Survivor 27 Blood vs Water Blog Recap Episode 9 “My Brother’s Keeper”


Did I catch Katie talking about a final two during tribal council this week? Is Survivor finally going back to classic finale mode?! Did I miss mention of it earlier in the season?! Did the producers only make this season a final two because of the loved ones twist?  I hope this is a final two and I hope the producers stick with it from now on because I can’t stand the Survivor final three – it diminishes the title of Sole Survivor! Allow me to explain why.

Part of the real strategy involved in winning the game of Survivor is choosing the one person that you want to sit next to in the Final Tribal Council. No matter what motivates a player to choose another player, the person winning that final immunity challenge has to make the million dollar decision of which person to take to the final two. In a final three, you might have the immunity necklace after the last immunity challenge, but you do not have the sole vote to snuff a torch that night leaving your fate in the hands
of the people in your alliance
. That’s just my opinion though! Feel free to share yours.
And did the producers decide to go back to a final two for Blood vs. Water so that a pair of loved ones could go the end together without a third person to throw a wrench into the works? This just has to be the reason! A jury full of jilted loved ones would probably give the money, and the title, to the solo player in a final three with a pair of loved ones. The solo player had to get to the final tribal council all by his or herself – the loved ones had each other. I know if I was sitting on that jury, I’d probably give all my props to the solo player.
Now, I’m about to throw down some knowledge. What is discussed below will not reveal the winner of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, but if you want to watch events unfold on television, STOP READING NOW! 🙂

Moving on… It’s time to talk about the elephant in the chat room. No matter how much we ignore what we know about Hayden, it doesn’t change the fact that Elissa flapped her botox-injected lips on the Big Brother live feeds this summer and told everyone watching that he makes it to the final four. If you were subjected to this spoiler you shouldn’t be too upset because it opens us up to the opportunity to speculate on how he gets there and with whom he aligns himself.
Until this week’s “Next Time on Survivor” preview, I was sure that Hayden would make it to the final four Brigade-Style and stick with the boys, but now I’m not so sure. A much smarter move for Hayden, at this point in the game, is to align himself with Katie, Ciera and Caleb to take out Tyson, Monica and Gervase – in that order – along with whomever moves back into camp from Redemption Island. What will he do though? Can we believe the previews? Is he really going to make the big move to get rid of Tyson? I have no idea and even though I know that Hayden makes the final four, I’m still excited about watching him get there. You should be too!
That’s all I have for this week. I’ll be back next week with another precap of the next episode with all of my thoughts on what’s going to go down at the next tribal council. Until then… Be excellent to each other!

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