeped>, but his dad was the same way with him and that’s how he’s going to be with her. Baylor is less than appreciative of the sentiment. Alec thinks he’s doing her a favor, though. Everyone should be like him and everything would be so good! They can beat the other tribe if they listen to him… These brothers are a couple of pieces of real work, aren’t they?

9_hisundoingImmunity! Chosen members from each tribe must swim out to a ramp, dive into the ocean to untie rings one at a time, then make their way back to the starting platform, once collected, the remaining tribe members must toss the rings onto a post. First tribe to hang all of the rings on the post wins Immunity. Hunaphu has three extra people; Kelley, Jeremy and Jon take a seat on the bench. Jeff thinks these are very interesting choices… After the obligatory few moments to strategize, the challenge begins. Missy and Baylor hit the water first and stay pretty close together, but Baylor makes it back to the platform first. Reed and Jaclyn are next and must swim a little further… Um… Why does no one ever go for the furthest set of rings, bags, etc. first in these types of challenges? It seems to reason that you should go the longer distance while you’ve got the most energy in your tribe mates. Coyopa has all of their rings first and they get started. Hunaphu isn’t far behind, but Drew… He is making no real effort to hide that he’s throwing this challenge. Jeff is yelling that he has to do this one ring at a time, the rebounders have to bring back the ring he just tossed, Drew is single-handedly losing this challenge for Hunaphu! Or rather, single-handedly lost… Coyopa wins Immunity.

10_byebyedrewSo… Drew thinks he’s the kingpin of the tribe. If he doesn’t want to win a challenge, they will not be winning that challenge.  After the break, he says that he wanted to throw the game so he did… Interesting choice of words there, Drew. Interesting choice of words. He’s a bad ass and a manipulator of this game. ::eyeroll:: And Dale thought he got too comfortable over at Coyopa! Jon wants to target the people that no longer have a loved one in the game; Julie is at the top of his list of people too boot off the island. Drew would rather boot Kelley because, come on, guys, who is the one who will boot out all the strong guys first? Who hasn’t missed one single episode of Survivor? Kelley… According to Drew… Who obviously hasn’t watched one single episode of Survivor. Drew’s mission is to get people to vote for her.

And now we have Jeremy! He’s all about Keith, but Drew’s not going for it. Drew thinks Kelley is the mastermind of the girls and he’s made up his mind – Kelley is going home. Natalie and Missy talk; they are talking about getting rid of Drew or Jon, but Drew would be so much sweeter. Then, right in front of Kelley, Drew is talking to the Reed and Jon about booting out Kelley, which she obviously overhears. She thinks people are getting over his attitude really quickly. Then! Natalie is talking to Jeremy about getting rid of Drew, which makes Jeremy nervous, but… the guys are all over the place. Drew’s being arrogant, Jon doesn’t know what the hell is going on and Jeremy is one of the main voices of reason within the guys in blue… Because Keith, love him, but… He kinda jumped the gun on that whole hidden Immunity Idol thing…











Tribal Council! Well, well, well… Everyone seems ot have their own opinion… Let’s see what Jeff thinks! This is, after all, the first time Hunaphu has been to Tribal… Julie is the first person Jeff talks to – Yup! Jon and Drew are best buds. Miss says there are so many Chiefs and not enough Indians… and ya know… blah blah blah… Let’s just fast forward through this Tribal because it doesn’t really matter what anyone says – Drew. Is. Outta there! Unlike the Kansas City Royals, Drew doesn’t have a chance to win this game.

Next time on Survivor… Jon vs. Hunaphu! Drop your buffs! OMG! Lol Can’t wait for next week!!!


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