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In a legen- wait for it, because Tyson is still trying to dig a hidden Immunity Idol from his bag during Tribal Council –dary episode of Survivor that many are calling the “best episode ever”, I had to take some time to discuss all of the insanity with my Survivor-Obsessed best friend before writing this blog. He brought up a good point and I’ll get to that later. There’s no time for idle
chit chat (pun intended), let’s talk about freakin’ Survivor!

We’re not even two minutes into the episode when – CONFLICT! Hayden pulls out his cards, throws them at Tyson and Gervase loses it! LOL “I got my hand on his back…in his back!” LOL Oh, Gervase… No you don’t. The Cupcake King reigns supreme over his subjects and none shall remove the cherry from oft his ragged cap and all who try to dethrone him will be EXTERMINATED. You’re only around because Tyson thinks he can beat you in the end, and he’s right. Tyson will win this season of Survivor if he’s facing the jury in the Final Tribal Council. No one will be able to talk to the jury like Tyson. I know a lot of people don’t like Tyson, and I get it, but I’ve always enjoyed watching him play Survivor. He may seem gruff with his dry sense of humor, but he’s really quite charming when he needs to be. He’ll be able to sweet talk the jury, which I highly doubt will be bitter, and he has played a nearly flawless game. So, Hayden wins the Survivor Awareness Badge” for knowing when (and how) to hold them and knowing when to PLAY (not fold) them. Calling Tyson out in front of the tribe after that Tribal Council was a brilliant move and it was the exact thing to do at that exact time for a player in his position. Kudos, to you, Hayden Moss and THANK YOU! That’s what we like to see on Survivor!
At the duel, well, does it really matter? Nope! Laura is a challenge BEAST and if the next duel is the last duel it won’t matter if Tina lets Katie win because Laura isn’t going to give up that easily and she will go back into the game. Does it really matter? Nope! Laura and Monica (yup, bringing Monica into this) are beasts at challenges, but I’ve seen no real, decent strategy from either one of them. Their best chance of sitting across from the Jury in the Final Tribal Council is by sticking together with Ciera to get rid of the boys, but we’ll see if Monica is smart enough to do that in the next episode or if she, like Gervase, has been Survivor-Misted by Tyson. (Same goes for Tina or Katie if one of them win the next duel).

Okay, let’s fast forward through the next bit. Laura gives Ciera the clue to the
newly hidden Immunity Idol and she keeps it, but then READS IT OUT LOUD in front of practically the whole tribe?! I keep thinking that Ciera is this great Survivor player, but she bounces back and forth between brilliant and bonehead – if she ends up in the final and wins, it will be deservedly so, but still! Hayden and Katie try to look for the idol, but Tyson eventually “finds” it after an “emotion-filled” confessional with a camera person then he goes off to take a nap.

Gervase wins the most difficult Immunity Challenge I’ve ever seen (or remember seeing) on Survivor and Hayden pulls out his cards again when they get back to camp. Hayden has the Royal Flush needed to take down the Cupcake King, but Ciera and Gervase still think they have a shot against Tyson in the end and don’t want to play Hayden’s game.

I’ve seen every Tribal Council, most of them multiple times, and I have to agree with my best friend. While exciting and full of CONFLICT, to truly call it the
best Tribal Council ever, Tyson would have drawn that white rock
. Without a vote cast against him, and a hidden Immunity Idol in his possession, it would have been so sweet to see him “Rocked Out” to Redemption Island. I love Tyson and I will not be upset if he wins, but it would have been so awesome to see his torch snuffed in this episode. It would have been the cherry on top of the cupcake. Did you see the emotion on his face talking to Ciera? Do you see it? Everything you ever need to know about someone is right there in the eyes and what this look tells me is that Tyson is freaked out, he’s trying to stay calm and composed, but he is out of his Tribal Council comfort zone. He’s really anxious when Ciera switches her vote and he can’t hide it. Not from me anyway! 🙂 It’s really obvious.
And Hayden gets another Survivor Badge from me, the “Throwin’ It Down At Tribal and Keepin’ It Real Badge” for … well… Throwin’ it down at Tribal and keepin’ it real. This is also what we like to see on Survivor, Hayden! You are definitely Survivor All-Stars material.Then there was all the cracking up from the Peanut Gallery sitting in the Jury seats!
I love when the Jury’s spirits are high from all the fun they are having together in Ponderosa, remembering that’s it’s just a game. It’s always around this time in the season that I finally head over to to watch the Ponderosa videos, which I highly recommend if you haven’t done so. There are lots of other fun videos and watching these extras really get you hyped up for the finale, maybe even as much Gervase was by Hayden at the beginning of the episode. Maybe.
So in the “Next Time on Survivor” segment, Tina tells everyone that she will let Katie win the duel (refer to the comments above for my response to that), then we see a snippet of a conversation between Ciera and Monica. Good job on being the one to approach Monica, Ciera, because it didn’t look like she was going to make the best move for her game. Good lookin’ out, but please try not to be ironic in the episode before the finale. I would really love to see you make it to the Final Tribal Council because no matter what, you deserve to sit in one of those chairs.
Before I wrap this up, I just have to share a picture that I put together and I couldn’t find a proper place for in the blog. I spent too much time on it not to post it. So… I imagine that this is what was on Gervase’s mind while he was throwing sand bags at those targets. And now that I see it… Not happy with how the text looks, but…Not going to spend more time on it. I have some other really freeze frames; maybe I’ll Tweet them between now and the next episode.
I also want to let everyone know that just because Survivor is about to wrap up the season, doesn’t mean you won’t have good reasons to read this blog. 🙂 I plan to keep you entertained in the agonizing months between seasons of Survivor. Don’t forget about the second season of Big Brother Canada! It starts in March and I plan watching it in whatever manner I must. If you haven’t seen the first season of BBCAN, you can watch all of the episodes on YouTube. I promise, you’ll love it. All my love to Marsha the Moose! Hope you aren’t too cramped in that box! 🙂
And don’t forget to check out the blogs of my fellow Your Reality Recaps bloggers! 🙂

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