Vanderpump Rules Season 3: Kiss and Tell


We are now on the third episode of did Katie motorboat a guys crotch or not! Stassi goes over to Katie and Tom’s and Tom tells her he’s been asked back to Pump for one night only to help out and then Katie fills Stassi in on the ambush at the restaurant after she left. Tom can’t understand why Katie is upset, and Tom blames Katie because he said she was a bitch to him. I don’t know how Katie can sit there and think that her boyfriend defending Jax is OK! Over at Sheana’s apartment, Kristin is crying to her that she is so upset that her and Katie aren’t friend and how delusional Katie is about her relationship with Tom. By the end Kristin decided she is going to ask Stassi to lunch and Stassi agrees to it and she’s expecting an apology from her.

Lisa is planning a party for Frontiers magazine for all the gay mayors to meet up. It’s going to be a huge event for 350 people so she asks the Toms to pass drinks and Sandoval is offended becaustable.jpge tray passing is the bottom of the barrel where bartending is concerned. Sandoval agrees if Jax will do it. Lisa tells Jax she needs him at Pump, he doesn’t want to but Lisa tells him he’s showing up anyways!

Kristin and Stassi meet up for their lunch and it is a crazy awkward meeting. Kristin kind of wrapped and apology in a bunch of BS. In a talk about Katie, Kristin drops a bomb on Stassi that Schwartz cheated on her. Kristin reveals that her source of info is Jax, which we all know is the most unreliable source on the planet. Kristin is just bitter because she got busted for cheating and got exiled for it so now she needs to punish everyone for it.STassi of course goes right back to Katie with the information. Katie doesn’t believe for a second any of its true, and Stassi is on the fence. A few years ago she’d say No not true but he is so close with these two guys who cheat it has to wear off on him at some point. Katie wants to confront Jax and Sheana. This should be interesting!

Jax visits his therapists and tells her how The Green Mile made him cry because he related to the character and that Jax is now more in tune with his emotions and is just having some really good cries. He brings up how he felt it was his duty to tell Schwartz about Katie and about how he was soo ANGRY at Katie at lunch. Jax comes to the decision that he needs to slow down and pump the breaks so he doesn’t get so heated.

Katie.jpgAt Sur Kristin tells Jax about her lunch with Stassi and how she told her that about Schwartz cheating on her. Jax is now saying that he didn’t see Tom cheat so he won’t verify it happened. He’d love nothing more than for Schwartz to cheat on Katie.  Katie confronts Jax about spreading rumors about Tom. Jax denies telling Kristin anything and when Katie asks if Tom cheated on her, Jax says NO! Katie leaves her shift early feeling like no one telling her the truth but in the back alley runs into Kristin and Sheana where it all blows up. Schwartz pick up Katie and she tells him all the cheating rumors. He admits to making out with a girl over a year ago, but denies the Vegas sex rumors. Katie is devastated and can’t figure out who is telling her the truth. Tom confronts Jax in the alley.

The next day Tom goes to Jax and confronts him. He admits to telling Kristin about the Vegas rumor. Jax blames the girls. They put him in such a bad place he has to fire back. Schwartz is finally realizing that Jax has screwed him over. But he can’t stay mad at him. That night they have the 50 Gay Mayor Party Jax is dropping drinks and Schwartz can’t even sell and mushroom cap. The girls get together for an emergency bitch session with Katie and they just want Katie to stand up for herself. In the middle of it there is a knock on the door and Schwartz is there with roses.

How long do you think they will draw out the Katie/Tom cheating scandal? Will Kristin ever learn to keep her nose out of the drama? Comment below and let us know. Don’t forget to check out for Jon’s Audio blogs. Find out what the cast really thinks or Vanderpump and all the housewives shows really think as Jon reads their blogs to you because really who has time to read. You guys deserve to be READ TO!




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