GAME OF CROWNS: Week 7 Recap w/ Shelly Carbone


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Hi everyone!   It’s Jon Richardson your Game of Crowns recapper for this season!  I’m back as promised with my week 6 recap of the Game Of Crowns and an exclusive interview with Shelly Carbone!  I am so excited to say we are one of the OFFICIAL BRAVO SITES bringing you EXCLUSIVE “Game Of Crowns” content all season long! YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO SEE THESE RECAPS ON OUR WEBSITE BECAUSE THEY ARE EXCLUSIVE BABY! If you missed the show its a great way to catch up before next weeks show!  If you’ve already seen it, then come laugh along with me!  This first video is just me catching you all up on my favorite scenes from the first few episodes… but I will have them up weekly now EVERY MONDAY on our BRAVO PAGE.  Plus I am interviewing the ladies!

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Jon Richardson is an actor, comedian and professional host. He has been seen on Bravo TV show “LOL”, been a regular standup comedian at The World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, CA. Currently he can be seen as a regular blogger/comedian at covering reality shows and performing live all around the Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA areas.

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