Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7: Shades of Shade


Cynthia and Peter go looking for a new location for Bar One. He takes her to a dump, I would have run in the other direction but Cynthia is able to see past the run down shabbiness and see the possibilities. They’ve decided on the fixer upper in a historic part of Atlanta. Martin Luther King had a dream and so do they.

claudiasextalk.jpgClaudia visits Kandi at work. She wants to get to know her better and thinks she can learn a lot from her. Kandi wants her on her show Kandi Coated Nights to talk about sex and Claudia is all over it. Claudia tells her she knows Porshe but wants the scoop on the rest of the girls. Kandi promises to put in a good work with the rest of the gang about Claudia. Kandi come back with her show and as promised Claudia is a guest and they are talking business vs pleasure. Talk naturally turns to Kandi and Todd’s relationship, Todd looked a little uncomfortable with talk of their private life. Talk turns to Claudia’s sexcapades and I’m sure Todd is relieved.

Phaedra is building a fence around the house to protect her and the kids while Apollo is on “vacation”. She stuns the fence builders by asking if they can electrify it. They tell her no but you can put up a sign. Apollo makes a rare appearance at home. He learns of Phaedra’s plans to redo the yard and now the poor baby feels like no one respects him. Phaedra is being recognized by the National Bar Association and takes her mom to the event. Phaedra says she thought about turning down the award because of the Apollo mess but decided that she needs to carry on with her life. She’s right she can’t let Apollo’s misdeeds determine her life!

Kenya and Aunt Lori go for a day of relaxation. They are both getting some natural beauty treatments. Aunt Lori askes her how things with NeNe are going and Kenya tells her about the get together she had with the girls and how after Porshe blew up on her she gave her a hug. She also told her how her and NeNe came to an understanding, and they are on their way to rebuilding. NeNe gets some exciting news. She has three offers to do Broadway. Chicago, Rock of Ages and Cinderella all want NeNe in their show. NeNe was pretty excited about the first two, but Cinderella didn’t excite her. Her manager was selling Cinderella huge and she sent him off to work on the deals.

tabletopper.jpgKandi has decided to have a sex party and invited all the ladies. It’s a woman only event complete with naked lady as a table decoration. When NeNe arrives, Kenya goes in for a hug because they are supposedly friends and NeNe is quick to shoot it down. Claudia brings he aside and asks why she’s been so cold to her and NeNe in true fashion denies it and says it’s just her being NeNe. The sexologist decided to tie Cynthia and NeNe  together and neither we having it. NeNe gets tied to Claudia instead. Kandi is pissed NeNe is killing the vibe of the party. Demetria tells the group that she is in a relationship with Roger Bob. Kandi’s friend Gocha drops the bomb she dates Roger Bob too and it seems like it was around the time he was dating Demetria. Demetria leaves and Cynthia follows her. I don’t know if it was out of embarrassment or if she really thinks it but she tells Cynthia that Gocha had to be lying. To get the party back on track talk quickly turns to penis’. Who doesn’t like a little penis talk?

Next week looks like it’s going to be interesting when all the girls head out on vacation together! Will the ladies ever be able to just get along without the drama? Don’t forget to check out our BRAVO PAGE where Jon is reading you the ladies Bravo blogs for all the shows and you’ll find written recaps to catch up on anything you missed.



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