Survivor 27 Blood vs Water Blog Recap Episode 10 “Big Bad Wolf”



Well, well, well. Not only was I wrong about last week being the kiss goodbye to Redemption Island, but I was totally wrong about Tina only having a 10% chance of staying in the game. Grandma had all three of her bags caught in four throws and she had to start her maze over again after getting thisclose to finishing. Poor, Aras; he shouldn’t have been so competitive with his brother because now he’s the first member of the jury. And THANK YOU, KATIE for not burning the damn clue to the damn hidden immunity idol! Seriously. I want to hug that girl, then I’m going to slap her for being so naive in the game of Survivor. She’s just floating around all wibbly wobbly with her head either buried in the sand or up in the clouds. If someone told me they had a hidden immunity idol, I would want some proof.
This bring me to Ciera, who has been flying under the radar since the beginning of the season. I knew from the start, especially after Caleb pulled the move to vote out Brad, (THANK YOU, CALEB for that exciting and brilliant move because it was awesome – Sorry, Missy Z!), that she would go far. Unlike in seasons past, I went to the CBS website to look at photos of the Blood vs. Water players before the season started, read the bios, I watched the Rob Has A Podcast Survivor Blood vs. Water preview show and I also watched the special “behind the scenes” video hosted by Parvati Shallow (Survivor Cook Islands, Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites 1 and Heroes
vs. Villians
), also located on the CBS website. There was just something about little Ciera… thinking about it now, she actually reminds me a bit of Cera from The Land Before Time, but that would take awhile to explain…
Anyway, Ciera just struck me as someone who could play the game of Survivor really well. I quite can’t explain it, I just liked her energy. I also knew that her mom would probably get in the way. I don’t remember Laura much from her previous season, but I remembered enough to know that Ciera would probably want to get rid of her mom at some point. I just get
feelings about people sometimes and usually my intuitions are accurate. (I was completely wrong about Aaryn from Big Brother 15, though). That move telling Katie that she had the idol was great, but Teen Mom should have been a little quieter about sliding the votes away from her mom and onto Katie. Tyson caught wind of her little scheme and now he has Ciera on the brain. If the previews are to be believed, he will be making a move to vote her out of camp and on onto Redemption Island with her mom.
I’m not even going to begin to try to predict what will happen with Redemption Island this week. My Survivor-Obsessed best friend says there will be at least two more duels before
a player returns to the game again and he’s probably right. Oh! And where is Tree Mail? My brother made that query when he, my mom and I watched the show together last Wednesday and I was like, yeah! Where the eff is Tree Mail? Did the Survivor Post Office cut its hours down too? Did the guy who wrote the poems about the challenges quit? Hire me, CBS, I’ll write your Tree Mail Poetry. I am the dolphinPOET after all.
So what’s going to happen this week? No idea. I have no clue. Redemption Island is up the air and I think it will
be another “anyone can win this challenge” duel. Maybe Tyson will get the votes to get rid of Ciera, maybe Hayden and Caleb will attempt to take down the Cupcake King. Who knows! I think we’re in for an exciting episode of Survivor on the night before Thanksgiving.
Since Eric, Jon and Missy Z. will not be recapping Survivor this week, I am going to do my best to find some time after the next episode to write up something for all you lovely people to read on Thursday instead. : ) I’m not making any promises, but I’m going to try. I might also be posting a fun movie review… <cough> Catching Fire <cough>. It’s sort of like Survivor and that’s a good enough reason for me to post a review the second Hunger Games movie here. Agree?
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone in America, and Happy Regular Ol’ Thursday to everyone else!

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